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Top Pot and Marijuana Penny Stocks


Marijuana dime stocks have actually been rising lately. Nevertheless, a lot of thus is due to speculators who think that cannabis will certainly become lawful, therefore pot penny supplies will certainly increase in value.

The problem with that said one-dimensional sight is that it presupposes that the underlying cent stocks will certainly continue to increase based merely on the one thought – lawful pot.

This has actually currently driven cannabis penny stocks to substantially overvalued levels. Stocks worth 10 cents and currently trading for $1 … and have 10s of millions in the red, are just hemorrhaging money in the millions, as well as have no leads for anything more than their present anemic earnings.

The faster something rises, the much faster it falls. This will certainly hold true of pot cent stocks also, and they will collapse substantially as well as quickly … much like the did the last 2 times!

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23 Thoughts to “Top Pot and Marijuana Penny Stocks”

  1. Globally United

    Thanks Peter, Your awesome.

  2. Ryan McMahon

    Hey Peter I watched a few of your vids you are extremely knowledgeable. I have a question, I don’t really know much at all about trading penny stocks, even stocks itself in general. That would you recommend to help me learn, and what is a good amount of money to invest with when you don’t have much?

  3. Jamie Kelley

    First off, I am new at stock trading. I hear exactly what you are saying about the MJ penny stocks for a long term investment. However, I do believe there is an opportunity there if someone buys on a December dip. At least during early January’s legal hype they should pay out…right? Ride the pump and dump? My real concern is this: When I’m ready to dump, is it going to sell? How do I gauge that…by looking at volume traded? Would it just be individuals potentially buying what I want to sell or would the company buy back? I’d hate to be looking at the pump and thinking man I’m gonna make some cash…only to have it not sell and then bottom out. How do I protect against this as “options” aren’t available?

    1. Jamie Kelley

      Your answer to this would make a nice video.

  4. Duane Spindler

    Thanks for the video you probably saved me some hard-earned cash. I am still excited about the new markets that have yet to show up. As a grower it is not always easy to have consistent supply. Peter you have a new fan.

  5. crawdady504

    this guy seems to be trying to scare people awaay from this investment

    1. N V

      Investing was easy and everyone did get rich… from 1919 to 1929, October 24th 😛

  6. Jennie Spohn

    New to this. Just downloaded the fidelity app on my phone had a few dollars and had no idea so did some research MJNA looked interesting. The last few days it’s going up and down. Fun to watch but scary if I had invested more. I’m in it for the long haul I believe by 2020 it will all change. MJNA looks to be promising what do you think about this particular stock?

  7. Dante95240

    Peter, I think you’re right about the rich companies coming in and squashing mom&pops. I am in Calif, and as a mmj patient (arthritis, insomnia) I did not vote for the legalization this time around because there was no provision, or even a mention of any funds or plans for medical R&D into marijuana oils etc. I think the 2016 vote was just a beginning for politicians, big corps, “AND” the Gov to get their hooks into cornering the market, totalitarian regulation, and taxing the hell out of any sales for their own bottom line, greed.
    People should realize this before they cast their pearls before swine, or any positive outlook for healing the world will be put on the shelf and taken away from the peoples of the world.

    Lets face it, the Gov, Big Pharma, and others don’t want “anything” cured, they want to “manage” diseases by pumping side effect ridden pills down Americans throats and emptying their wallets. The ability to “grow your own meds” that have no side effects, and bypass the drug driven mindset of the corrupt system, is contrary to what “the man” wants. They allow massive legalized drug dispersion to the guinea pigs of America, often to see the “test subjects” die off, a slow kill if you will, and all for the bottom line, billions of dollars. Sad that these will be judged for crimes against humanity, but then this is our just restitution. Oh that the healing of all peoples be the focus of mankind, instead of the love of money, which IS the root of ALL evil.

    Thanks for the video info, good health to you and all!

  8. anti-cointelbro_

    thank you.

  9. Jennie Spohn

    Thank you for responding to my thoughts on this. I appreciate your ideas. Which companies do you feel worthy of investment?

  10. Scott St.Onge

    Thanks! this is exactly the subject matter that enticed me to look at investing-more seriously as an income source. you have given me “The story behind the story” very helpful. QUESTION: as a short term investment is there an opportunity for a quick in and out of purchasing and then a quick sale turnaround?

    1. Scott St.Onge

      Gotcha, appreciate the integrity of that

  11. D Davis

    very good thank you !!

  12. john satella

    i need help investing in penny stocks



  14. David Wilder

    Great advice. What about Mcig? They seem to be profitable.

  15. Atoms Film

    What are your thoughts about UBQU? In a glance, they appear to have positive financials.

  16. Folkvar

    Solid advice. I’ve been telling friends for ages the big boys will take over when deregulation is more widespread, especially if it occurs at the federal level. It is right now pure speculative, money can be made but keep exposure small,watch it like a hawk, and don’t be greedy. This industry is overwhelmed with crooks right now.

  17. B. Glynn

    great opportunity to sell short… when pumped stocks shoot up.

  18. Pablo Torres

    Hi Peter Leeds, are you familiar with Ray Blanco and Technology Profits confidential?

  19. EpixDevo

    Drug Raids

  20. Melvin Hill

    Thanks, for the “head-ups”, on Marajuana Stocks,Peter!

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