Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?


Trading 101: Just How Does the Stock Market Work?

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Many thanks to a subscriber on YouTube, I was given the suggestion to dig deep into "how" specifically the stock exchange functions. Who remains in the marketplace? Why do individuals trade? How is money actually made?

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66 Thoughts to “Trading 101: How Does the Stock Market Work?”

  1. Ibn Canaan

    I’m learning so much from these basic introductory videos and your replies to questions in the comments, I definitely subscribed. I have a health issue which prevents me from having physically demanding jobs and I think trading in stock market will save my life. It’s that serious so thank you so much!

    1. Jesper Hansson

      How are you doing today? 🙂

    2. Leilani Dru

      Long Range Rifle I think the broker gets a commission

    3. Michael Archuleta

      Ibn Canaan good luck. But the intense stress and pressure of this “trade” is like the amount you get from gambling. In fact, this activity is literally gambling. “Past results doesn’t guarantee future returns.”.

    4. Click Here

      *Thursday $380*

    5. Mateo Lucas

      God bless you man.

  2. Navneet Xalxo

    For the first time in my life i got to know how the stock market works.
    Thanx Clay!

    1. ClayTrader

      That’s awesome to hear. Glad the video could help.

    1. Noob Blazer

      Well eBye

    2. Maksim Todorov

      @Martin Hébert hi, do you earn from stocks? If yes, would you be willing to share you expirience?

    3. Homicidal Oxygen

      Martin Hébert and your comment is extremely vague

  3. Trent Tatro

    Thank you, this is by far the most helpful, in-depth video I have found explaining the stock market. I am looking to get into the stock market but had limited understanding of how people make money in the stock market. Thank you!

    1. ClayTrader

      Sounds like you’d benefit from this link too:

  4. kyaw sithu

    You just got yourself a new subscriber :DD

    1. ClayTrader

      Great! Welcome to the channel!

  5. Borat

    GTA V brought me here

    1. Cheap Charley

      Borat it’s your calling

  6. Sujood Izhar

    😂😂ok thank u a lot this really helped me out on my school assignment

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome.

  7. XCislifegorun

    this was such a great video! it explained so much! thank you!

    1. ClayTrader

      Glad to hear it helped!

  8. Sharda Norman

    but I need to have an understanding of it. Thank you for your simple way in teaching

    1. ClayTrader

      No you don’t. My courses assume you know nothing and then get more advanced from that point.

  9. Ahmad Irfan

    exactly what i needed thnk u so much

    1. ClayTrader

      You’re welcome.

  10. Sujit Kodakalla

    i was inspired to become a beginner .thx

    1. ClayTrader

      Happy to hear that.

  11. Adam LaPlante

    I’m only 13 but I just realized that a video game trading system is exactly like a stock market… thanks so much for making this video!

    1. Bane Vlahović

      SOTTO SOTTO so its basacly video game stock market


      @Bane Vlahović well not exactly, you don’t buy and sell stocks, you buy and sell items as well as membership bonds which you can activate for premium membership.

      There is also so much more to the game than just the Grand exchange, it is a normal mmo after all.

    3. Bane Vlahović

      SOTTO SOTTO am sure gonna look for it

    4. Hakeem Dreams

      Runescape’s Grand Exchange ended my business!! >:(

    5. Mark Angelo Carcillar

      Now you’re 14

  12. Matt Thomas

    Okay, let me see if I get this straight. To put it in Layman’s terms, I buy a 10 dollar stock, it raises to 20 dollars, I sell it at 20 bucks, someone buys it for 20 bucks, I get back 10 bucks. Sorry, I’m a beginner and just wanted to see if that was the case.

    1. n00n

      But why would someone buy if the stock skyrocketed and is now worth 200 dollars and was before 10, and the only way for the stock is down?

    2. Prince Muriithi

      what about the broker, do you agree on what you will pay him?

    3. Matthew Mason

      @ClayTrader why when a buyer buys your share for $20 do you get only $10 for selling it? Surely its $10 profit?

    4. I_like_Checken

      @n00n you dont buy at that point. But there still are people that buy. Just wait for the people with the stock to sell and it will lower. Then you buy

    5. Zakaria Abdalmomen

      Exactly but in practice, the numbers are not that basic and quite higher. You get a 10 dollar gain on top of the 10 dollars you put in. That is also a massive percentage of gain which is not usually seen in practice.

  13. Thunder Bolt 11TM


    1. Thunder Bolt 11TM

      ClayTrader plz I subbed you are the best

    2. Thunder Bolt 11TM

      ClayTrader can you comment you de man

    3. ClayTrader

      We’ll see.

  14. River Lantto

    *watches one basic video*
    “I have the knowledge”

  15. Pretty Little Psycho 69

    ” Anyway ya slice it ” -pun intended lmao Love it

  16. Midoriya sama

    I’m watching this instead of studying for my exams tomorrow 😂😂

    1. Midoriya sama

      @ClayTrader I’m from India and I’m 18 and I’m really interested in becoming an investor.What are the takes I should take?

  17. King Oza

    Hey mate… I really like your videos and of course, it is very helpful for my business studies and economic studies. but I have some question and that is context to my study.

    How do changes in prices equilibrate markets?
    What is the difference between the market equilibrium and market disequilibrium?
    How do surpluses and shortages arise in markets?

    Would you please like to make a video on it with some of the examples. Thank you so much

    1. ClayTrader

      I will see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestions.

  18. Stefan Bunea

    This is how to explain 👌👌👏👏 Can you d a video about what a broker really does?? Please 🙏

  19. Cindy Fang

    I love how I’m only 11and I already know how the stock market works because my dad taught me how it works when I was 8.

    1. Lelly Grer

      Tbh, no one really cares.

    2. ClayTrader

      I think that’s pretty cool he is already aware at such a young age.

    3. Clorox Bleach

      Cindy Fang It’s easy to be grasped by a five year old if it’s in terms of pizza. However, it is much much more complicated than what your father taught you.

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