Stock markets the most rewarding career. | Harsh Goela | TEDxJIIT


In his talk, Rough Goela talks about the stigma surrounding stock exchange. He clears up how it is different from betting and also exactly how appropriate knowledge and staying clear of careless extravagance can generate successful outcomes. Extreme Goela a young company expert and also public speaker. He is the co-founder of Goela School of Financing. He has been carrying out seminars in Delhi and numerous other cities to make spread monetary awareness among students. This talk was provided at a TEDx occasion making use of the TED seminar format however individually organized by a local neighborhood. Discover more at

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73 Thoughts to “Stock markets the most rewarding career. | Harsh Goela | TEDxJIIT”

  1. Rahul Wason

    His experience somehow strengthen the argument that Keep investing your time in the work that excites you and finally you’ll end up earning a good wealth and happiness. ✌️

    1. Feralz

      there is a lot of cliche statements like follow your passion or do what you love. I try to take out such sentiments. But what is undeniable is, we tend to do things that we like, and we do them longer, and thats how you become a master at it.

    2. royeden medeira

      True buds


    TED is calling, remove the x!

  3. Tushar Tiwari

    Finally, someone took responsibility to create awareness in this country about the markets.
    NIce talk champ.

    1. Samadrita Biswas

      For share market and trading please whatsapp 8697938413. I work for a Broking Firm.

    2. Hardik Shah

      It’s really great speech and honestly in our country we need this kind of awareness. I want to see people choose professional trading as a career like other countries.

      Get out of the old mentality of satta or speculation or anything. If you see stock market as a business you would defiantly get good results.

    3. Razvan Marin

      This was great, thanks, I’ve been looking for “passive investment income tax rate” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Qonmily Passive Formality – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my work buddy got great success with it.

    4. shekar badthala

      @Samadrita Biswas How to invest in share market


    my story is kinda similar:
    got 74%….no better college
    decided not to go to college
    now im a trader……!!
    hmm….i feel u bro….i feel u…i hate to go outside and meet ppl too….they ask too many questions.

    1. Jay Singh

      So does stock market make u money ? After a good couple of years study? Or its just a myth

    2. Jajati Keshari Sahu

      Hi. Is that group still there? If so can i join?

    3. Bittu Jain

      Same brother same story

    4. R E X

      I can relate to you ….after all I am a dropout too..

    5. Rajeev Barala

      Here comes one another to accompany you….same here bro

  5. chintan bavishi

    Don’t invest your money in NGO but invest your time and invest that money in stock market.👌👌👌

    1. Ishan Panhekar

      That’s what i tell my friends who work at an NGO!!

    2. Gaurav Gupta

      I like to do charity and help people

    3. Suman gandhi

      @Gaurav Gupta veryyyyyy good Me too
      GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!

    4. Damiien Bandicoot

      Stocks are incredibly expansive there is no doubt about that! We should have higher interest rates not lower so that stocks revert to historical norms. No way I’m buying up here with IQD Momentum technical strategy. No way I’d buy stocks and trade at such elevated levels when i’m applying lukasz wilhelm policy, Investors who are buying now can expect very high future returns because we are in a bubble.

  6. Møhan Raj™

    Stop creating wealth for your company, start doing it for yourself, awesome words 👌

  7. Debajyoti Nath

    Most successful stock investors either started very early, or are very old now, or both. Get the clue? It is not the rate of return, but time and experience in the market that makes one successful.

    1. Hernandez10052

      That’s probably the reason the majority of people don’t want to invest in the stock market, it is scary and it can take a while to make any good profit. But it does work, and the people willing enough to invest not only their money but also their time (and probably a lot of it), will be the ones to become successful

    2. The Great Indian Art Experiment

      Young ppl don’t care about loosing… Old ppl don’t have to care about loosing…. That’s the rub

    3. Lohith Savanth

      An absolute 💎 i see experience and value in your words.

    4. shekar badthala

      what is the minimum share to invest ?

  8. Official Username

    NRI, watching from USA, this was really great. I trade on NASDAQ and NYSE. I strongly agree that India at least needs better education for stock markets sector.

    1. Stock Talks

      So, you are trying to tell us that there, in USA, every man is a stock market analyst. 🤐🤐

    2. Aman Sahani

      @Stock Talks 😂

    3. MultiRiches

      Official Username can I get a job ? (Worth the shot)

    4. rohan shah

      Stays in USA, advices entire India!

  9. Pushpa raj

    I went on to do MBA which of no use now! I should ve gone to stock market straight away 🙄

    1. Harish Mittal

      No u should not completly depend upon stock market. It’s a one of the most rewarding career but not for all. You need to do so much efforts n hard work for that. Patience is the key.

    2. Aaron Marzec

      Read these books: “The Complete Turtle Trader,” “Trend Following,” “Market Wizards, “New Market Wizards,” “The Intelligent Investor,” and “How to Make Money Trading Commodities.”

  10. Suresh Varma

    Always trade with your disposable money, not with your life time earning

    1. Syed Sarfraz

      Suresh Varma lol

    2. FreeLeGiOn

      Suresh Varma I disagree with you because it’s not that simple

  11. Elon musk stole my idea of SpaceX and Tesla

    I also don’t go to college…. Cz I want to be a stock market investor.. But theirs specific classes r so expensive.. Which I can’t afford at all. .. That’s why I decided to learn only books by some great investors… And today I’m a small investor of stock market but I proud myself….

    1. Ania29sl szym

      You can learn from Tim Sykes, Sean Dekmar, Steven Dux or Madaz here for free on their YouTube channels but they also have own websites, courses chat rooms. They post loads on Twitter what they trading daily etc
      But they traders of penny stocks micro mid caps where stocks can move 100s to 1000s% on the day
      Check them out and good luck 😊

    2. sandesh kaneri

      Dumbest thing I have come across on the internet.

    3. R E X

      As a drop out I am proud of myself and can’t say thanks enough to me …😌
      After all we are the one who are going to employ our topper classmates …
      We are the owner we are the leader
      Of Indian future…

  12. Furqaan Shariff

    All the people watching this video. We have taken action towards our life.

    And we will be rewarded, I don’t know exactly how. But, I know we all will be RICH!

    Law of cause and effect.

    1. Let's make dis chnl most sub'd without any videos

      Yes, bro by any means we will be above others. That’s an oath!!!

    2. Hemant Kaushik

      Whoever has a complete healthy body is the richest person in the world mate!

  13. Anup Sindagi

    I have been into trading, have to say one thing. Never take any paid course on trading, most of it is bottom line scam. You can learn the basics on the net for free and then create your own strategy and test and adjust. Nobody will teach how to make money in trading. Think of basic human psychology, if anybody knew a successful method for trading, they have no incentive to share it. I have my main own method which I developed over time.
    This guy is no different, he has some online course that he is trying to sell. This talk is basically a promotional video for his “School of Finance” which I found out.
    “If you can’t do something successfully, you teach.”

    1. 5k Machine

      @Day Trading Oil Futures Seriously???

    2. Day Trading Oil Futures

      @5k Machine Yes all global markets are being controlled in advance by a computer program, nothing is really “trading” as is believed. I broke the code to the computer that is controlling the markets in 2006…..

    3. Pre vya

      @Ramnarayan Sahu each n every multi-millionare n billionaire invests in market..
      Now u can guess the power of stock market 😊

    4. Kavish Shakdwipee

      @5k Machine don’t take Venteskraft basic course.. what they teach in basic course is all available in internet even in deep.. you can take their platinum membership.. there they will support you properly because they actually treated us (basic members) as we were begging them to teach us.. they were really rude.. I don’t know about how they treat platinum members but you can learn from it maybe

    5. harshil talaviya

      thats true brothr


    1. Investopedia
    2. The intelligent investor by Mr Ben Graham
    3. Security analysis by Mr Ben Graham and Mr David Dodd.
    Thats basically all you need to learn the real investing but not trading or speculation.


      HVAC SQUAD two of the most boring books you can ever read buuuuut boy the treasure in those two books,immensely priceless.

    2. Shashank goyal

      Snowball by Warren Buffet

    3. M J

      Indian do not read book, they learn, re-learn by risk and reward.

    4. Arbaaz Torgal

      investing is easy with fundamental analysis, Trading is the hardest skill to master

    5. FreeLeGiOn

      HVAC SQUAD don’t forget rich dad poor dad

  15. Nitin Nihal

    Stock Market is a coded language of price action and volume .

  16. Sachin Goyal

    I have face the same situation..when I started myself in stock market, Almost all peoples who i met discourage me not to work in this market.
    But I already realised my passion in stock market and i was doing that continiously.

    Now all people who discourage me want to get my opinion on their investments.
    What I realised is that know one can teach you except your expeirence and your own learnings in stock market.

  17. R E X

    Those who are commenting here are future billionaires of india..
    And it’s true …

  18. Rasheeda Mustafa

    Some weeks ago I saw a comment about Mr Andrew Feldstein so I decided to hit him up ,he replied me almost immediately . After all said and done he helped me trade $1000 i wasn’t really at rest until I got paid $13350 on the 7th day contact him and he will help you as well

    1. Faith Jalen

      @Alonse Ricard I do not stand the chance of losing with Andrew. Ever since i met him trading has been very profitable for me

    2. Katelyn Smith

      @Faith Jalen Friday= 23,760.90 USD

    3. Dinis Caetano Bonifacio

      @Katelyn Smith The financial freedom you are looking for lies in the risk you have not takenJoin him today and change your life.

    4. Spartan Monkey


  19. I Am What I Am

    You have answered too many questions which was in my head bro, I’m a trader now from last 10 days,I will be an investor soon. You are an inspiration truly

  20. Mary Willow

    Expert analysis and study of trade patterns over the years leads to only profitable trade. I guess it’s why experts make so much ROI

    1. Mary Willow

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    2. Alexander Rowan

      Mr Alex is one in a billion. A really impressive trader. I wish I had met him earlier but half bread he better than none

    3. Alec Poe

      Good man he is got to agree. If you worked with Alex you know he’ committed to what he does

    4. Alec Poe

      Nothing a trader wants more than profit and partnering with Alex ensures just that

    5. Janet Simpson Grail

      Who would think reading so lucrative but it is..

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