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5 Thoughts to “Price Action Day Trading Webinar – Futures, Currencies and Forex”

  1. Day Trade to Win

    1.5 points per day should be fairly simple on SP 500 Emini and even more on currencies. The key is to trade with consistent rules, and take each trade objectively.
    Trading capital of about 1500 per contract would be sufficient, but i would check with your broker. The Power Price action includes 8 weeks of live training which can’t be beat.

  2. Josh Solomon

    The webinar was invaluable. Thank you for making this information available!

  3. Day Trade to Win

    Thanks, i would check out the ABC methods and other webinars that are jam packed with information and tips to help you trade.
    Email me if you have questions or visit our site at daytradetowin

  4. James Kelly

    I have done business with these guys, JP is excellent, sincere, and all the guys I corresponded with at DayTradeToWin were very much into real customer service, and they are genuine and respond very well. The quality of the educational material is second to none. I am very grateful for what they offer. This recommendation was not solicited by anyone and offered freely.

  5. Day Trade to Win

    Thanks James for your kind words, email me if you have any trading questions. Best Regards,

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