The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Market Crash


Exactly how to Plan for the Next Market Accident.

We've all seen the headings, news articles, and also obvious indicators that we're headed into an economic crisis, probably in 2020.

The Fed cut rates recently, there have actually been numerous upside down yield contours, joblessness degrees are at ten years lows (can just increase), and there have actually been huge discharges.

In this video clip I review:

– My individual proof of an economic stagnation
– Protective approaches that you can utilize to plan for the following market collision
– Offending techniques that you can make use of to prep for the following market crash
– Just how to remain appropriate within your market when the economic downturn does hit, whether it remains in 2020 or at a later day.

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65 Thoughts to “The 2020 Recession: How To Prepare For The Next Market Crash”

  1. Scott S

    Damn bro… Nearly 940 comments by the time I got to this 2 days in! Proud of you man!! Excellent video as always. I agree with the majority of what you said and while there’s no way of knowing for sure, I expect a recession to start by the end of 2020. Absolutely love your defensive and offensive strategies.  

    I also agree with the comment that ‘most fortunes are made during recessions’.  
    – Majority of my best stock purchases were all made during 2008-2010, companies like AAPL, AXP, CSCO, JNJ, LOW, SBUX, SCHW, TGT and a handful of ETFs. All of which I continue to own today.
    – I sold very little those years…
    – While I didn’t buy a house during the recession, I remodeled mine for significantly cheaper than if I waited for a thriving economy.

    Remember that the market is forward looking and by the time the recession hits, there’s a good chance much of the stock market pain might have already occurred.

    The only other thing I’d add is we need to start thinking about what a higher inflationary environment might look like. You mentioned printing funny money and taking on more debt. This country will never be able to effectively pay down its debt at this point. The only option is devaluing the debt and that’s done via inflation. We haven’t had real inflation since the 70’s and very early 80’s, meaning the vast majority here haven’t dealt with it (including me). Everyone should learn about inflation and how best to prepare for it. Just in case. Cheers…

    1. Israel Lincoln

      There is only one way out, Invest on rural properties in the mountains of Santa Catarina Brazil, get your own clean water source, good bit of land, total silence, privacy and mountain views. I am building a permaculture farm and have a project to help other like-minded folks. Get in touch,

    2. Scott S

      @Infinite solar for all – I got my job cut out from me? When did that happen? I’ve been responsible since the time I was born. Thx tho’!

  2. MrsBrownsAquaria

    Only hit the like button cause Graham told me to !
    JK, thanks for the info!
    ( I too am a CA for a Canadian bank…we’ve been seeing the signs as well and lending has been hemmed in recently)

    1. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance


  3. Mark Silla

    I have no money, and no skills. But on the plus side I have no debt.

    1. Chris

      @Angelina In Canada, WSIB will take your money. Its not worth being self-employed anymore. We are self-employed still… but, that’s harder now.

    2. Ryan C. Orrock

      @Graham Hobbs You don’t understand Robert if you think saving is for losers… Or Marko.

    3. Dev Inglis

      If you are broke or below poverty line. Relying on welfare, government assistance, low income housing and food banks… what are the options. Sound like you need money to make money

    4. Hud

      Great, just like a new born baby

  4. Naam Wynn - Personal Finance & Investing

    *Common sense in not common practice* – Couldn’t have said it better. There is so much value in this video. Awesome job man!

    1. Ryan Price

      Common sense is the least common of all senses. We should really be calling it uncommon sense.

    2. James Howitt

      “What is common sense isn’t common practice” – Stephen Covey

    3. Dee El

      If its easy to do, its easy not to do

    4. Cash CashFlowSeason Analyst

      Naam Wynn – Personal Finance & Investing Dave Ramsey preaches that. And some people have a PHD in DUMB


    Really liked the video becz
    1. No BS
    2. Based on facts
    3. Short to the point
    4. Solid points/advice

    Good job man… just earned subscriber

    1. Pay Star

      State one… just one ” FACT ” please .. wow are you ignorant of the actual FACTS. sORRY for you .. do some actual research.. and LEARN or get Burned !

    2. Andy Taylor

      @Pay Star it’s all based on feelings, DemonRat lies, anti-Trump, Anti-American nonsense. These guys will take a hit in order to help destroy America.

    3. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

      Thank you

  6. vinoth kumar

    Is it economic recession or economic depression like 1929?

    1. Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

      no one knows

    2. Old Wes

      He doesn’t know anything.

    3. candace walton

      Depression. It’s much worse than many can fathom. The dollar is worthless! Best to put your money in real assets. Bubbles everywhere. It’s going to fall very fast.. a continuation from 08’.

    4. Jayne Pete

      Depression. The generation growing up are out of work and high debt. With global debt and money printing. So many will be unemployed, homeless. Chaos and riots will rule. Whatever happened in 2008 will be nothing compared to this depression. People will be out for themselves…the unsinkable titanic comes to mind.

    5. Bucket_head

      candace walton
      John Payte

      You are fear mongers. The inflation rate has been a steady 1.7% for over 50 years. That is a healthy value, otherwise people would save their money knowing it would be worth the same amount next year instead of buying stuff or investing (which both help the economy). Don’t foretell the apocalypse when you don’t have any idea what causes one.

      Also no bubbles. The government has passed laws to prevent those.

      The unemployment rate is lower than ever, as Trump will be happy to tell you.

  7. TheMaster

    So to sum it up: Don’t buy things you cannot afford(debt), invest regularly (dollar cost averaging) and make lots of friends that can get you a new job in case you get caught in a layoff. LoL.

    1. cowboy juggernaut

      But it’s ironic because the money itself is literally debt

    2. chickenlittle


      yessssssss networking

    3. Amazing Healthy Living Saraliz

      Nothing I didn’t already know. So you quit your job to repeat pretty much what everyone put there is already saying. 🤔

    4. N TS

      Agreed. Wanted to put a like but didnt want to destroy the lucky number 168.

  8. Mia Mori

    Just Pay off credit cards ASAP just to be ready and Do not I repeat Do NOT buy more crap until we know whats really gonna happen! Save as much as you can. Stay smart 💖

    1. Brock Amm

      Alex Bell your welcome we couldn’t save since 1971 I believe when Nixon took us off the gold standard. Inflation is a key tool in recessions and so if your afraid of a recession you should do everything but save. I don’t think there will be a recession personally unless it is driven by the top companies trying to monopolize the market. But I am still on the path of hard assets. If you think of 2008 people lost there homes sure but then they started renting. BINGO.

    2. El Sito

      I dunno Mia, I cant really trust ur comment when theres an emoji at the end. That emoji screams intelligents and wisdom

    3. Richard Hibbert

      @Brock Amm but what if the person are family u rent your property to lose is or her job they will be living for free for 6 months or up to one year your still have to the mortgage….

    4. Brock Amm

      Richard Hibbert evictions are tough and it’s never easy. Family involved is even worse. This is why most people avoid lending money to friends and family. You have to be willing to pay that mortgage yourself or kick them out. But don’t profit off of your own family to begin with.

    5. Berry Ma

      buy gold man

  9. Paul Orr

    Wait a minute…..I thought you used to sell cars.

    1. Search

      Paul Orr

    2. James Howitt

      Don’t forget he’s also a “real estate investor, stock market investor, student of finance, and entrepreneur.”

  10. Jon Woods

    Sooner or later somebody will be correct on the timing of the next recession. Even a broken clock is right twice a day

    1. Shea Delany

      @Mike R So I point out facts that you can’t refute with zero bias and you resort to name calling. I didn’t say I didn’t like the current president. I asked for you to make an observation using two indicators regarding economics that you seem to regard as being radically different between the the two presidencies. What are his growth metrics since you seem to know so much? I’ve laid out some questions; lay some out for me. If you looked into those I’m sure you didn’t like the answer. As a true conservative you can’t support tariffs of any kind as they are nothing more than a tax passed on to the consumer. Are you a fan of massive social taxation? You also can’t support the largest act of socialism in modern history which came in the form of the Patriot Act. Can’t support the farm bill either since that’s a socialist policy to a T. How about more gun control in the form of bump stock restrictions than were ever passed under the Obama Administration? See, you called me a dumbass, that’s where you fucked up son. That was a hasty assumption. I could point out so many things about the Obama Administration that are downright treasonous but I’ll just stick to the cold hard irrefutable facts that some guy who doesn’t have any real clue what’s happening and lives in his echo chamber, where from which he sometimes emerges to yell at his perceived opposition on the internet doesn’t like. Perhaps in the future you should just keep your mouth shut or run the risk of being taken to school. Your entire identity is a giant lie fed to you that you repeat like an obedient parrot. How does that feel Mikey? Your’s truly, a true constitutionalist and staunch supporter of Classical Republicanism who has taken the time to educate themself.

    2. brittle bone bobby

      @Jon Woods yep… ima put in my random guess on the economy crashing soon too… one of us will be right eventually

    3. v Bocaj

      @Mike R S&P, 1.3% gain from 1st of sep 2018 to 1st of sep 2019

    4. harrison wintergreen

      economists have predicted 13 of the last 3 recessions

    5. EMC

      @harrison wintergreen when do they say the next one is coming?

  11. Paul tribbett

    For me i would advise you pay off your debt every month to avoid interest charge and try adjusting your investment portfolio.

    1. Paul tribbett

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    2. shannon drena

      Can forex make me rich please.

    3. Fat Bakedofficer

      seriously interested in trading forex but how do i find a legit portfolio manager for assistance.@Paul tribbett

    4. Paul tribbett

      @Fat Bakedofficer I invest monthly on a very large scale with a portfolio manager I met on Facebook 2 years ago “Dustin f chanoch”.
      Here’s his gmail <<>>


      @shannon drenayes many forex traders become ‘rich’ and they will then continue to trade Forex services because they enjoy the profit.

  12. \///

    I’ve been following the markets and monetary policies for the past year. So, your insight from the ground floor working with clients in their credit analysis is extremely valuable in seeing how this is going to roll over. Thank you!

  13. Class And Sass

    “Pay of all debt”….I have a crap load of tuition lorrrrd help me!

  14. The last Emperor

    Saved up enough to live in Mexico for a while.

  15. Paul

    I appreciated the Fight Club reference … stuff that you bought that we don’t need to impress people we don’t like….. 🙂

  16. 뭉치면죽는다

    4:55 common sense is not common practice!
    Woooohhohhhhh!!!!!!!! that’s amazing!!!!!!!!!

  17. Daniel Simone

    Defensive strategies for any kind of recession:
    1. Pay off high interest debt
    2. Have 3 to 6 months emergency fund
    3. Do not panic sell stocks
    Offensive Strategies
    1. Build up your war chest /save money, gold,…./
    2. Systematically invest like buying ETF once a month regularly during recession
    3. Update your resume and start networking like updating Linkedin premium if you are W2 employee. “The best time to get a job is when you have a job”

  18. Martiza Rodriguez

    Does it mean that the value of $usa (American dollar) will be lower?

  19. sawyer anna

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    1. Jade Carson

      This sounds intriguing,YES I want to earn as much as these ROI in few months too. I live in London, how do I connect with your EA support.

    2. sawyer anna

      For detailed discussion 1(518) 310-7285

    3. Jade Carson

      I will do that right away, can connect through WhatsApp chat?

    4. sawyer anna

      Yeah you can, just leave him a message on WhatsApp, he will attend to you at the appropriate time

  20. Peter

    RE: Dollar Cost Averaging – Wait until you think the market has bottomed out or gets close to it. Do NOT buy all the way down.

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