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3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux


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32 Thoughts to “3 (INSANELY SIMPLE) Trading Tips from Penny Stock Millionaire Steven Dux”

  1. ifoundthistoday

    a proper mic would be golden … rule no 1 for interviews

    1. Hey There

      Stfu! Appreciate the free info foo!

    2. Colin Maharaj

      Millionaires don’t know about good mics

    3. Colin Maharaj


    4. Dannosuke25

      It’s not the mics its the room. Bad acoustics.

    5. boiwondr

      It’s a free video … plus it’s perfectly audible.

  2. S S

    What was thesis on RKDA ? Bc your drawdown was extreme. Maybe walkthrough of your thoughts during key points in the price action. Especially knowing things like KBIO are possible.

    1. ETr4d3

      think he took starter first red day, 2 days later added on the way down more, may be drawdown was 10-20-30k on smaller size

  3. Kay L

    Can’t wait for your speech at MIT with Matti to share your secret with us and the most special part of this is FREE!!! Thanks Steven Dux for giving this seminar for free!!!! Much appreciate it! Guys!!! You all should attend!!!

    1. Tapion

      lol you really think talk to MIT are free ? You paid it with your college fees

  4. Paul Schneider

    Thank you Steven and Tim!! Really appreciate what you guys do! keep it up

  5. Alex Huynh

    tim relax with the promotions mann

    1. crazypaco

      That’s he’s personality. He will not change πŸ™‚

  6. Shahzain Kureishy

    awesome vid steven! Do you only play top gainers, whether going long on multiday breakouts or shorting them at the break of their top supports, or do you try to find stocks that have potential to breakout as well?

  7. Ayan Ali

    Explain to me why these guys always charge so much money to learn from them?

    1. Alex L

      Explain to me why you are entitled to their trading strategies that they have worked so hard to develop and make money with?

    2. itsyounmenoti

      Value….the most watched TV networks, or most listened to radio stations can charge more money for ad time since they have more listeners. Personal fitness trainers or the best lawyers can charge more due to the success they’ve had in the past. Plus, a person who pays more money will take it more seriously.

    3. simon Lemon

      @Marko Urosevic i feel you bro πŸ™‚ same here

    4. Casual Camera Tester

      because they lost a lot before becoming consistently profitable


    How can you not respect this guy! He’s given away how to be rich for free! πŸ˜‚

  9. Trader

    Until one of these guys shows an actual audited (not profitly) account I would not trust them as far as I can spit.

  10. Bilal Iq

    Hi, When id PART 3 and 4 coming out of your DVD?

  11. David Carroll

    Good advice at the end about sizing up once your trading is right

  12. Asher Richards

    Tim can sit out next time πŸ™„

  13. Mining Project2018


  14. Pradeep Kumar

    Hey Steven which book you followed before you entered to stock market???

  15. Hey There

    Papertrade on stock to trade? Is that a paper platform? I’ll look into it

  16. Mohammad Nazari

    Anyone know an Australian brokerage for beginners

  17. Santiago Moreno Jaramillo

    two mogul-gurus in one GREAT video!

  18. tere teariki

    steven, appreciate your time. can you tell me what books or informations that I can get , so I can begin on the right foot.

  19. vijay kumar


  20. weirdwordcombo

    The most important thing to do first is to make enough money to not need a regular job, which is not really much. BECAUSE once you have more time it is much more easier to be patient. Think about it why that is…

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