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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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  1. Ben Dover

    Very informative. Thank you.

  2. bobby eggenberg

    Tony is doing something for his students. At least he is doing something and not criticizing.When the STUDENT is ready the teacher will appear. Maybe your not ready for the next step. Keep up the good work Tony.

  3. Matthew garsteck

    Do you cash out in Fiat at the end of your trading day or do you keep it in ETH or BTC?

  4. Felipe Montoya

    Great content Tony!

  5. Alex Dunhill

    Very insightful. You’re good at presentation. Easy to understand.

  6. Online Training

    Hello, on your classes do you give your own set up step by step on EQUITYFEED? I think I saw a video of yours mentioned that you do but I am not 100% sure. Love your videos by the way!!

  7. Nana Kweku Owusu

    Hey tony I like your videos and analysis, I would like to know which chat software you use, and also how do I join your chat community

    1. Tony Ivanov

      The chat software is part of my website, you can join free for 7 days here cheers!

    2. Nana Kweku Owusu

      Thanks for the prompt reply, I will join at my earliest convenience 👌🏾

  8. Donnie Reid

    Good stuff Tony! Your teachings are great!

  9. callum Ari

    Thanks Tony , i am learning a lot , your doing a great job!

  10. mr meseeks

    love it buddy keep it up!

  11. William Lourido

    Congratulations Im 80 years old and admire young people like you. I tryed to motivate my Daugters to learn to trade but they dont care. How can I get a system like yours.

    1. 4thcoming

      Buy stocks on Robinhood with high dividends and eventually invest in a mutual fund.

    2. R Evans

      Its learning candle stick patterns and volume/momentum trading. You can you tube and research it as like I am 🙂 lots of tutorials on here.

  12. Katy Meier

    Smart said that focussing on the first hour in the morning. But having a fulltime job like me I’m only able to trade after 12pm.

    1. Tony Ivanov

      You can adapt and trade in the afternoon too!

  13. sal lilani

    Hey quick question about EMA’s on E*TRADE pro I see that when you hover around your mouse over EMA’s you can see the EMA’s number like 10 or 60. I can’t see number on my EMA’s can you please tell me

  14. idek why

    i wish i seen this before i had to figure it out on my own..
    Great video, bro

  15. rem ster

    I appreciate that you made the video. Here’s some constructive advice. Many minutes into the lesson and you STILL did not tell your audience what this strategy is. Always teach in a sandwich style – 1. Tell people what you want to tell them. 2. Actually tell them the lesson. 3. Repeat what you just said. And just get right into it without rambling on and on. Your students will appreciate you more.

  16. Julia A.

    Lots of knowledge in this video i love this video


    Hey what site where you using in this video to see the float?

  18. Russell Howe

    We ‘ll go for a cruise when I get my Aventador!!

  19. Carey Cast

    Hey Tony, started watching you videos yesterday! Very informative. Just wondering 2 years on nearly since this video, do you have that Lamborghini yet? Haha

  20. Rishav Jain

    Great videos, your content is underrated.

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