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Trading market profile & volume profile w/ Futures Trader 71


EP 037: Understanding areas of acceptance, assuming in chances & creating a tradition w/ FuturesTrader71

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “Trading market profile & volume profile w/ Futures Trader 71”

  1. Paul Rajasansi

    This guy understands trading on a much deeper level beyond $$$

    1. Chat With Traders

      +Paul Rajasansi no doubt, FT is very well spoken and calculated with his answers.

  2. SmallTime

    Awesome Awesome Stuff. “Most traders are Mentally unable to change who they are as a person before they are able to pull money out of the market” Wow that’s a power statement!.. Great Video no fluff

    1. Chat With Traders

      +SmallTime Trading, awesome to hear you liked it man!

  3. Ann

    Thank you Aaron and FT71 for this great webinar!

    1. Chat With Traders

      +Ann Marie, you’re welcome! If you get a chance, listen to my second interview with FT71 here:

  4. Denise F

    This interview was fantastic! Many thanks both of you!

    1. Chat With Traders

      +Denise F, many thanks!

  5. Williams, Davin

    I have seen about 30 episodes and this was THE BEST ONE yet…. great interview!!!!
    FuturesTrader71 dropped some real jewels in this episode. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  6. Ilia Rashev

    The BEST interview!

  7. riquenosis

    wow this is the most amazing of interviews. Just blown away. Definitely gonna have to listen to this a couple 10 more times. Thanks Aaron! Thank you Morad.

  8. Julio César

    I’m just by the half and I honestly believe that what it’s spoken in this interview is pure gold, I have seen other of your shows but this one is on its own league I think. Thanks for the awesome work! keep it up!

  9. Lance Steets


  10. Remy Ndizeye Niyigena

    one of my favorites!

  11. Abade

    Practical points/clues from 037:
    – Even the best possible environment is not enough to make a succesful trader, although it helps to see what is possible in the business.
    – Consistency is the ability to walk confidently into the market, knowing that you are going to take a bit of what it has to offer during that period of time; this should be accompanied by a healthy dose of respect for the market and risk.
    – Markets are constantly building and discovering value around prices, jumping to new areas or returning to old ones, in that sense, market and volume profiles are a tool that allow to visualize and take action according to that information. As it is not a system itself and reflects how and why markets actually move, one can be confident that it will keep working in the future or at least be useful as a source of information.
    – Tick volume analysis allows to see where prices have been rejected or atracted in the past, without taking in consideration the arbitrary time measurements of the OCHL candlesticks.
    – A composite profile allows to see where are the areas of value and rejection in a high time frame perspective (market/volume profile is not just a tool for day-trading).
    – An edge is simply a probability of something ocurring over another thing, with statistical data to back it up, offering a positive expectancy opportunity to trade. In the E-mini futures: 96% of the time price will either break or touch the overnight high or low (an exaple of an edge).
    – Futures are riskier than stocks, but offer better trading costs and a most effective use of capital.
    – It is important to give something back to the world and start building a legacy of some sort.

    1. Ahmedillion

      Thank you ❤

  12. Chethan Patel

    Cannot thank you enough for this 😘

  13. EthanNoble


  14. Chris Paz

    A1 info 👌 muy bueno

  15. Majub Salem Khabed

    Really very good episode, for me is the best episode I’ve listened till now… and I don’t find the words to express my thanks to you, Aaron, to bring us these professionals to learn from their experience. Thank you so much.

  16. Mayank Jain

    I loved this chat & the way this speaker thinks. Great interview!

  17. Ariel

    This is probably the best conversation I have ever heard on trading, some of the tips here are priceless !! It actually helped me quiet a lot, thank you very much !!

  18. Cody

    Love the interviews man!

  19. Ajay K

    You have no idea how much you have helped. Thanks. Wishing you a healthy life ahead.

  20. The Investment Circle

    Where can we contact future trader Aaron?

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