Stock Market For Beginners 2019


This is Securities Market For Beginners 2019 edition video clip! This video needs to assist all newbies in the securities market who wish to know just how to purchase the stock market in 2019. I attempt to do a stock exchange for novices video yearly and also this is the 2019 edition. We will talk about just how to purchase stocks, where to purchase supplies, how much money do you need to acquire supplies, exactly how to buy the stock market, what is the very best brokerage firm for acquiring stocks and so much more. I hope you get a remarkable quantity of worth out of this securities market for newbies video clip today. Take pleasure in!

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70 Thoughts to “Stock Market For Beginners 2019”

  1. Terry Masson

    Please oh please, for the love of God will you please cover the window or skylight that is glaring on your whiteboard. It’s annoying, blinding, and completely prevents us from seeing what you’ve written behind that rectangle of insanity!!!

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    2. Edgy Cooki

      he says the questions and answers them..

  2. The Monk Way - Stock Market Videos

    *You know what? This is the video I’m gonna recommend to my beginner friends, great stuff Jeremy, 24 minutes of actually useful info.*

    1. ionut potop

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    2. Olivia Oli

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    3. Klyzm

      what about the other 27 seconds remaining? 🤔

  3. SimpleDude

    “I’m going to tell you about some stuff right now, but not actually explain how to do it” – Every video about stock trading.

    1. Fumez

      Fire Montana where should I start?

    2. MrBigEnchilada

      Lmao that’s because they discovered how to invest themselves, why would they tell you for free?

    3. wise mcloughlin

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    4. Kurdapya in Montana

      @wise mcloughlin where’s the link?

  4. Jonathan xx

    How many comments are bots and scams?

  5. Tali Tali

    Love the video but there’re a horrifying amount of video ads.. and investment ads are the most cringey things on the planet LET ME TELL YOU HOW THIS 15 YEAR OLD KID TURNED ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS INTO TEN BILLION

    1. RoyalPizzaKing

      makes me believe that stocks are dumb and useless. The real money is making youtube tutorials

    2. fred d

      Dude has a right to make money , otherwise hes giving out a service for free.

  6. R T

    I hate when a video starts with someone screaming

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    2. gigi Fs

      i leave for this reason

    3. nanahachi kurenai

      probably not to sound depressing? idk. when ppl like him talks soft, it would seem like he is depressed imo

  7. Lelka Angel

    Awesome video. What are the dirty little secrets of the stock market?

    1. Fire Montana

      @Jose Valencia except u actually have a chance of earning capital income lol, its a risk that actually has a good chance of being successful

    2. Rocco Holt

      Fire Montana agreed

    3. Harry Sachs

      It’s called inside information. Usually puts you in prison depending on the severity. But hey! Big risks, big reward!

    4. Harry Sachs

      Jose Valencia, yes and no. Depends on what you’re playing on the floor. You can’t compare a slot machine to stocks, even the most volatile ones.

  8. Andrew

    This man speaks with caps lock on

    1. wise mcloughlin

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    2. RealEasyHealthTips

      I want to be rich enough to afford coke!

    3. John Matthew Dorion

      @RealEasyHealthTips which one? Lol jk

  9. Brittany Nelson

    People are so negative ugh. Thanks this was very helpful!

    1. Brazul Blint

      The criticism is deserved, but his video is good. I just wish he’d answer questions in the comments more.

  10. Teiree

    Starting my journey with about 5 dollars and I’ll also post updates about my journey on my channel called my 5 dollar stock journey so if you guys don’t mind following me and putting notifications on that would be great

    1. Sunday BG

      Teiree definitely 🙂 sounds like fun!

    2. King Puncake

      @Brent Reid serious? No joke?

    3. Goat

      Update: He lost everything and is living on the streets

  11. Grace Carter

    This video is really nice, a lots of people don’t understand what trading is all about and how it works. Trading is one of the greatest way of having a good life financially but most people do not know the secrets behind making good profits from it.

    1. Grace Carter

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    2. lion zion

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    3. Grace Carter

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    4. linus limmj

      It takes a lot of work(at least initially) to have the good life and a lot of people don’t see that

  12. Cody David

    The Stock Market is a really difficult business. To make money from the market, you have to know the right technique and Strategy. Most important of all, you need to have enough experience or you lose more than what you make

    1. lion zion

      @Michael Carter how do i get in contact with him cause that sounds like bots to me imo

    2. Sam Richards

      Florry Young 🙄 it’s pretty obvious you are promoter 🤦‍♂️

    3. Jordan-Lee Stokes

      @ThatOneHorseGuy you can reach him on

  13. Luis quintero

    This man literally explained the stock market for you and you ungrateful people just here bashing him. Great job man I learned a lot!

    1. Chere Heath

      Luis quintero Agreed, very helpful information!!

    2. Veno D313

      I felt proud for him at the end when he was motivating us to get started and he mentions how much he invests now✊🏿

  14. TanicWhisper06

    Wow man those 10 questions where genuine as hell man. Almost as if I asked them while being honest with myself.
    I would use the word F*** to express my amazement

  15. Smokin Sound

    For those of us having a hard time reading the board…

    1. What are stocks
    2. Where do you buy stocks
    3. How do you make money from stocks
    4. What are different stock market strategies
    5. Where do we learn about stocks
    6. How are stocks taxed
    7. How long to know everything
    8. How much money do I invest in the first year
    9. If I’m lazy can I still make money from stocks?
    10. Is it even worth investing small amounts of money

    1. H_Plus

      After all you were able to read the board.

    2. Smokin Sound

      @H_Plus It was difficult, at best. Convenience is what we crave. Why not appease the people who want information, that don’t want to pull out a magnifying glass and decrypt words on their screen.

    3. Epik Strafez

      Thanks it was really hard to read the board

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    1. Tatiana

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    2. Beridze Giorgi

      @Tatiana She isn’t hard to find, her success over the years has made her quite popular, just search her name on web and you will find her.

    3. Tatiana

      @Beridze Giorgi Thanks, i found her Linkedin page, her website and her registration as an expert, i definitely would love to invest with her as well, hopefully she replies soon.


    I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation, learned a lot more than I knew before, and took notes in outline form.  I’m soo excited.  Now I just need to know how to read the info on the stock, i.e., Vol, P/E, Mkt Cap, Avg Vol, Yield, Beta, EPS, etc.  Thank You, oh soo much!

  19. Emtien Pulse

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    1. FaMulan

      How can i get in touch with your trader ?

  20. Ronald Tyson

    I like this guy, he really put questions that I needed answers too and his delivery was great with making sure he explained everything… keep up the good work🤜🏽 Thumbs Up from me👍🏽

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