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32 Thoughts to “Learn the ways to invest in the stock market”

  1. Viral L

    Simple explanation of simple concepts.

  2. Sachin Sharma

    Thank you for sharing:)

  3. Elias Kebeba

    Every things were nice but how I will members them

  4. Tim Warren

    Thanks for posting such an awesome video!!!

    1. Tim Warren

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  5. AjetaPattinson

    what is the link to the previous episode?

  6. Sai Sanketh

    Good video, but who interviews at the center
    of an office floor?

    1. ravi badiger

      +Sai Sanketh your mom…

    2. almomennicole

      Prakash Murugan your mom is in toilet

  7. No BS Investor News

    Thanks for sharing this video. I learned a lot.

  8. What The Dude

    thanks ndtv for the knowledge

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  9. Lewis E

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  10. Er.c.k. gupta

    somebody tell me about it from top to bottom…………

  11. Sirus Das

    Thanks… Very Helpful.

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    2. Pritam Kumar

      training place


    how to watch the previous episode

  13. Rahul meena

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  15. Nes Lenea

    I can’t understand what he is saying

  16. Aakansha Balte

    Gr8!!!!! Info shared by NDTV.

  17. Jabba The Plutocrat

    Now I’ll never get my shares,ever not even if I die!

  18. tribal chhenal

    Sir every minute ka share ka data excel me mil Sakta he ?

  19. USA America

    Wow great video love to watch more,nice video thanks for sharing with us

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