Michael Lewis: Nobody Understands the Stock Market


April 2 (Bloomberg)– "Flash Boys: A Wall Surface Road Revolt" Writer Michael Lewis reviews his publication, trading and also the securities market on Bloomberg Tv's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg).

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64 Thoughts to “Michael Lewis: Nobody Understands the Stock Market”

  1. theAbeElement

    good god let the man speak. what these news people know about the stock market probably fits into a thimble! 

    1. LWJCarroll

      I definatly agree, very frustrating to hear what the man trys to say when these two kept stopping h9m by talking over him….it makes it look to me that stopping him is their intent imo Laurie

    2. Remembering 1992

      @LW So you can intuitively ascertain who understands the intricacies of the stock market, but lack the ability to spell definitely.  Interesting paradox.

  2. Jason Li

    You shouldn’t have the right to interview an author if you haven’t read the book. 

    1. mzenji

      I kind of agree with this. If what the book describes is true and I think it is from my experience inside wall st. tech. you cannot say the market was not rigged.

    2. Raymond Yocum

      Jason, don’t make fun….they can’t read. Lol

  3. G Ff2323

    “Yeah, well, it is rigged” lmao boss response

  4. sbowesuk

    Seemed like a pretty bias interview. I guess Bloomberg doesn’t want to upset its golf buddies, figuratively speaking.

    1. Bill Michael

      Bloomberg is notoriously “left-wing”.

    2. Jiany Star Massa vich

      Loool. Absolutely

  5. Tony Schulz

    This is hilarious. The guy is making a very distinct argument about HFT. The interviewers argue everything except what he’s talking about. Then they title it “Nobody Understand the Stock Market.”

    1. sun shine

      @Chris Choir but she is a hot MILF

    2. Cody Polar

      @Tony Shulz – The title comes from the mouth of Lewis at 10:30

    3. Joe Turk

      Sounds like my ex-girlfriend

    4. Joel Willems

      Traders, especially high frequency traders, aren’t stock market investors anyway. They are gamblers who are trying to play a different game then the system was designed to do. Most of them fail, and they deserve to do so. A few get lucky and become very rich. So if he’s saying that nobody who day trades or hft understands the stock market, this is very true. They don’t care to understand it but only want to figure out how to try and scheme it.

      These people are great for real investors because they sort of create the actual market. Where the investors who learn how to value companies and stocks can get terrific buys on quality stocks beaten up for no reason. Or sells on companies trading well, well above their actual worth. The average long term investor pummels the average day trader, and even the average hedge fund, in net returns over a decade or more. And it’s not even close.

  6. relinquis

    Lewis is the BEST non-fiction writer working in America today, by far.

    1. jack prier

      John McPhee is THE best, he may have retired-, but yes. M.L. is also the best interview on radio or t.v.-

    2. Nick Goehring

      And gladwell

  7. Tuyen Dang

    The hosts are completely ignorant about the matter! They probably haven’t read the book

    1. CurbsideUnderwood

      I noticed that too

    2. gm679

      they probably haven’t read “a” book…

    3. TheFinnmacool

      Willfully ignorant. AKA, on the take.

    4. S M


    5. Darby Heavey

      Tuyen Dang His book on HFT is amazingly stupid…it makes everyone out to be a white knight or the apex of evil.

  8. Patrick J Tierney

    The hosts should be embarrassed with their performance.
    Michael Lewis is shining a light on Wall Streets shenanigans and their greed , while both hosts are showing their biased allegiance towards Bloomberg and their big Wall Street donors

    1. Helmut Sorensen

      Patrick J Tierney Bingo! They are paid to promote the toxic practices of a corrupt and rigged system designed to defraud the masses. He is a threat to their very grotesque existence and they squirm like the vile rats they are.

    2. Larry Kane

      true truth

  9. Joe Zabek

    These “hosts” are an absolute embarrassment. Do they even understand what “Flash Boys” is about?

    1. digitalldesign

      Exactly, can’t they see what is going on?

  10. Japhy Goldman

    “In order to front run, you have to have a client”. This shows how totally clueless these TV prop hosts are, completely unaware, or worse, misdirecting viewers from the truth intentionally.

    1. Jpenney mrcoin

      +Japhy Goldman I’m going with intentional misdirection.

  11. Zhou Fang

    apparently its these hosts that dont understand the stock market,,,

    1. cmcneill60

      +Fang方, Zhou舟 “Joe” real easy to understand stock market?? buy low sell high. cliche i know,but also reality.

  12. Kershaw 14

    Why do they have reporters that have no idea about what they’re reporting? can they really not find someone with at least some understanding?

    1. JohnM71321

      If they knew what they were talking about, they wouldn’t be reporters.

    2. James Everett

      The honest and smart ones all quit when they saw the constant lying agenda.

    3. Raymond Frye

      @falconeaterf15 What’s that?…gym and hair salon?…Where’s the haberdashery and leased Lamborghini?LOL

    4. Raymond Frye

      @bigfriki Are you sure?…It wasn’t a case of :”pulling the wool over his eyes”, but, “pulling his eyes over her wool”?. Yikes! What’s next?

    5. Connor Francis

      Vulpes?? What are you doing here??

  13. bidbuytom

    Michael Lewis does a great job in this interview. The idiot interviewers interrupt him and try to mix his words. C’mon Bloomeberg! Respect Lewis he knows what he’s talking and writing about.

    1. Tim Gerard

      bidbuytom davidbeinhorn

    2. Michael Bibow-Finucane


  14. Sam

    Wow these hosts. It’s almost like they panic because there is some truth being broadcast on TV.

    1. Raymond Frye

      What?…the hosts were two Mongoloids in the latest stages of aphasia? LOL

    2. Albert Neville

      You got it buddy

  15. Ted cox

    Those poor reporters don’t know a goddam thing. How did these clowns get a job at Bloomberg??? Oh wait, they are stooges of the corporate riggers.

    1. thesparitan

      Because they are stupid. They got the job because they are stupid. Smart people are not known to maintain popular narratives in the face of conflicting evidence. Reporters that are intelligent are not easy to control and therefore they can cause problems for news companies like bloomberg. You need some lady with nice tits that tells the trader how awesome he is everyday before work, not actual information that is relevant. They arent reporters. they are cheerleaders and who cares about smart cheerleaders.

    2. Jiany Star Massa vich

      They get anyone that will accept to say whatever the owner will tell them. Bias. You bet your life

  16. chavruta2000

    the reporters are either really slow or intentionally trying to blur the issue. He did a fabulous job of re-clarifying. now I’m very suspicious of bloomberg.

    1. S M


    2. Michael Bibow-Finucane

      @Ian P Another Bloomberger bot. You own nothing, and you have no power over anyone.

    3. Rackn Stacker

      The reporters are outclassed here. All they are doing is listening to their earpieces for input. It’s why they seem slow and disjointed. They are also pushing their mainstream media PRO STOCKS agenda. Nose job Nancy.

  17. lars orloff

    “why are you so invested in the idea that this is fair?””

    and those two idiots just didn’t know how to respond

    1. Francisco Nieves

      I’ll do me but I refuse suggestions to waste 7 years of me doing nothing. That’s a lot of invisible we don’t do it for money profit.

    2. Glorified Truth


    3. Rebel Geek

      No they are just really stupid talking heads!

    4. Ryan

      Because it’s not fair it’s rigged?

  18. Todd Howard

    3:41 “In order to front-run, you have to have a client.”

    I am sorry for Michael for having to go through this interview with these uneducated cringe-worthy hosts.

    “Front running, also known as tailgating, is the prohibited practice of entering into an equity (stock) trade, option, futures contract, derivative, or security-based swap to capitalize on advance, nonpublic knowledge of a large pending transaction that will influence the price of the underlying security.”

    From Wikipedia. Now try to find where this sentence says that you need to have a client to front-run someone.

    I really can’t believe this. Bloomberg, you are a joke. Find some people who know about the subject before interviewing someone like Michael Lewis. How you can afford to make yourselves look that bad is beyond me.

    1. s liu

      Why did U lose your composure in Japan over Conan or KarateKid2 fact?

    2. Grant Gupton

      In his defense, the author said front-run first.

    3. Abdul Fitouri

      It is assumed the person has a client because they do it themselves first and then others do it. So usually the others are your own client that you recommend this to.

  19. Dean Konstantian

    Fantastic interview, it really illustrates in depth in a very blatant way How the media and financial institutions collude in deceiving the public

  20. Trey McColley

    Well now we know where Bloomberg stands. Wow these reporters are clueless.

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