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How I Find the BEST Penny Stocks to Trade


Exactly how do I locate the best penny supplies? A lot of people ask me this when they see my videos. SUBSCRIBE: to get INSTANTANEOUS informs when I upload a brand-new video describing my dime stock trading strategies. *.

They see that possibly I'm acquiring a supply after it's already run 20, 50, 100%. And they claim, Tim, that's all well and also good, yet just how do you discover it before it surges? Exactly how do you locate the very best cent supplies before anybody else?

The solution is, I don't wish to. I do not intend to be the only person in a cent stock, assuming that this is some undiscovered treasure. The probabilities of you finding the next terrific cent stock are so low. I would rather you focus on an approach that is a lot more high-odds, a lot more high-probability. Which suggests understanding that you do not need to be initially in a cent stock. As a matter of fact, very first is the worst because often times, you will think that you have an impressive stock.

This is just how my top millionaire pupils as well as I have actually become millionaires in a few years. Not by holding and also really hoping. Not by betting on Lotto pick-type choices. That's what people assume. People resemble, oh, allow me buy 10 dime stocks, perhaps among them will certainly strike. *.

It's not that I'm better than you, it's simply that I'm more skilled and I know what to concentrate on. You might be best one time out of 10, or 2 breaks of 10, as well as attempt to make 100 or 200% on your cash. Yet I'm right 60 or 70% of the moment, for those of you that do not such as math, that's 6 or seven times out of 10. As well as I make 10, 20, in some cases 30 or 40% on my cash. I choose singles rather than going with home runs. *.

Each and every single penny stock, each and every single affordable price supply, is on the edge of bankruptcy. Understand that. They're on the verge of collapse. That's why they're trading for dimes or a few dollars per share, fine? You're attempting to invest; you're trying to use long-lasting investing right into a niche that is not made for long-term investing unless you intend to be a lasting short-seller.

As well as I do have a number of trainees that have made 6 figures just long-term short-selling pump as well as disposes. Betting on lower rates. Because the chances are with them. Most of these pump and dumps will collapse and also burn within a couple of weeks, if not a few months. All of the cent stock pump and discards collision and melt within a few years. It's simply a concern, do you have sufficient patience? Exist sufficient shares to short while it's going down that much? Yet do not believe for one second that you should be holding and also really hoping long, betting on higher rates, when most of cent stocks drop. *.

To be in the wonderful area where there are great probabilities of making money, you can acquire dime supplies, yet you have to be quick. You have to resemble an expert. This is what I always teach, trade like a specialist. You wish to enter, gather your 10, perhaps 20, sometimes 30% gains. Buying a revenues winner or an agreement victor or a new billionaire play or a technical breakout or maybe even riding a pump for a couple of days, it's high-risk, however there are various patterns where you can ride the energy. As well as it's high odds, likelihood, in your favor. That is the best penny supply. Do not make the timeless blunder of taking a reduced probabilities of success strategy and also thinking that you're mosting likely to make money. Since you simply won't.

* Outcomes might not be normal and also might differ from one person to another. Generating income trading stocks takes time, commitment, as well as hard work. There are inherent threats included with purchasing the securities market, including the loss of your investment. Past performance in the market is not a sign of future results. Any investment is at your very own risk. See Terms of Solution below:.

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29 Thoughts to “How I Find the BEST Penny Stocks to Trade”

  1. Spade Trader

    Such a beautiful reminder. Thank you I held EDIT too long with hope alone big mistake made it out before I lost but if I would have lost I would have deserved it. And not a penny stock so different rules completely I showed up to the wrong court for the wrong team in the wrong game. Love this reminder!

  2. Samuel Pennerman

    Thanks tim

  3. Deontia Andrews

    Great info…ready for the Orlando conference..woohoo…

  4. triviumd13

    Hey Tim, how do you “long term short sell” doesnt the broker end up buying to cover for you if you take a long time with borrowing shares? Thanks!

  5. cj Justin

    Thank you. Great slap on the head video.

  6. Some John Doe

    Your the maaan !

  7. ZachR

    Awesome thanks for posting Tim

  8. JJ Malvarez

    Holding and Hopping have been my fault but I have been changing it and it is working…Thank You, Master Sykes!!!

  9. ITrustNoOpp

    I’m 14 and made 20k with 5000 in like 4 months with help with my uncle

    1. L0singMySanity

      Can’t relate

    2. JonathN leviyev

      For real?

    3. wordlife97

      You’re not allowed to trade stocks, you have to be 18 so I call BS

  10. Chris R

    I think you are missing the “idea” behind the question. The question people really want answered isn’t how do you find a penny stock before it gets hot. The real question is how do you find the best hot penny stocks? The stocks that you trade before you trade them.

    1. Timothy Sykes

      I have a whole FREE 11 hour guide answering that question, see my stop being so lazy

    2. ajrd2000

      @Timothy Sykes It request for an username and password 🙁

    3. Omar Khalid

      @Timothy Sykes wow

    4. DecoyAardvark

      I’ve found a way. I’m up 40 percent but I’m a new trader so do this with a grain of salt. This is news I researched from Tim Sykes’ Larry King interview. So from what I’ve extrapolated Tim finds the hot stocks by seeing what are the top gainers for the day. So you need a good screener. Download Webull and use the Ext. Hours option. It will bring up stocks that are rising the most that day. Click the stocks with the highest percentage gain…go through all of them and see which ones have GREAT news…not just good news like analyst report or Forward looking statements. But something along the lines of FDA approval, Billionaire investor, Million dollar contract reward…basically news that is something the company has actually achieved and isn’t a “Fluff” news report. Once you find that stock look for a good entry point. You have about a 10 minute window to get in because the stocks move very fast and they can drop fast and not come back up. You need to do this Premarket as well because most companies are going to release good news in the morning to help control volatility. I get up 5 am cst and that’ll catch most news drop in the US. Other countries you have to get up around 4 am. Once you find the stock, like Tim says…cash your profits early. And then use your stop losses early as well.

  11. Kristen Marraccini

    Hope is not a strategy 💜

  12. Shyrin Chan

    4:15 is the answer to his title.

  13. Jhonny Arvilla

    I’m sure this man will change my life and my family I will continue watching his video and when we ready to start with real money we will I want this not just for me but i want my 14 years old and my 9 years old to learn this lifestyle i don’t want them to go through hell like I did

  14. Dominique MoMel

    I love the straight forward, no nonsense approach…. This is how you teach… I hit my first base hit today…. $20 bucks, don’t laugh everyone, it’s a start….😂😂

    1. DecoyAardvark

      How you doing now? I’m up 40 percent using his strategy in a month.


    Hi Tim, thanks for sharing all these pointers. I really appreciate your generosity.

  16. Jeffrey Neubauer

    Thanks Tim! Understand patience and follow rules! Wait for the the best opportunity. Not necessary for ACTION. Marathon not sprint. Don’t be forced out by ONE DUMB TRADE. Go for singles.

  17. bornacali loser

    Well what I got from it was u make the most money in short selling or long term short selling

  18. Eli AP

    Geesh… I sat here through this whole video and I’m just wondering if I’m losing my mind or did he really NOT answer the question?? What is life right now? I must be sleep deprived…. .. .. So confused.

  19. Артем Заянчковский


  20. Ash Dhawan

    Tim – get to point vs telling your success stores always. I like your suggestions but get frustrated waiting for you to get to the point.

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