How I Trade on the Stock Market


** Review summary for response to frequently asked concerns

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As I say many times in the video clip, this is just the manner in which I directly trade. That does not suggest that it is for everybody. There are many different methods that one could have to the stock exchange, as well as none are purely ideal or incorrect.
Do not ever comply with exactly what any kind of someone tells you when it concerns the stock market – including me! Do your research study as well as concern your own conclusions.


Q. Do you day trade?
A. Basically, no. I seldom day trade. I think that since I have begun trading, I have only done 2 or 3 day professions.

Q. Your graph assumes that you can determine low and high – exactly how is that feasible?
A. It's not. My chart was a very fundamental version of the way in which I trade – extremely fundamental. If I might re-film the video clip, I would put more emphasis on determining low and high – the focus being that you can never ever 100% determine them.
If you trade, as I showed later in my graph, often you will sell as well as the stock will increase. Or, on a regular basis, you will certainly get and also the stock will plummet. It happens, and also naturally I experience this at all times.

Q. The length of time do you hold supplies?
A. This differs substantially, and also can be anywhere from 1 day to months. Typically, I most likely hold supplies roughly 3 days – 1 week.

Q. So, you are making this video to suggest people to begin trading?
A. No. Never. I would certainly be more likely to urge people NOT to trade on the stock exchange than I would certainly be to do the other way around.

Q. So, you compromise your base of $10k, and live off of that?
A. No. $10k is what I began with in my account 2 years back. It is not what remains in my account currently.

Q. Can you provide me guidance on …?
A. No. Although I would love to help everyone, I am not the most effective means of recommendations for you. I am not trying to offer any person guidance below – I am simply sharing a little bit of insight into what my task as a stock trader looks like. I am not a qualified financial consultant, and I would certainly not ever assume to provide any person financial advice. Please do your research and be careful!

Q. You do not seem like a professional trader …?
A. I am not truly worried about just how specialist I "appear." I am making a living, and that is one of the most essential point to me. I did not go to institution for this, or ever before take any courses on the stock exchange. I did my own research study and also educated myself all that I find out about the marketplace. I am not worried about seeming specialist – I am only concerned regarding making money on the stock market.

Q. Can you provide us evidence/ screenshot your personal account information/ financial details to make sure that I think you?
A. No. If you do not "think me," please don't anticipate me to care.

Q. I want to make some fast money. Should I invest in the stock market?
A. No. Not.

Q. Can you film on your own really trading on the market?
A. No – for different reasons. One, if you are thinking of that my real trading will certainly be anywhere near as appealing as that not-very-exciting graph, you are mistaken. Probably if I was day trading, this would not hold true, however when I purchase a supply, I simply click a button the says "acquire." That's it … And then I wait on days, weeks, possibly months. There is nothing thrilling to see here.
Additionally, it would certainly be a bother to shut out every one of my account numbers and also all that. Sorry.


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Why do I trade on TD Ameritrade?
– They have strong research study reports.
– They have fantastic trading devices, such as Thinkorswim.
– They have a great mobile app that enables me to trade on the move.
– They have outstanding customer support.
– There are no surprise charges, such as keeping a minimum balance.

I explained this in the original cut of my video, but it was simply obtaining as well long!

** And also no, I am not funded by any means by TD Ameritrade, I much like their trading platform and also wanted to give you guys a description of why that is. A great deal of people likewise extremely suggest Scottrade, which has reduced fees than Ameritrade. Whatever works for you! **.


This video is for amusement purposes only. I am not a financial advisor, signed up financial investment advisor, or broker dealer. I am not a member of any kind of organization in any type of territory. I am not legally certified to offer monetary recommendations – this video clip simply shows you my own individual approaches. Visitors are totally responsible for their own financial investments and financial choices. The material creator is not accountable at all for any kind of decisions that the viewer may make based off of this video clip.

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46 Thoughts to “How I Trade on the Stock Market”

  1. Kefir Bertulli

    buy high, sell low

    1. Adam Iles

      Kefir Bertulli lmfao.

  2. Chris Johnson

    You are buying and selling at every bottom and top. If you could actually do this you would be a billionaire.

    1. El Bottoo

      @CarlsWei if martin luther was a dumbass like u, he wuld have had zero followers and nobody wuld know who he was in the present age.

      ur a fool, that is what u are. a gullible fool.

    2. Serge Rivest

      A trillionaire

    3. Asad Ullah

      Actually you can’t predict the stock prices, if anyone is able to predict then he/she can be billionaire, but she is trading in a very safe zone, she just look at the current prices.

    4. Franceux Leseuf

      No, a zillionare!

  3. Travellight

    I hadn’t checked the comments on this video in awhile, and was disappointed by the extreme negativity here.
    To all of you that seem to need proof that I trade, here you go.
    As you can see, I had a 16.17% gain in 2016 on my positions.

    I say many times in the video that no one knows highs and lows.
    This video is not meant to teach anyone about the stock market, or be a tutorial. That is why my explanations are extremely basic. I understand that they do not fully convey the nuances of the stock market. “Buy low, sell high,” sounds exaggeratedly simplistic, but that is what I was going for.
    This wasn’t a video to share a secret strategy. This wasn’t a video to educate.
    It was an answer to an often-asked question, that being – “How do you afford to travel?”
    This was the answer – and that’s all the purpose that there was to making this video.

    I am highly disappointed to see countless videos being uploaded by men that are, frankly, lies and attempts to swindle viewers into handing over money. Buy their book and you’ll be successful on the stock market. Buy their tutorials and you’ll get rich. Some of them even go so far as to use lines such as “Let’s make these people millionaires,” or “You will not fail with my strategy, 100% guaranteed.”
    They are met with applause and little skepticism. Even those that are not convinced into handing over money to them still comment with appreciation and respect.
    There are far fewer women on Wall Street than men – and this is not due to men being any more predisposed to success on the stock market than women. It is due to a pervading inequality that colors impressions before a woman even enters a board meeting, or says a word on CNBC. Already, viewers are forming their first impression of her with unconscious (or, in varying degrees, perhaps quite conscious) thoughts along the lines of “SHE trades? Let’s see what she says before I’ll believe that…” or “She’s too young / pretty / blonde / girly to be on the stock market.”
    In actuality, the stock market is made up of – to strip it down to its essence – numbers. Numbers in green, or red. These numbers do not come accompanied by white men in suits and cigars and scotch. They are not ushered in by a Harvard graduate as an uneducated man looks on. They are not concerned with age, or how blonde a woman’s hair is, or where someone went to college, or sharp suits or Manhattan penthouses.
    They are numbers and numbers only. They have absolutely no correlation to gender, social class, education, age, or appearance.

    1. Praneet Castelino

      @Warren Lauzon Haha and a year later and it is still going up at a point of making new all time highs.

    2. goodies4free

      @Foxy Little Things! Hey, did that work out well? How rich are you now? I’ve been watching Timothy Sykes ads for a while. Just wanted a good testimonial.

    3. breeze cool

      is it single day trading or long term trading

  4. Lance Baker

    OK, let me see if I understand your strategy: Buy low, sell high. I’ll make a note of that.

    1. Josue Moraes

      all the world of business is ruled by this concept: buy low and sell high. But the art of speculating is something that you never learn in schools… As a trader of index and dolar futures, I’ve seen many bodies left behind. XDXD

    2. Wallop Wallop

      Josue Moraes buy low and sell high is completely wrong in single stocks over a short period.Buying high and selling higher is the real key

  5. SongsofThe Century

    This is a great simple strategy. I am totally convinced about this. Perhaps avoid the leveraged trading, you could become a broke alcoholic.

  6. D. H.C

    The more one tries to hide, the more one is exposed.

  7. cingoz1985

    Wow how did you perfectly pick the highs and lows!!!

    1. Aaron Shaefer

      cingoz1985 she is smart.

    2. Hayden Harris

      cingoz1985 I think she knows it’s still gambling and holidays if she wins. Regards Hayden

    3. Marilyn Tikbalang

      she is the great grand daughter of Nostradamus

    4. Diedrich Doerksen

      Hi you are smart and pretty who can I get to see you let’s do business together

    5. JASON M

      Research on the stocks like anyone else. You are seeing her good trades.It won’t always be like this.

  8. Robert Ledingham

    I invested all my money on Magnum Hunter Resources a couple of years ago because it was down to $1 and then they went bankrupt.

    1. Gary Gmoney Trader

      Robert Ledingham QQQ, diversified and good volatility.

    2. Nong Tobias

      u shouldve checked and researched about it before going long

    3. Doly P

      Investing all your money in just one share is obviously not a good idea… how much money did you invest?

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    Your strategy only works in a market that is trending upwards. Right time, right place. Good for you.

    1. Mr White

      Idiots who think trading is as easy as long when it goes up and short when it goes down, you will go broke soon dumb idiots

    2. No Body

      no it works in every volatile market

    3. Sebastien Durand

      @0FUX_ how do you short?

    4. Sebastien Durand

      @0FUX_ how does one short a S&P like a financial

    5. Top Binary Options Brokers

      *Expert0ption ($200+/day) official link.*

  10. Hector Garza

    I personally think this video was a pleasure to watch I know I’m way late but I think this video highlights the Simplicity of it all these negative comments seem like people who wants a secret trick to getting rich they want to see someone with 6 monitors in front of them

  11. saghar14

    Don’t scroll down the comment section is a mess lol


    Lefty much ?
    I like

  13. soumyakembhavi

    She has just explained swing trading in a simplified way. Give her a break! I liked the video. Trading is not complicated and you dont need to get confused with tons of indicators, when you’re experienced, things seem simpler. Thats where this girl is at now. U GO GIRL!

    1. Harsh Boricha

      Haha !! 😂😂 She can fool herself but not the world !! Com on

  14. Aviral Chaudhry

    I don’t care if she isn’t an expert. She was at least kind enough to teach beginners her strategies. Thank you, Jordan @travellight

  15. TenTonNuke

    Brilliant! If the stock thingy goes up, sell! If the stock thingy does down, buy! Someone get Warren Buffett on the phone!

  16. Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez

    I buy low and sell high, because I know the future… Also I’m in Costa Rica because I need to somehow trick you into believing I’m successful and keep getting that sweet YT money.

  17. Will McGuire

    i just loss my last brain cell

  18. Hạc Giấy Thiên gia

    I just clicked bc of your beautiful eyes

  19. Jonathan Olvera

    FBI: take this down Now!

  20. Abhi Geek

    What time frame do you use for this kind of swing trading?

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