Professional Stock Trading Course Lesson 1 of 10 by Adam Khoo


If you wish to discover exactly how to trade supplies effectively, also if you are a complete novice, The Expert Stock Trading Program by Adam Khoo is made to offer you all the devices and also methods to trade supplies with confidence and profitably.

The Specialist Stock Trading Training course is readily available for enrolment at

Stock financial investment & trading understandings by Adam Khoo shows you successful trading and also investment opportunities in today's stock exchange.

These are necessary strategies for stock traders and capitalists who wish to improve their investment and trading efficiency.

Adam Khoo is a specialist supplies and also foreign exchange trading and the very successful author of 'Winning the Game of Stocks" and also "Benefit from the Panic". Thousands of pupils have actually made money from his sharp financial investment insights into the world of supply investing and trading.

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40 Thoughts to “Professional Stock Trading Course Lesson 1 of 10 by Adam Khoo”

  1. Chris Martinez

    Hi Adam, just watched your video, do you have a trading journal chart specifically for Crypto Currencies that include entry & exit prices? I want to write down my profits for trading alt coins but cant find a journal excel sheet that does this correctly, Thanks!

  2. Siddaiah Konduru

    Teaching is your passion … I really see in you, I like the way you teach. Easy to Understand. Thanks. Waiting for further lessons.

  3. Ramon Alde

    Watched every single details. Thank you for this. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully I cant really start investing and win the stock market.

    1. Hannible 100

      You cant Ramone?

    2. Will Drudy

      if by every detail you mean his terrible math within the first 2 minutes?

  4. Jeff Silverberg

    ATTENTION ALL BEGINNERS: You must watch this lesson. This guy is an AMAZING teacher. I have been learning about trading off and on (mostly off because I’m too emotional with real money) for about 20 years. Tried for a couple of months and then quit when I lost all I had. Tried again several years later and did the same thing. This time, trying again, but getting more serious about learning. I have been studying for about 18 hours a day for about a month just scouring the internet for whatever I can learn. I have Watched several videos and read several training courses that were free and some of them would try to sell you more. I have been looking for someone who can take the “child in trading” by the hand because every other one out there assumes that people know things before they take a class. Then today I came across this lesson and WOW!! This guy has explained in the simplest of terms IN ENGLISH!! FROM ASIA!! the basics of how to trade a trend, up or down. He speaks better english than most english speakers I know. “I have enjoyed this conversation, in english” (reference The Last Samarai.) I am so impressed with this man that I had to write this review. And I don’t write reviews. If I like something I just hit the like button. I have not checked the website yet because I just had to write this. But if he is selling the other courses, judging by this first one, they have to be worth it. Of course, being able to pay always enters the equation. But THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!!

    1. ozikamzmzoss zzz

      This guy is a genius, a great teacher and shares his skills. No wonder God is blessing him. I wish i could meet him in the future to personally thank him.

    2. interests10

      I agree he is very good. Way better than the scams i have seen over the years. Courses that promise riches but were only selling crap. Theres way more to learn in trading. But Adam Khoo doesnt waste people’s time or money.

    3. Riyaz Ansari



    4. Hakeem Oladapo Babajide Makanju

      Jeff Silverberg I can agree more the best video I have seen in over 15 years of trading. Simple, clear and straight to the point.👍🏽

    5. MarcusDaNoobGamer

      I’m learning a lot from this first lesson. plus he gets to the point.

  5. Phong Nguyen

    Finally, someone making video that actually teaching stuff, not just showing how amazing trader they are with all that fancy software that nobody know of. Thank you so much for ur educative video

    1. Agis I

      @NU-B Studios Tell me more, sir

    2. Abdul Manyonyi

      @NU-B Studios I appreciate your time in this matter is greatly appreciated

    3. Kathleen Roberson


    4. Berhanu Legese

      your comment is gonna make me watch this video , I’ll beat your a** after an hour if I find it worthless

  6. Dan 123

    “He’s asian so you know he’s good.” — Peter Griffin

  7. Kishore kumar Roy

    Hi Adam ! I am professionally a doctor, and for last 10- 15 days have started viewing your academic videos, I am a novice investor, started for last 1 year with zero knowledge in this field ! You tube is the only teacher for me ! But for one year I have viewed lot of videos but your teaching is wonderful….lots of clarification done on my treding style…..your videos are really good thanks for being such an wonderful teacher ! Please continue to upload …..

    1. Denise

      Have you tried on the actual stock market and if so is it working for you?

  8. Peaceful Soundscapes

    Just wondering, what broker would you consider a solid one to use for a swing trader?

  9. les f

    You’re the best teacher Adam!!!

  10. Justin Guerrero

    The stock market taught in a very simple and easy way. The fundamentals taught here actually helped me get a grasp on the vocabulary and patterns. It’s a perfect place to start growing your knowledge

    Edit: after my first day of applying these strategies I made $550 in 1 hour and I did it safely without risking very much because this video taught me how to manage loss

    1. Emilio Avila

      How do I make that money? How much money do I need to start?

    2. Rishi Rastogi

      Wow congratulations! How much did you start with in your account?

  11. Dylan Lope

    Wow I’m 15 and am so glad i came across this , really cleared some of the confusion i had about it . Getting ready to invest in my first stock soon w my first $100 from work, wish me luck

    1. Ericka Riso

      Dylan how did it go

    2. blasttrash

      what hpnd? made money or went broke that you cant even afford internet anymore? Just kidding. 😛

    3. Ta Ba

      blasttrash he probably bought a private ISland without internet with it

    4. Business Efficiency

      No one cares how old you are, kid. These days it’s pretty normal for kids your age to be learning stuff like this thanks to the internet. You’re not special. Relax.

    5. grandelande1

      better sell supreme give u more with 100

  12. Valentine Vandalism

    Stonks 📈

  13. Abhishikta mohanty

    This man is a billionaire yet he is so humble. This is crazy

  14. Iron Cote

    Lmao watching all of these videos hoping to become a billionaire

  15. Sarwan

    What a great teaching lesson thank you Adam excellent look forward to rest 9 course to come !!

  16. Christian Taylor Jr


  17. DJ Matt Muller

    Thank you very much for touching on all the basics I need to feel confident in buying a stock and to begin investing/trading. Furthermore, I greatly appreciate the time taken to go through examples.
    Thanks Adam!

  18. hicham Ked

    Adam, you are so FAAAAAAAR the Best trading Mentor.
    I’ve learnt so many things thanks to your videos but this ONE is so far the Best
    Cheeeeeers & Thanks a lot

  19. georgia anne Imatong

    thank you for this video.I learned a lot

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