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How To Short Sell Penny Stocks


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Short selling is essentially just how I made my second million not my first million. I made my first million going long. Suggesting I was betting on greater rates I was buying cent stocks that burst out.

Brief marketing implies you're banking on lower stock costs. You're taking a negative setting. So if you're betting versus a stock allow's say six dollars a share and also it goes down, as well as you're short, and it drops to 2 dollars a share.

You profit those 4 bucks as share six minus two amounts to four. Despite the fact that the rate is dropping. Allow's say you have an adverse 1000 shares, so you've shorted 1000 shares negative 1000 shares times negative four dollars a share. Unfavorable times a negative is positive.

Brokers desire more commissions. Firm experts want their stocks as high as feasible. So they're mosting likely to put out, you recognize, thrilled press releases. Analysts are mosting likely to give inflated cost targets. Every person's mosting likely to say every little thing's working out. And it might simply not.

Shorting is an extremely harmful game. You have to be really mindful due to the fact that a stock can simply maintain going greater. Also if it's an outright fraud. The firm a just producing news release after press release pressing their supply greater. That's called a short press, therefore lots of people are banking on a stock going lower.

Think what happens if it goes greater, you lose money. As a short seller because you're banking on one direction, it's going the other instructions. No various than if you're getting a stock and you want it to go higher, and it goes lower. You lose money. The distinction with brief selling is that you can shed boundless quantities of money.

So be very, extremely careful. Also if I'm shorting a fraud, I follow regulation primary, cut losses rapidly. I don't allow myself lose all my cash. I don't let myself lose 90 times my cash. I don't allow myself also shed 10% of my money.

Bear in mind that 90% of investors shed cash. And regardless of exactly how sure you are that a firm is a rip-off and also even if at some point, it goes to zero it can go up forever. Enron is an example.

The horrible company at some point declared bankruptcy. Yet, it was the most effective stock in the world for a number of years before it's personal bankruptcy. So, never underestimate buzz. Never underestimate the cheerleading that takes place in Wall surface Street.

Thank you for enjoying my videos. I wish that they assist you. I want to share every little thing that I've discovered over the years. You can check out more video clips right over there and also click subscribe. To make sure that you can watch all of these video clips. Get that understanding and become my next millionaire pupil.

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    That is an insane thought! Just found out what short selling is, and the possibility of going super negative! Great way to really sell “cutting your losses fast”!

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    Wow Tim Ive been asking you this question for a long time. Great that you have share this info with us. Please do a video executing a short, would love to see one so as many of us.

    1. Timothy Sykes

      I’ve done SEVERAL live videos on executing shorts and longs, go signup at for access to my live trades

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    I love tim’s tips

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    Since this video is directed towards beginners then it’s important to say that Robinhood is fine on executions. I think issues arise when you have a large size, but no beginner will have to worry about that. You cannot short on Robinhood, but it is great for going long and should be recommended for all beginners because there are no fees.

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    I made 50.000 this week feddy you are a genius I own my investment with you man…kindly notify me here or Instagram on more guidance for higher trade

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    4:50 – I’m aware you should cut losses quickly and intelligently so you don’t dig yourself in a hole.
    But for argument sake, let’s say you now owe that $95K, what happens if you decide to stay in the trade instead of closing it? Will they still come after you?

    1. Matthew Leddy

      If you are or aren’t using leverage, you should get a liquidation amount, where if the price goes against you once it hits a certain point it will take you out of your position completely

  11. Ben Myers

    Why didn’t you mention the 2.50 rule? That most brokers require

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    I love the fact you always address the psychology behind the different aspects of trading.

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    Oh my gosh Tim, u scared us 😱😂😂 I would say the stocks can’t go that so fast unless Idiots gotta hold it from $5 -> $100 or they short sell into a momentum stock!

  17. Gioi Vong

    Anyway, a thumbs up for the being a great Penni’s teacher though.


    Tim This the greatest video online. Used your concept and have put up 60K in the last few months
    Put a twist on your strategy and for free….. here it is

    STEP ONE: Don’t read Charts ( don’t need em)
    STEP TWO: Get on and use screener set as: any exchange, relative volume over 3 stock price under 5 dollars, then sort this . The highest stock with crazy high volume that has no market cap,little institutional sponsorship, a low market cap (like under 10MM) etc. is the freaking target.
    STEP THREE: I trade with TRADE ZERO US as they bone u on fees but they get me the shares to short (as long as the stock is over 1 buck , cost of doing business).
    STEP FOUR: Put in order on targeted stock
    STEP FIVE: Watch stock drop like a rock and make your money

    example today was MTSL….what a turd….made 3200.00 and was out by 11:00 am …..

    Anyway, your ideas are amazing, I’m working on my Doctors of Business and writing my dissertation on this amazing opportunity. I’ll definitely reach out to interview you for my dissertation as you are an amazing resource and an expert on a lot of profitable stuff that people need to understand !

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    i guess trading really is different for everybody because i know a millionaire and the one thing he told me when trading its to hold on to it as others sell at bad prices and ride it off

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