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Futures Trading Strategy – Intraday Demo with Live Market


Futures Trading Strategy – Intraday Demo with Live Market
In this video clip i have actually explaine regarding futures trading for beginners with real-time trial market. This futures trading technique is may assist complete for intraday novices.
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Best Technique.
Tips with NSE website.
Gaining Proof.
Kinds of investors.
What is easy revenue in tamil.
How to get Rich.
Crude Oil Standard Tips in tamil.
Technical Words in Trading.
Just how to use quit loss.
Trix Indication.
Financial investment Basics.


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Alternatives Evaluation.


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22 Thoughts to “Futures Trading Strategy – Intraday Demo with Live Market”

  1. karthick

    Your are great bro… youtube la yarum unga alavuku ila you are the best i like your all video just amazing inum kuda konjam duration ponalum paravala bro panunga.. thanks for this video waiting for your next update, #keep_going

    1. Tamil Share

      Thanks Karthick,,

  2. vijay si

    good sir commodity la levels epdi edukrathunu solunga and chart timing expecting more technical analysis

  3. Kavirajan D

    Dear Muthukumar,
    Im a subscriber of your Videos. Please provide serial no. to your every updates. No one updated like you very clear in Tamil you are the best of only one. let me know your mail id?


    Muthu bro..which chart time frame is good to trade in intranet day please advice..

    1. Tamil Share

      1min 3 min 5min


    sorry intra day

  6. Mohanraj Rajamani


  7. vijay jiya

    Excellent explanation bro!!!

  8. neeva neeva

    Mr.Muthu Kumar..Very good demo in live mkt for Futures Trading Strategy….Keep it Up….

  9. Tamilarasan P

    Bro, i don’t understand the difference between the sell-buy intraday trade and futures.

  10. Gandhi Palanisamy

    Bro,I am in beginner I want sale CNC share, that means I want to convert my share in to cash, please explain the procedure.

  11. Mahesh K

    Thank you sir sharing knowledge. But my mind is tube light.

  12. dandapani natarajan

    romba porumiya pesi record panni vidiyo super nanba

  13. Savithri Chandrasekar

    So good. Thank you

  14. Nandhini Ilayaa

    Sir we can wait until expire date whether buying or selling with ⛔loss right ?

  15. solo talent

    which software and broker you use bro…the software is nice 🙂

  16. Muthu Krishnan

    thank you muthukumar. iam beginer i really feel the pressure

  17. Yoga Anand

    Hi muthu I bought gammon infr longback fr rs1.50 now it gone down and no improvement for long time .. can you advice wht to do .
    Thank you

  18. george joseph

    It was helping.thank you for your efforts

  19. Du do

    Bro.. nenga entha age la trading start pannenga …

  20. Prabhu K

    Thanks for this video. It’s so help to learn future trading. I have one doubt. What’s is future delivery trading? Can we hold sell/buy shares upto expiry date? Or else should be square off on same day? If we square off same day means. What’s different between future delivery trading with future intraday trading?

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