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26 Thoughts to “Understanding Stock Market”

  1. baratiny

    20:43 “When it comes to money the level of integrity is the least” – Priceless

  2. tashi topgyal

    it is really interesting if u think deep on it…. from his speech we can learn many things… thank you sir…

  3. osityan

    my favorite line was that if you live in the US “life is only bullshit” 🙂
    I like it! lol

  4. Kakkad Mithil

    A Great Thinking , A Good Knowlegde

  5. khaleswar panda

    i’m learning

  6. PPFAS Mutual Fund

    Thank you.

  7. Mohammed Ahmed

    Surprisingly very interesting lecture…! & liked his statement, saying that
     “Any innovation in capital market are made/there to fool People.” at 19.00

    1. Abhinav Jain

      At 20:37

  8. Advait Dharmadhikari

    the points he makes are teachings by many famous investors from Buffet to Ramdeo Agarwal ..great lecture!

  9. Byomokesh Pujari

    Speaker is highly intellect on subject accordingly only 15% are true listener and try to understand to his teaching in the platform shown on Tube.

  10. sahadev suryavanshi

    Very genuine person. What he has said is truth of stock market. Sadly he is no more. RIP.

    1. rajdhar kushwaha

      Oh rip

    2. Lakshay Bhatia

      @Email Address hatt behn k lode chutiya ki aulad

    3. Abhinav Jain

      Rest in peace

    4. gavara prudhvi siva sai teja

      RIP sir you r great person.

    5. Ajinkya Kolhe

      what is his name?

  11. P V Anand

    Super Video. May GOD BLESS HIS SOUL.

  12. yogesh chandra

    Thanks for everything you deliver to me throughout this lecture.

  13. dont tread

    Love this guy. No BS or fluff, straight to the point with straight real life facts.

  14. surya ganapathi

    When it comes to money the level of integrity is least.

  15. sudhir patil

    Sir simply seems to make sense-
    has good command over subject n accumulated deep knowledge-

  16. Elaine Anderson

    Wow. Exactly 8 years to the day I’m watching this video. 7.1.2019

  17. Abhijit Ghosh

    what a amazing class thanks to the great soul of our beloved master…. master u r present all the time to our soul….

  18. Pasupuleti Bhavani


  19. sudhir patil

    Sir seems to have very deep understanding of stock markets-

  20. Navin Kumar

    Even after 8 years, it is very valuable lesson.. everyone is showing positive side of share market, but his speech is 100% worth and precious

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