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2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks


2018 Expectation for Marijuana and also Pot Dime Supplies


The share prices for marijuana cent stocks may be under some pressure in 2018. As financier hungers go from speculation to appraisal, shareholders will be forced to look at the underlying service financials.

The vast majority of pot penny stocks are extremely tiny firms, with only a few workers, no earnings, as well as massive million buck losses each quarter. This situation usually winds up with insolvencies and decreasing share prices.

The genuine winners from the cannabis dime supply sector might consist of substantial multi-billion dollar companies, who are involved in such sectors as alcohol, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, lawful medicines, and power drinks.

The majority of shareholders in pot cent supplies are much less skilled financiers, as well as have made their trade decision based upon a post or some insurance coverage they have actually seen in the media about the changing social patterns in relation to marijuana.

A few of the pot dime supplies might "make it through" in terms of their company, however unfortunately the vast bulk will disappear, or go bankrupt. This circumstance has played out often times in the past, and it will certainly once again.

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35 Thoughts to “2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks”

  1. Ryan Ruberry

    I see 9,8,7. So I’m going 6 without knowing what it means.

  2. Luis Francis

    Peter, thanks for the insight… Seems like Canadian pot stocks do better than their American counterparts??

    1. Don Dressel

      Luis Francis I agree

  3. Matthew Alistair

    A lot of the pot stocks have way dropped in price though

    1. Matthew Alistair

      Peter Leeds Penny Stocks no I mean could not some be great buys at this point?

    2. Matthew Alistair

      Peter Leeds Penny Stocks but I get your point

    3. Mrs Freyja

      People with key locations, distribution streams and assets will be excellent buyout targets by larger companies. That is a huge plus for holding a quality smaller company

    4. AnthonyTBlack

      Nothing but consolidation. Today? UP over 50% since your post.

  4. Rob Drag

    ACB has a billion dollar market cap, earning were 5 times higher that last year.

  5. Rob Drag

    I think the Canadian companies are pretty big, ACB.T, APH.T, OGI.V and WEED.T, all have licences from health canada

  6. Dean Wallace

    Hey Peter good information. I like your style give a man a good stock opinion he eats for a day. Teach a man to trade and find stocks on his own he eats forever.

    1. Dean Wallace

      Thanks for the groceries

    2. Earl Shipley

      +Peter Leeds Penny Stocks what. do u of igc

  7. D

    So which companies with ‘deep pockets’ do you see getting into this space?

    1. Mrs Freyja

      Which vitamin companies have their eyes on cannabis?

  8. sam gee

    when the legalization happens in canada is gonna be huge!

    1. Kyler Smith

      Decline? Not with market caps in the billions prior to legalization. + When other countries legalize they will look to Canada for assistance/guidance.

    2. Frank Saney

      Peter Leeds Penny Stocks I’m giving a very serious thought to buying put options on weed company stocks. I’ve been warned that people rarely ever make money on put options. Any comments on this? Also, how can i get into leaps as against regular options having a six month maturity?

    3. duane fryzelka

      sam gee i

  9. danny Mason

    Thanks for the knowledge.

  10. trevor garland

    i would like to get ur thoughts on abcann global corp. they trade on tsx under abcn that is a company i invested in cause i think it looks good and they are organic weed let me know what you think of them please

    1. koralblue

      This company has been going down. Hopefully it will pick up and I can sell. 🙏

  11. Allison Cook

    what app can I use besides Robinhood to buy penny stocks?

  12. William Oz

    I agree with Pretty much everything you said in your video. I can’t really compare this to the automobile industry just because the product is very different. It has medical purposes that are yet to be discovered (on top of it’s current ones), and the plant itself can only be modified to a certain degree. At the end of the day, it is still a plant. It grows, you cut it down, clone it, reproduce the strain, etc…

    companies won’t be able to put their names on the products. So essentially, all the products on the shelves will be sold, according to the predicted demand (which I know as a consumer will be true). We have yet to see the full potential of this industry.

    I agree with you that there is a whole lotta dilution with these companies but I don’t think it ends with legalization day. The trend will continue for a while. Investors have to be cautious of the smaller players trying to fit in. M&A’s are gonna be more frequent in 2018 then Mr. Donald tweets! (That would be impossible)

    I’ve got this company called Cannabis Wheaton which I think is still under the radar (CBW). Look it up, let me know what you think. (If you find the time)

    Thank you, I really appreciate your opinion even though it differs slightly from mine. Keep up the good work!

    1. Earl Shipley

      +Peter Leeds Penny Stocks what u think of igc

  13. Don Dressel

    Aurora and canopy from what I’ve read they are in the top 3 Canadian companies to buy into

  14. MrToby101

    Im looking at terratech in california really cheap to buy right now up 20 % yesterday

  15. Es1911sumware

    Aphria and Nuuvera just announced a co-operative agreement to go global in supplies and sales; Canada, US, Europe, AND Middle East!? Yes!

  16. Ryan Pettipas

    Very good video based on fact and previous trends. I started buying pot stocks in early 2016 and did very well, up over 1100% since then, but sold everything about a month ago after the insane run. I would be very cautious to anyone entering now. I suspect we will continue a down trend from here and see a nice spike when a date is set for legalization but like Peter says these companies are way over valued and will have a hard time justifying there SP when legalization kicks in.

  17. Eric Mancini

    hey peter, i’ve found a company that differentiates themselves from normal LP stocks. They are called Namaste Technology. I don’t know if you’ve heard about them but if you did, can you give me your insight/thoughts on them? thanks

  18. Volma Overton III

    Summary of this entire video: cannabis companies are like any other company when it comes to purchasing stock; do your research.

    1. Peter Leeds

      Summary of that comment. Sleep if you are tired, eat if hungry…

  19. parkerbohnn

    I’m betting in two years’ time every Canadian marijuana company will be bankrupt except Canopy Growth. I also am betting Canopy’s share price will be single digits next year, no stock splits forward or reverse.

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