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How I Made Nearly $10,000 Trading Penny Stocks in ONE Day | #1 Stock Tip: PATIENCE PAYS OFF


What a GREAT day of trading and also training in-person with my students considering that I wasn't compeling professions as PERSISTENCE PAYS OFF … go use at to discover in person as it helps SO much

Below are the key lays out of this video detailing EXACTLY just how I made virtually $10,000 today trading cent stocks

0:20 I had not been forcing the profession. I had not been wishing to profession – that is the KEY to success.
0:57 Persistence Settles
2:08 I love training face to face as well as I would certainly like to fulfill you face to face as well. You'll have a chance to learn exactly how to trade supplies. Examine this out
6:30 I can do what I desire when the stock isn't doing what I desire Be nimble when a stock isn't doing what you desire.
10:57 I allow the stock fly
11:36 I remain in the middle of a press meeting as the stock is surging. I really did not know WHY the stock was spiking however was screaming to grab my laptop computer!
13:38 I didn't chase this supply since I didn't recognize what was mosting likely to happen. It was a very speculative stock. Even if it was speculative, does not suggest I'm mosting likely to chase it
18:53 If you're obtaining near reaching your objectives, after that get out of the stock (if you really feel that something "feels off").
19:19 This was my best in-person training as well as I would certainly like to welcome you to this in-person training to find out how to trade supplies.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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26 Thoughts to “How I Made Nearly $10,000 Trading Penny Stocks in ONE Day | #1 Stock Tip: PATIENCE PAYS OFF”

  1. Vincent Vale

    Patience pays off!

  2. bryan baxter

    Patience pays off.

  3. Noah Jackson

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. Patience pays off!

  4. Fabian Baez

    Patience pays off

  5. Bryan Sutton

    thank you Tim for sharing everything you do, I can’t thank you enough. You give us hope, and with your knowledge entering our brains, you make it exciting to wake up and learn more. Thank you !

    1. Timothy Sykes

      it’s my pleasure!

  6. I Was Once Known

    I made $700ish today on crypto using Tim’s strategy thanks tim

  7. aj ajj

    PATIENCE PAYS OFF. i was watching these stocks and didnt know how to react or how to interpret them . Well at least i was there to see it .

  8. Foto Guy

    I was watching this yesterday because it has a 23%+ increase. I just did not react my new account was not freed up to make a BUY !!!!! Patience pays off.


    Patience pays off!

  10. Zach Dems

    Hey Tim Sykes,
    Really would like to know you’re opinion on Trading Crypto’s.
    Thank you.

  11. dexcannon

    Good vid. That’s how you come out of retirement for a couple of days…and then return. Patience Pays Off!

  12. super brutus

    patience pays off.

  13. Pang Houa Yip

    Patience Pays Off!

  14. Dwayne M

    Patience pays off! Thanks Tim! I got some of $DPW twice on Mon., Dec 4th. Such a rush & good feeling! Thank You Tim for your constant lessons on Penny Stock Trading. Patience Pays Off!! #MMP #BeHumble #DontQuit

  15. Simon Nicholson

    Good value video, this one.

  16. Gonzalo Arreguin

    How can we get in the chat room?

  17. m3tasc0ut

    I’ve just started studying as much free material Tim’s put out as I can. The strategies, and discipline are sound, and I’m dying to test my own interpretation on some stocks. What is the best way to identify potential movers? Should I be subscribed to some forum somewhere to listen in on active stock opportunities, or is it mainly press releases and news? My trading capital isn’t huge by any means, and I want to make sure I move with a sharp, educated purpose.

    1. tayronachan

      “What is the best way to identify potential movers?”
      You definitely need a subscription to a “service” that has real time, and must show pre-market action. I’m currently using iHub, but getting ready to try stockstotrade. If you are not sure, get one that has a “one free month free trial”. But you will be flailing in the dark without it. good luck

    2. Rob Taylor

      PastorTrader check out the website for more in depth description of the product StockstoTrade. If you do get it would suggest you look at Tim B’s YouTube for lots of Tips on how to best use some of its features

    3. PastorTrader

      RT – thanks for the reply

    4. Robbie C

      PastorTrader – I think I have been scammed by “ I have over €200 there and can’t access the site to withdraw.

      Anyone else having problems with any other trading platforms?

    5. PastorTrader

      Sorry to hear that. I’m not on – only Etrade. No current issues there / platform problems that I’m aware of.

  18. Roman Grytsay

    hahaha 6:25 LOL. Indeed. Thanks for the videos, Tim 🙂

  19. Tommy

    I like how you only stick to a few stocks and patterns and nail them. I’m in a chatroom now that’s confusing the heck out of me because they are trading everything and anything that moves! Its exhausting. I love learning how you focus and zone in on the very best. Keep up these awesome video lessons brother.

    1. Tommy

      I almost forgot, PATIENCE PAYS OFF!

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