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Cheap Stocks to Buy (That Aren’t Penny Stocks!)


We all want to seem like we're getting a bargain. We discount coupon, we look for discount rate codes, and also we wait on Labor Day to head to the car dealership or the bed mattress store.

We do it as customers and as investors– with supplies we search for deals, hoping to recognize an unreasonable worth prior to the remainder of the market catches on as well as shares rocket up.

Some people– particularly brand-new folks with Robinhood spending accounts– count on dime supplies or look for the most effective supplies under $10 or $5 hoping to make some easy money. Yet that's really among the most damaging means to spend.

In this video, we break down the difference between stock rate as well as valuation as well as discuss why apparently costly stocks (based upon rate) can in fact be "inexpensive supplies". We also describe the substantial mistake of obsessing on share cost, or even fixating on just reduced P/E supplies if you're trying to follow the tenets of worth investing.

Plus, we give you some inexpensive supplies to buy currently!

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35 Thoughts to “Cheap Stocks to Buy (That Aren’t Penny Stocks!)”

    1. The Motley Fool

      Hey Halk, hope you dug the convo!

  1. Marcus Cymerman

    Would be nice to have the list posted

    1. raysurx2010

      Yes a list and a chart showing why it’s a good buy…

    2. antonio safwat

      @raysurx2010 STZ, TGT, TXRH, ZYNGA

  2. Javier Arellano

    Jumia? Undervalued? Or going out?

    1. Andy H

      avoid that stock like a plague

    2. The Motley Fool

      Hey Javier, you can catch a whole breakdown of Jumia over here on one of our podcasts:

    3. Javier Arellano

      Thank you all.

    4. akimelton

      Lockup just expired and they have a healthy balance sheet but won’t be profitable for several quarters. Victim of short sellers

  3. Matt Palmer

    Amy asked a great question about share backs!

    1. Human

      Too bad the answer was not good. Most companies do share buy backs as part of their shenanigans. They do it to make the earnings per share look better so the C suite executives can get their bonuses. This is very common. Buy backs do not benefit shareholders.

  4. Andy H

    love these videos, keep them coming!

    1. The Motley Fool

      Your wish is our command Andy — tune in again next week, we’ll be live again. In the meantime, plenty of other good stuff on the channel :).

  5. Investing Education

    Love undervalued stocks!

    1. Guido Ulm

      Even, if they stay undervalued?

    2. Investing Education

      @Guido Ulm no, I want those babies to mature into multibaggers

  6. ThengThengtv

    Hi price of ABMD has fallen more than 60% since 2018, their financial statements however still look good and strong. In your opinion, would this be an alarm buying into a cheap company or it is a good opportunity to buy some now?

  7. Noodles8ify

    Emily impressed me overall

  8. Noodles8ify

    The Market disagrees with you on MO though, lol. It is far from dead, but undergoing metamorphosis.

  9. Jules1218

    Emily out here killing it. πŸ‘πŸΌ Been eyeing Zynga for a little while

    1. The Motley Fool

      China, marijuana, cheap stocks, she can do it all!

  10. Billy Johnson

    Stz is 192 what are you talking about?

    1. The Motley Fool

      Hey Billy — there’s a common misconception with investing. A stock is cheap or expensive based on its price relative to the company’s ability to generate cash for shareholders. The team explains some of the different measures of that around 7:35.

  11. Casey Dresselhouse

    Go Altria!! They will be just fine. They are pretty damn good at “scrambling” as they have have been for decades when nicotine has been seen as a “bad investment.” And that dividend yield is worth the wait!!

  12. Argyrios Tzakas

    Awesome reaction by Emily at 18:48

  13. Mark Madison

    Texas roadhouse I have only seen one of them when i was at college but it was my favorite restaurant haven’t seen one since

    1. Tunde Edun

      I like to take a risk, but l won’t put my eggs in one basket .

  14. Supreme Trader

    Emily impressed me!

    1. The Motley Fool

      She’s Flippen awesome!

  15. Rick Manley

    Altria is on sale right now.
    The drama will pass, and I got in at an 8.3% div

  16. Maxwell Smart_086

    Green flag: stock is above 200 day moving average. Red flag: under 200 day ma. Best. Put a trailing stop on the 200 ma. πŸ˜‰

  17. Ed March

    vector vest values the price at 96 while the price is 197 over valued.
    TGT is a buy @ price of 113 value of 112

  18. Human

    Most companies do share buy backs as part of their shenanigans. They do it to make the earnings per share look better so the C suite executives can get their bonuses. This is very common. Buy backs do not benefit shareholders.

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