Penny Stocks 

Who is the Best Online Broker For Penny Stocks?


What is the most effective broker to choose to acquire cent stocks

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I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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25 Thoughts to “Who is the Best Online Broker For Penny Stocks?”

  1. Sis Selah B

    So you got started with $100?

  2. Louie F

    Have you watched all of tims videos? jw

  3. Brandon Musselman

    I’d love to get a copy of some of those dvd’s! Could you send em in an email attachment?

  4. KSUTKOWSKI - Visual FX and Digital Production

    Helped me allot man, Thanks! 🙂

  5. abdullah mujahid

    What is your take on ING?

  6. A N

    How fast are the executions? I had etrade before and it killed my account with how slow they are. Cant get in and out fast enough.

    How are they with .000x stocks? Do they ever restrict certain stocks?


    yea Im no longer with tda. Moved to SURETRADER!!

  8. Carson Subero

    Hi what forums do you use?

  9. Ken Matthews

    I think you’re the real deal. You have certainly inspired me to get in the game. Thank you.

  10. Manuel Gonzalez

    Can you make a vide about what the stock market is and how it works? Thanks for the videos.

  11. Skylinesandsunsets

    Hey Lasalle, what do you think of loyal3 dot com?

  12. Jayson Royster

    What would you recommend for the best paper trading websites. .??
    Thanks you.

  13. ITz_Matt

    Who is the best broker for penny stocks when you live in Canada.

  14. James p

    damm man
    I want to start with my tax income return
    your videos are really pushing me to assure my decision
    I subscribed.
    I was going to do etrade but they wanted a 500 min
    can you suggest practice sites?

    1. D Bask

      Jp Carr iam doing the same thing. im tired of nine to fives i want to make a million

  15. Daisy Garcia

    hello how much do I need to start investing

    1. D Bask

      Daisy Garcia depends on what broker you are using and how your financial situation is.


    I just opened a TD Ameritrade account after watching a couple of your videos. I’m going to study Penny Stocks a bit and start with a small amount. Thanks for the information.

    1. BIG BOOM 2020

      Hi. This is extra random and maybe even creepy, but I wanted to see if you have had any success and if you are interested in pooling information. I have a little to spend and a regular job, but I just want to die multi-millionaire WITH a great heart and soul intact.

    2. nuncie

      BIG BOOM THA KRAKKEN hey I’m all for it, hit me up

    3. Bobby Clinton

      How’s it going?

  17. Jose Guzman

    Hi Sal! Is TDA still the best or any other recommendation?

  18. Barbara Trotter

    Hi Sal your passion has totally motivated me to learn more but I have a problem, how can I trade USD Penny Stocks here in the UK? and which US demo can I use to practice on here in the UK?

  19. Kirill Like

    good jobe man! tnx a lot! can гuright down name of the broker couse i cant hiare what u say?

  20. Pierre Jackson

    Definitely will check them out. LaSalle you always give the best advice, brother I’m all in penny and Cannabis stocks this year, 2019. New life looking forward to retirement. Full time doing, but will research,research and watch the pattens. Thanks again brother

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