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30 Thoughts to “Penny Stocks Course Intro”

  1. Timmy Tuner

    Your vids are great!! I’m only 16 and want to learn how to sell penny stocks. Your previous videos have introduced me, and helped me understand the basic. I’m looking forward to future vids man. Keep it up!

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      @steven longino Thanks! You should go after it, age doesn’t matter, you can do it.

    2. john estrada

      Hi, just wanna know f u have already tried out the penny stock? Cause i am also 16

    3. Bradley42

      Timmy Tuner You’re 19 now mind updating on how’s it going?

  2. Shandrika Smotherman

    Thanks for your candid videos me and my husband are about to embark upon this adventure and he told me to watch your vids which were truly insightful.  Continued success to you.

    1. IGottaMakeIt

      +Shandrika Smotherman Thanks Shandrika. Keep me posted with your progress and reach out if you need help.

  3. Hoosier Bassin

    this man right here is the definition to a serial entrepreneur. Love the motivation

    1. Michael Reyes

      If you want to learn how to win over 80% of your penny stock trades then visit this site here: HootPenny. info

  4. Jerry Williams

    Great Brother!! Work for yourself…Stay on The Grind!!

  5. Rob Mondonedo

    I dont know why your vids dont have allot more views. Anyway im very grateful I found this hidden gem. Really straight forward and easy to understand.

    P.S. Would appreciate it if you can make a video setting up “sure Trader” as a newbie who just opens the software its very intimidating. Thanks man.

  6. Kenneth Bishop

    A friend in Detroit told me about penny stocks and told me that I could check them out to see if they were something I wanted to trade. There was however so much material all over the place to study and no idea where to start. He had no idea either except that he knew someone that was making it big trading in penny stocks.

    You brother have taught me so much in such a short time and made this feel very possible too. Thank you for giving back.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Anna E

    Thank you so much for all awesome video!!!
    Do you have another email I can reach you? I try the one you put in here but didn’t work. Thanks

  8. Demetrius Walls

    love the game you give us bro. Are you on Facebook?

  9. Rodney Johnson

    Thank you sir. This is my first time hearing about penny stocks. My girl just just gave me the green light to use 2k and this is very helpful

  10. Proud African American

    You are a great teacher. I am learning so much from your videos especially on stocks. You break it down in plain English in a easy intelligent way. Thank you

  11. Queen Balie

    Do you think you’re able to review Robinhood app and share your views on it?

    1. Kendi x D

      Queen Balie yes can you review Robinhood for us?

    2. makeshiftplayer

      I use it! It is good but limited in some features as restricted day trading and buying stocks and etfs.

  12. Gluvshey 09

    You make great videos and very simple and easy to understand!

  13. Theresa Hudson

    how do i watch the rest of this?

    1. Kandice Kandice

      Theresa Hudson Go to his playlists and you should find the series there.

  14. Slick Mulah

    I appreciate everything you doing bro!

  15. timothy mairose

    Hey I really like your videos. I like how you explain things in a very simple way. I was wondering if you had any more knowledge and experience with Investing and Trading in general. I would like to learn more about how people read the graphs and what all the words and terminilogy means. It feels like I can’t really find any solid places that explain all this basic stuff and for me I feel like it is hard to learn any of the more advanced stuff when I don’t even know how to read the graphs or use any of the buttons. It would be cool if you could make a video series on what everything means.

  16. Rio World

    Yea you make it easy king…i just watch your videos and try to get a good sense…by the way sure trade is that a platform?

  17. Fonch Z

    Michael B Jordan’s twin brother.

  18. Wander EER

    You have those anime eyes

  19. D Fig

    Absolutely appreciate the information 😊 wanted to know if you still trade and if they are any new tips

  20. Thomas Major

    Khari. I’ve watch all of your videos here on Youtube about Penny Stocks. I believe that some of the videos are not available here. Where can we find the full course? Also, thanks for the insight. This is wonderful!!!

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