Why Stock Market is the Best Investment ? Why Beginners Should Start Investing in Stocks


Securities market is the best financial investment alternative for most people. Newbies are frequently worried of it, however everybody ought to concentrate on purchasing the securities market due to the fact that share bazar can give you the sort of gains that not feasible with various other financial investment assets in any way. So its crucial that each of one of us ought to discover and also begin purchasing the stock exchange. So this is a tutorial video to find out purchasing share market.

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46 Thoughts to “Why Stock Market is the Best Investment ? Why Beginners Should Start Investing in Stocks”

  1. Aman Sahani

    Sirji, You really look like Sundar Pichai

    1. Cyber warrior

      Lol yes

    2. सोने की चिड़िया

      Jankaari achhi h


      Right bro

    4. khalnayak hoon

      Bhai 1rs Ka share sale krne per 15rs charges kyu Lete hii zerodha wale 😢😢😥😥😥😥 loot gya Mii to

  2. Salil Kumar

    Looks like you had a good holi!
    I expect a very decent 15%return from market, invested over a long period of time.

  3. Famous girl keru

    Sir how can i contact u,i want some advice

    1. pranjal kamra

      Sure sir,You can reach us at9109999501

  4. Mr yadav

    Sir plz explain difference
    1. Share market vs stock market vs sensex
    2. Fd vs mutual fund
    3. Current account vs saving account

    1. Yash Mishra

      @vipulji Pandey voh company pe depend h ki voh capable ho utna recover krne ki ya ni

    2. MonsteR BoY

      Tushar b i think you are genius person aur expert in stock market🤗

    3. sunil patil

      Nice question

    4. Gijivelly

      @Tushar bundle of share is known as stock…

    5. khalnayak hoon

      Share mat Lena …… Zerodha 15 rs charge krta hii ek share sale krne per .. 1 rs Ka share ho ya .10 paise ka

  5. Ritwik Mishra

    Dear sir,
    Please tell me that, in what time frequency any AMC can change their funds in any scheme of Mutual fund. Is there any time frame upto which AMC can’t change their funds in Mutual fund.



    Sir please explain
    “How compounding works in mutual fund SIP”
    I am very curious to know that i hope you will make a proper video on that.

    1. vikram Kumar

      Vist my blog and read power of compounding you will know ..

    2. Gadget2Talk

      bro everything in the world increasing gradually is compunding…
      the formula is I=P(1+r/100)^t
      in case of bank/fd value of ‘r’ is known.
      and in case of mf/stock only P and (P+I) is known, value of ‘r’ is need to calculate.

  7. Sid Marathe

    I’m expecting an annualised return of 15% on my investments!

  8. aapho

    Sir I like the way u have explained.

  9. Juhi Lincoln

    1 LK to 11 crore its possible in
    11 year’s
    Explan it how with presentations..
    Good luck

    1. Md Mobassir Hashmi


    2. Melvin Rebello

      yes its possible……in dreams

    3. Yash Mishra

      Its possible

    4. Suresh Polali

      You will lose that 1 lakh for sure

    5. khalnayak hoon

      Chutiyapa hii…. Ek share per 15 rs fine dena pdta hii sale krne per zerodha me

  10. Manoj Thapliyal

    Now market is regulated by big whales for surviving they need new fishes in ocean.

  11. agam prit

    Always invest in robert wadra and jay sah company because that will give u infinite times return 😀

    1. Youtube User

      Rcom is a great company next multibagger

    2. Abhi Dahiya

      @Youtube User Really? They are only on a downfall and recovery forward seems difficult

    3. Youtube User

      @Abhi Dahiya yes sir you are 100% right i was just joking.

    4. Mohammad Tayyab Abrar Shaikh India

      @Youtube User stay away from r com…

    5. chandan kr singh

      😂 😂 😂

  12. Pramod Rajpurohit

    I want to meet you.

  13. Ankit Mukherjee

    35 years means it is for next generation

  14. Sunita Vishwakarma

    Aapne sahi kaha. Agar thode thode pese 20+- companies me lagate rahe, long term ke liye to abhi bhi pese bana sakte hain. Kuchh pese to doobenge hi. 100% profit to possible nahi he.

    1. Mohammad Tayyab Abrar Shaikh India

      But don’t invest in penny stock….

    2. Santosh Nayak

      Mam ap lgati h ky pesa…plzz rply

    3. khalnayak hoon

      Mdm ji ek share per 15rs fine dena pdta hii sale krne per… Baki khud Soch lo profit Hoga ya loss

  15. Deepak C

    Your way of explanation is great, it’s very simple n easy to understand. I would definitely like to take ur guidance.

  16. Sandeep Bhosale

    I would like earn return of 17.5 % per year this way every 4 years I can double my investment

  17. Vinod kumar thakur prasad Yadav

    50%fd 30%gold 20% mutulfund nd equity kabhi nuksan nahi hoga

  18. Why So Serious ??????

    35 years mean next Generation maje karegi hamari Life to gyi 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  19. Santosh Samaji

    Hi sir is stock market satta , where my profit is someone’s loss

  20. Syed Faheem rizvi

    Sir how can i contact you? I want some advice from you!

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