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Today we go over why I trade pharmaceutical cent stocks as well as we likewise review the stocks that I provided you to purchase in march 2018.

Trading pharmaceutical penny stocks is simple, we seek stimulants.

Program & exclusive mentorship offered:

Right here is a video clip for the top 8 cent stocks to purchase in April 2018.

Here is a video clip where I offered you the top 8 cent stocks to purchase march 2018.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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  1. Dytodd Nel

    Thanks Zaid!!! I have only watched your crypto videos but this is awesome I will stay for penny stocks from now on thanks again

  2. Willeenie Tecat

    Omg you timed it perfectly in my state NJ there gonna start looking at prescribing marajuana I saw your other vid perfect timing

  3. John Romano

    Thank you Zaid. You are easy to comprehend and look forward to using you techniques to “Bring it to the House”

  4. spitarymerecords

    Hi Zaid, Will you make a video explaining the simple way to short stocks? And thanks for all of the Knowledge, you can’t put a price on that…Very much appreciated!!!

  5. imran isakh

    Thank you for the great info Zaid! One question, isn’t hard to get shares to short? I had TD Ameritrade in the US

  6. sonicmax

    bull , by the time the new hits its already plunging within seconds and the move is done already it is so fast

  7. ride along

    How much do I need to start trading

  8. Zed Monopoly

    Course and private mentorship now available as requested by you guys

    1. Ozzie Lomeli

      does your course explain step by step including setting up your chart and explaining “shorting the stock”?

    2. Nathan Ussery

      Zed Monopoly OTC $BSTN shippers going crazy!

  9. new era

    Hello there, I’d like to ask you if from the De Giro platform I can daytrade as I would do in the AD Ameritrade

  10. Jonathan Black

    right now ABIO bidding $0.5950 asking $0.6000

  11. Gerardo Hernandez

    Thank you for the video I Smashed the subscribe button. You gave me that feeling that it’s people like you that want to change and help others people’s life’s.

  12. OJJones

    I enjoy your videos but bruh….. your are misinformed about technical trading. I’m making 15 to 20% at the minimum just trading stocks bouncing from being sold off. Sometimes they bounce and rip all day and I make 60 to 80% percent. And you do not mention anything on risk management.

  13. Zaga

    Thaaank you very much!!! I am just a paper trader and I love the feeling of learning a little bit more about the stock trading.

  14. Angela Parker

    Back to the bread and butter..❤️

  15. Gurmukh Singh

    When the news come ? Before the market about open or during the market hours? I don’t know m i right or not ! PLS ANSWER 😍😍😍😍

  16. reverse moustache cat

    Nice try. If you look at the chart you will see that the stock dropped before the open. The market closed up on the 10th and opened lower on the 17th.the news you referenced was on the 12th. You would have totally missed this unless you shorted in advance of the news which is crazy. Your example is misleading but is that intentional?

    1. Wicked Gamer

      Yea i was fool enough to believe him

  17. Максим Король

    Hi, ZED! Nice to meet you! It is interesting to learn how to trade shares of biotech companies.

  18. 100% American

    By time you hear the news it’s to late. Skim between earnings and news.

  19. Mohammed Ali

    Hey zedd. I want to thank you for all you info on your channel. I have been trading for almost 10 years on and off. Your style is THE BEST WAY TO TRADE. I’m making plenty of money now. Your are simple but yet very effective. Keep the energy up. You definitely know the law of giving and receiving. PEACE AND LOVE.

  20. Chris G

    3 mins in and already liked and subbed. Thanks Z!

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