Penny Stocks 

Wolf of Magic Presents: Timmy’s buy Penny Stocks


This is the Biggest UNAPPROVED/ UNSPONSORED/ UNCONTROLLED Magic The Celebration Channel worldwide full of Greed Monsters, Wickedness Investors, and … 3.696969% Females

Marketing a Magic Collection?


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Box # 139. Jacksonville, FL 32223.

~ June 2019 Client Listing ~.

MTG – Core Set Range Load.
M12/M13/M14/ M16Origins/M19.

MTG – Modern Horizons.
MTG – Core 2019.
MTG – Guilds of Ravnica.
MTG – Ravnica Loyalty.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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34 Thoughts to “Wolf of Magic Presents: Timmy’s buy Penny Stocks”

  1. Draco250

    Your Wolf of Magic series is my favorite Rudy!

  2. ThatsRight

    I almost thought this video was gonna be a joke.. Then Rudy clipped on the official business tie

    1. Hypnotic music

      Dear Rudy, I have a big request! Use subtitles for non-English users. Thx!!

  3. Roberto Maldonado Böhm

    I’m sorry Rudy but my dad told me not take advice from someone wearing a clip on tie.

  4. th3whit3d3ath69

    Hey Rudy! I love your vids man! Keep up the good work!
    Im actually a manager at one of the biggest tacobells in the US. (North carolina store) i love all your tacobell references and jokes. Keep them coming and ill keep flipping tacos lol.

    1. Henry Jones

      Pardon my lack of Taco Bell knowledge but…

      You have to flip the tacos?

    2. th3whit3d3ath69

      @Henry Jones lol no i was just copying what rudy said

    3. Broken Games

      “MTG is not a gambling scam. MTG is a surprise mechanic.” – EmbarrassingAdults

    4. fsmoura

      you gotta give it a little flip here and there in order to maintain the floppiness

  5. Evan Moon

    Soon there will be a cellphone game where you have to dress your Rudys in tiny ties and taco hats… and eat tacos, avoid the Bobs while battling the Timmys in Arabia, then try to haggle down some antiques at the Baazar of Tacotopia.

  6. Timmy Little

    Ruby I love pennies! I have a whole collection from when I was born yesterday!

    1. Summon The Pack

      Haha these are all too good

    2. Mr. Magic

      IDK why this is so funny to me!

  7. MTG Hoser

    Rudy’s real name is Satoshi Nakamoto

    1. Alpha Scorpii

      MTG Hoser I think Rudy’s second agenda is more sincere…

    2. Mr. Magic

      His real name is Ruby.

  8. aethertech

    So, what does Rudy and everyone think of the nearly-functional reprint (and in some cases better) Lotus Vale, I mean, Lotus Field coming in M20?

    Reserved List is apparently WOTC’s new “we forgot about it” D&D moment….

  9. Jerry W

    I have skills….i turned 500 into 100 on reserve list cards lol

    1. sam .t

      mmmm…you can do better

  10. waaurufu

    I own one single reserve list card. Lichenthrope, because it’s the best pun ever.

  11. Christopher Hensley

    This videos are the best.

    Rudy really gives amazing advice and insight in a way that makes it easy for the regular timmy.

  12. izalith 6

    Ruby I can’t take you serious here, your tie is just way too big.

  13. Ale Wel

    I’ve been investing in magic steadily, and my tie has steadily turned into a noose.

    1. bricesonc

      that’s why you need the clip on.

    2. fsmoura

      just stand very still and avoid falling off your chair; you should be able to keep going

  14. Ryan Gray

    Dammit. What am I gonna do with my 2000 copies of pygmy hippo now

    1. Dan H


  15. ArrogantEyeballYT

    I love how he made “Timmy’s” possessive in the title just to bug the 3.14159% of us who give a damn.

  16. Lee Owen

    is Rudy telling us go all in on reserved list cards?

  17. CipherBytes

    Buying: “Oooo oooo if my penny stock goes up even a little, I’m rich!!!”
    Selling: “What do you mean I cannot sell enough of it now that it’s higher??”
    BTW: Everyone is already invested in a penny stock. It’s called the US Dollar!!! lol

  18. Nick Eckhoff

    Rudy’s been name dropping fallen empires like every week for a while now. Trying to push his crap on us!

  19. S1L3NTDr460n

    Thing to remember about investing in penny stock reserve list cards: They have to be playable. They can be niche, or do a very specific thing (look at femeref enchantress; very narrow enchantment style card but still went from 50 cents to $27 when enchantment-based EDH decks got big last year), but they have to be good in SOME way. The best way to get a spike on a penny stock RL card is for it to suddenly be good (ACTUALLY good) in a new popular deck type. And it could happen at any time; could be tomorrow, could be in 6 years. Gotta be willing to sit for a while.

    1. Joe Sam

      Agreed, buying 300 copies of cryptolith rite at 1$ is paying off bigtime for me now.

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