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5 US Marijuana Penny Stocks With a Lot of Potential for 2017 and 2018


A great read for individuals who are new to investing
Hope this assisted. It's definitely mosting likely to interest see which business come out on top. Likewise I forgot to discuss this in the video clip, yet I personally don't believe that Trump will certainly have much of an effect on states legalisation legal rights. Political leaders might claim that they will try to do something, yet I extremely question that anybody will attempt to violate states legal rights.

Listing (no certain order).
CANL Cannlabs Inc
. KSHB Kush Bottles Inc
. RMHB Rocky Mountain H Rg.
EAT Nutritional High International Inc
. AMMJ American Marijuana Business Inc

. MJNA Medical Mar1juana Inc (not profiting a lot of the United States market yet may profit the new medical regulations in nations like Mexico and also Brazil, where it is the only provider).

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29 Thoughts to “5 US Marijuana Penny Stocks With a Lot of Potential for 2017 and 2018”

  1. Josh Anderson


  2. D K

    Buy now and just hang onto them? Or wait?

    1. Investor Palace

      It’s hard to say. Things should be good for the next few weeks with the canadian legislation coming out but the real question is if these stocks will bleed out after that.

    2. D K

      Ok well they are cheap so wont hurt to much to by some shares Thanks for the info appreciate it

  3. Marta R

    Due you have new current vedios

  4. Digital Nomad Investor

    Check the financials on RMHB. The CEO diluted the hell out of the company, lining his pockets with millions, and then “retired” leaving the company $26 million in debt. They are a share selling machine. It went up last year because it got lumped in with the MJ sector so it went up with the rest of the MJ stocks and dropped as well. But as a company, it’s a train wreck. I wouldn’t touch it even as a pump and dump. They have photoshopped PR materials saying that they had new products ready for market. They have a lot of PRs all about what “will” happen but never does. Distribution deals that don’t happen, new products that don’t happen, you name it. I followed them until about a year ago but they got crazy with their dilution.

  5. Vinny Haddad

    Do you still stand by your picks here now that it’s November 2017?

  6. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

    With the recent push to update federal exceptions within 280E to include marijuana companies and their ability to reduce their tax burden, it could spell a breakout opportunity for companies to increase cash reserves and profits as they won’t be bleeding so much due to the harsh tax code. It’s being debated now and could shift the industry tremendously.

  7. Bryan Rivera

    Do you think massroots is worth investing in? I’m new to investing money

  8. Yves Verbeeck

    Where can you buy this stocks?

    1. Yves Verbeeck

      Where can you best buy OTC stocks or how

    2. Investor Palace

      Look up which brokers have the lowest fees for penny stocks and allow you to buy penny stocks. There’s a lot of brokers that allow you to buy penny stocks but I’m not sure which ones that have the lowest fees. Google it

  9. nicholas coles-gamache

    you didnt even talk about TRTC

  10. Derrick Appelzoller

    Which Cannabis stock are you investing in now

    1. Investor Palace

      Canopy Growth and Aphria

    2. AnthonyTBlack

      Stocks at about $1 or so? IMLFF, ISOLF, NXTFF, ACCF and ATTBF are on the radar.

  11. Pamela Kim

    Can lab went bankrupt in 2014. The company is defunct.

  12. Jake Masters

    Ticker: HEMP your welcome. Also CBIS, MJNA

  13. Prince M. Golds

    how can I buy this? which platform and broker?

  14. powertoachieve

    Erbb: is cutting great deals , under a penny and stood at 0.08 years ago. With all the legalization coming has the potential to reach 0.40 to 0.50 this year easily.

    1. mike quinty

      powertoachieve I hope so I might buy some more

    2. Ronnie Silva

      They are FAMOUS for Taking off with Investors $$$ CHECK IT OUT!! 3 Years and the Dispensary in Phoenix is STILL NOT Built!! …because the $$$ is GONE!!

  15. elreyes78

    Wow. Most of your pics made some good money.


    Hey what do you think about (KAYS) KAYA HOLDING INC?

  17. Sunday School Dropout

    Is it best just to hold on to your weed stocks? It’s kind of pointless to buy and sell pennies at a time. 🤔


    they all gone out business

  19. Wellington Montgomery Chesterfield Bigglesworth

    US small stock that i’m buying is LHSIF ( Liberty Health Sciences). LHS is the US spinoff cousin of toronto based Aphria. LHS has a heavily focused expansion in the florida medical mj market along with trulieve. Floridas market alone is bigger than all of Canada. Live well. live wellington!

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