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How I Made $5,000 IN ONE DAY Trading Penny Stocks | Stock Market Tip: Learn The Patterns


The market is on fire, and also my students and are I taking excellent trade after excellent profession, it's pretty crazy. Subscribe below to get INSTANT signals when I publish a brand-new video clip detailing my dime stock trading strategies:

0:30 My profits yesterday alone were $5,000+ so examine up and find out these stable patterns in dime supply trading! Tim Sykes below with another trade wrap-up.

It is good to gain from what works, what does not work, your victories, your losses. You require to review everything that is taking place, so I'm honored to share my professions. I made roughly 5 grand on Tuesday trading dime stocks. Just how did I do that? My most significant two success got on traditional patterns.

0: 51 Straight out of my DVDs Hefty Equipping Part Deux, Heavy Stocking Framework, How to Make Millions. You need to enjoy them all to make sure that you comprehend these patterns. This is EMHTF. Unusual little ticker. However if you look at the chart, this is a timeless uptrend.

1:08 You can see below where it bursts out again and again and also once more. I made a video clip lesson yesterday. Enjoy it on profitly. And also I was merely checking out this former high here. In the 660s. It closed highly in the 680s the other day.

1:16 I was lengthy overnight. And I marketed it ahead of time today. It's up one more 10 percent. I marketed it near the market open in the low 7s. So now it remains in the mid 7s. This is a little overextended for my preference. POTN is a really comparable graph when it burst out right here, as well as I was long at 30 cents. This set is lastly having its first red day. Yet this set pursued one, two, 3, four, 5 days. So day six is red on this set.

1:42 EMHTF, we have one, two, three, 4, five. So possibly tomorrow it'll be red, I do not understand. I would not be aggressive getting a stock similar to this on day four even with the outbreak, yet it is a break out so I went long and I profited.

2:01 Little over 1,000. My more significant win got on PRMCF. Which is a similar cannabis business. This is not a break out over the previous highs. This is the first environment-friendly day.

2:12 I've done a lot of video clip lessons on the value of a first green day. I'm more comfy with this because first off, this supply has certainly confirmed that it can go up over the previous numerous days and weeks.

2:25 This is a 90-day graph. Now it's come down quite a bit. As well as you had three big red days. Then it's been settling for four days. The other day was its initial large environment-friendly day. And that informed me, wait a minute, this point can jump once again. So I'm trying to find the volatility.

2:40 You do not have to try to find the precise base when you're attempting to dip purchase a few of these plays. You're attempting to see which ones have the energy capacity to jump.

2:50 I do not wish to just dip buy anything. I indicate if you check out a supply like DPW, fine, it had one green day below, however in addition to that, I mean, it hasn't settled trying to dip acquire this.

3:00 Even MGTI, very same kind of thing. It had one green day, but you can see right here, after the huge run-up, it's simply been a progressive decrease. And XTD is another one. So it's really, really tricky to dip get any of these plays when, think what? They may simply maintain fading for all infinity. And also you don't wish to belong that.

3:23 The reason I got into PRMCF the other day, and also I sold it quite perfectly today appropriate around right here in the 940s, 950s location. So I, for once, sold well. If I'm going to mess up, think what? If I'm picking a penny supply that's mosting likely to increase one hundred percent, even if I screw up, I'm going to make 10 or 20 percent. That's the kind of upside possibility. Those are the kind of plays that I such as.

4:30 You obtained a little bit of a bounce. And this is where I made my money. It was too fast for a sharp, however I previewed it also prior to I traded it in the chat room. You had a couple of mins to get it around 75, 80 cents and also market it at a dollar. I imply this is an excellent little 20, 30 percent bounce, it was just fast.

4:45 And also you have to secure yourself if a penny supply is not bouncing. A lot of you individuals just hold and also wish. Hope is not a strategy for me.

4:50 Occasionally I sell prematurely, yet also if I offer as well quickly, you see I'm still making 10, 20 percent on my money versus, you know, where I might possibly have actually made half.

5:14 Out of all of these trades, PRMCF was my best. This set had an excellent little dip buy as well as bounce opportunity today too. Yet I'm more interested in the initial green day. As long story short, PRMCF, initial green day. EMHTF burst out over the previous highs, as well as UMFG was a morning penny bargain.

5:37 Learn to love them and if you understand that, leave a message below this video claiming, "I love these patterns."

5:50 These are three valuable patterns that take place again and again and also once again with dime stocks. You simply need to be gotten ready for them. Also if you offer prematurely, it's far better to be risk-free than sorry. Safeguard, shield, protect when the professions don't work out.

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