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Futures and Options || Introduction to Future trading || Derivative market||—-Part 1


future trading|basics futures and also options|finest way to trade futures|great deal size in futures|In this video i will certainly tell you concerning the Future and also Options Trading and also basics of Future trading.
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what is Future:-.
Basics of Future trading.
Future trade.

and how we can conserve our profile by this.

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  1. bharti kumar

    Super lecture sir ji

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    Nice Video Atul Jee. What about next part.

  3. Ratan More

    very useful Atul sir. thanks

  4. HappilyIndian

    Very good info! Thanks :-))

    1. HappilyIndian

      which city are you located in Fin Baba 🙂

  5. Varun Sharma

    I could not find d part 2 , can anyone pls help

    1. Fin Baba

      please go to community tab there you can see part 2

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    I could not find a part 2 plz help

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    very nice…can u provided any seminar ir class ..address plz

  8. Kamran Bhat

    Amazing video..first time i heard that derivatives and first attempt i learn most of it….nice examples appreciated sir

  9. Kamran Bhat

    But what abt the other part sir

    1. Fin Baba

      available hai please search on our channel

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    part2 ?

    1. Fin Baba

      part 2 channel me hai stock market ki playlist me please check !

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    very nicely explained
    thank you so much for making this video
    please provide the next part also ,you have a good skill in explaining things

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    Please tell us.

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