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The 3-Day Rule: Essential for Stock Trading. // 3 day rule buying stocks


The 3-Day Regulation: Essential for Supply Trading.// 3 day regulation purchasing supplies, 3 day regulation investing

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41 Thoughts to “The 3-Day Rule: Essential for Stock Trading. // 3 day rule buying stocks”

  1. murlikris62

    As usual very crisp and useful trading strategy

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much murlikris62, I appreciate you nice comment.

  2. Lions Lambano

    Thanks man, Great tip as always David!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Freeligive, I hope to prevent financial disaster for as many traders as possible

  3. Doug Smith

    Smart rule. Look for a U pattern on the 3rd day or later to signal bottom reserval.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Doug, I’m always looking for the “fish-hook” or U pattern after a good stock drops for no good reason.

  4. nettron101

    I waited 5 days but the price just kept on falling, when do i enter ?

    1. David Moadel

      Aren’t you glad that you waited? 🙂 Seriously though, I would just let it keep falling until it stops, then only consider a long position if the stock price shows signs of life. That’s why I say wait *at least* 3 trading days


    Your presentation is very clear and helps me a lot to understand it quickly…Thank you Mr. David Moadel..

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much TheSTORMSHOTS, I appreciate your nice comment.

  6. Steven Lyon

    Hello David. I have been watching your videos for a few days. I really like your presentation and how informative and easy to understand you are. Keep up the great work and God bless.

  7. Dave

    Dave, how did you get so smart!!!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Dave, we are all smart in different ways

  8. N

    I wish I watched this video couple of months ago when I just started trading! I wouldn’t make those few mistakes I made which I try to correct now. Great video, love the way Dave explains everything, pretty simple and straight forward, not like many other boring videos on Youtube.
    I guess I am becoming a fan and planning to watch all his videos posted. Thanks again, Dave!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comments Nataliya, I am glad that you like the video and hope that you will watch my other videos (there are over 300 at the moment).

    2. N

      I watched 10 of them already! Loved 2 videos about the Bollinger Bands, incorporated them right away on my charts. Find them as great additional tool on deciding when enering and exiting the trade. Please, continue doing a great job on helping new and advanced traders! Thank you so much again from here in Canada!

    3. David Moadel

      That’s great Nataliya, much appreciated

  9. Bob Tedford

    Really like your videos.  You explain things very well and are easy to understand.  Thanks

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment bted71, I appreciate it.

  10. Mark Twain

    What is great is that you are successful but speak to us respectfully and clearly, rather than as an egocentric superstar. Normal is beautiful. Thanks, David!

    1. David Moadel

      That’s a great comment Mark Twain! I am honored and humbled, thank you

  11. reydorf davidson

    Another gem. Thanks

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much reydorf davidson, I greatly appreciate your support.

  12. Joe Bobb

    I wish I had know about this rule yesterday. Oh well, now I know. Great information!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Joe Bobb for the comment, I appreciate it

  13. Hector Pleitez

    Thank you so much for this video. I’m a new investor only 3 weeks experience but I learned a lot with this video. I already suffered by not knowing this rule lol thanks! I will be emailing you some questions.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Hector, I appreciate it, you’ll definitely improve your investing skills with time and experience

  14. MikePovey69

    Loving the video tips, simple but effective 😎 happy New Year btw

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much MikePovey69
      , I’m looking forward to an amazing 2019

  15. jai thakore

    excellent …god bless you always and you are blessed!!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you very much jai thakore for the nice comment, much appreciated

  16. Tapan Khan

    David, Salam,you are a great teacher.

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the nice comment Tapan Khan, much appreciated

  17. MajorBob

    Thank you so much…i’ll add that rule to my trading plan

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment MajorBob

  18. Kriss Marcus

    Thank you very much for this piece. Huge eye opener!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you Kriss Marcus, I appreciate your nice comment

  19. Trading Quotes

    I’m curious on this link. It’s a helpful one Sir. 👍

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you, I’m glad that it is helpful

  20. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    Excellent info, thanks for posting! These are the kind of tips that can give the small investor a bit of an edge. If I had been aware of this I’d be much farther along by now, and my very slow growing account (if and when it grows at all!) would be at least twice as large these days. How many times when trades are going down have I wished I just used the simple old buy and hold strategy, at least it will normally grow by a little over the weeks and months.

    Catching those damned ‘falling knives’ gets extremely painful when bargain hunting lol!

    1. David Moadel

      Thank you for the comment Youdontneedto Seemyidentification, much appreciated

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