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5 Penny Stock Dangers (and Mistakes)


5 things that any kind of cent supply financier should stay clear of.


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Side-stepping these cent stock dangers and errors is very easy and will make all the distinction in between success and failure in cent supplies.

For example, prevent Pink Sheet stocks as well as OTC markets. If you can not find any type of great low-priced financial investments on the excellent exchanges, what makes you assume you would certainly locate any when you go taking a look around in the sewage system?

Additionally, do not succumb to 'story stocks,' wherein the dishonest marketers promote some unrealistic technology or remedy of some odd, near-bankrupt cent stock in order to excite capitalists, as well as fool them right into their promotional scheme.

Yeah, the engine works on gravity, right? Everybody buys the shares. The dime supply drives higher in price, and the marketers cost huge earnings. Average Joe financier can just watch as the stock falls down way listed below where they had actually initially bought shares. They obtain eliminated!

You have to likewise never ever depend on or comply with cost-free supply choices. Behind every free 'idea' is a promoter trying to control the rate of the shares. Their scams can just work with thinly-traded, rare shares of or else insolvent business.

Actually, if you want to do it right, trading cent supplies must all be about obtaining included with high-grade business early, when they start to grow but before everyone else has actually read about them.

That's when you catch the truly most significant gains, because the small company with shares trading at just a couple of cents instantly begins to blow up in functional efficiency and market value.

Instead of attempting to stare at a computer display throughout the day to squeal out 5% gains here and there, why deny a 18 cent supply that definitely soars into the numerous dollar range? Presume which approach of spending results in bigger gains?

So observe and also comply with the 5 penny supply danger defenses, since they are you route to staying clear of economic losses, yet likewise achieving significant gains.

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5 Thoughts to “5 Penny Stock Dangers (and Mistakes)”

  1. rich Snyder

    is one of those scams like HDAV?

  2. Dean

    I’ve seen that you’re mentioning scam and price manipulations a lot in your book. More concretely, how penny stock prices are easily pumped up, but eventually it will go to the start price or probably even worse. There are many ways to do that. You and also many people advise to stay away from these, but if it’s true that prices usually tend to go up at the very beginning, wouldn’t it be smart to follow it up and sell stocks as soon as they rise a little bit higher ?

    1. Dean

      Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Alright, thanks.

  3. Cindy Barrymore

    Hi Peter, May I email you a stock that I want you to check out in the MJ space. I know you did a report not too long ago, but this one recently cropped up and actually has product that it is offering to the public. Thanks.

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