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The Best Marijuana Penny Stocks To Watch in 2018 | Step By Step



I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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23 Thoughts to “The Best Marijuana Penny Stocks To Watch in 2018 | Step By Step”

  1. Kevin Breault-Stiles

    Nice thanks tony for the heads up. Also are you going to do courses on swing trading

  2. David Donald

    Nice video on weed stocks, put a couple on my watch list. Thanks for the videos!!!

  3. TraxxedOut 301

    When I get some more money ima join your chat 👍🏽

  4. Red Fox Budgeting

    I always have your video on bell notification because I love how real you are!

  5. Mark McLain

    Happy New Year Tony. Great information. I will share with my connections your YouTube channel.

  6. DarnsAndNoble

    Honestly so helpful, thanks for all the advice Tony!

    1. Tony Ivanov

      That’s awesome to hear!

  7. Randall's Rest & Relaxation

    Thanks! Where do we go to get the holiday discount of 123 a month, for 3 months, which then includes a full lifetime membership as noted at 12:38 into this video?? Thanks Tony!

  8. Giancarlo D

    all the stocks you listed had a killer day today…

    1. Ajit Basnet

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    2. Vesna Mladenovic

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  9. Michael Farley

    This was the best video I’ve found so far! I bought BUDZ at 5.10 and sold at 11.17! Your picks are pretty solid!

  10. Albert Forbes Jr.

    Awesome Stuff!

  11. Michael Paul

    Tuned in! thanks a lot; this is where I’m looking

  12. Scorpion777 Silvermoon

    Hi Tony! I appreciate you sharing with us! Thanks bro!

  13. William Oz

    I really liked your video. I’m invested in some of the companies you mentioned. Do you only focus on your charts or do you also do some dd on the stocks your purchase? I’m saying this because you have some American weed stocks and they have been greatly affected by Jeff Session and his bla bla… That said, you might of lost some money but that opens up a door for cheap shares. So you’ll make it back. My point is, with this industry in paritcular (i’ve been around since 2015), is that there is a whole lot of uncertainties but and people are scared. So sometimes, watching following the news and doing some dd can give you a head start…

    Good luck to you!

  14. Vincent C

    HEMP is good due to it not being targeted by sessions. TRTC is another good one not mentioned because they are one of the only companies with the required license for marijuana sales in California.

  15. Chris Smith

    After yesterday’s news give em a heavy watch for a bounce

  16. Đãvīđ Rąmßô

    its awesome😍
    it is so helpful thank u so much dude u rocked it!!👏👏

  17. Tre Litton

    very useful vid, a beginner in stock exchange, I am looking forward to watching more of you.

  18. Brett Ryan

    Hey matey, first time viewer, great insight into the Weed sector. Thanks very much for your time. Brett

  19. Jesse Rodriguez

    Its easy to see that you ENJOY helping others. Wish there were more like you. Rock On!

  20. Timothy Fisher

    Thanks for keeping us informed on the hooch stocks

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