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57 Thoughts to “Limitless (2011) : Eddie becomes a stock market trader”

  1. cesar garcia

    Haha that face in the thumbnail

  2. Grofvolkoren

    He would have made a 1000 Billion if he had double his money everyday for a month with that starting capital. If you count Saturday’s and Sundays. He was able to more than double his money without any help. Going to an investor or bank actually slowed him down.

    1. theonlydans

      @alexolife because with 100k he will make more than 500k in four days? LOL?

    2. theonlydans

      @MidNight well apple did and I think amazon did too

    3. Gooper Loper

      Lol all these guys trying to analyze a limitless genius! He realized that he was just a character in a movie and that the only way to make money for his real self was to make the plot entertaining.

    4. aosaller

      you guys forgot about leverage

  3. Communist Propagandist

    Why does he need 100k from the mafia? He made 75k in one day!

    1. Matthew O'Gorman

      75 hundred, so $7500. Im a trader, and that is still a fucking insane ROI.

    2. TheJimmy

      They had to bring in that part of the storyline.

    3. JolanSound

      00:36 – he said 75 hundred ($7,500) not 75 thousand ($75,000) thats why he needed the mafia

    4. Christopher Marlowe

      Axel he says that in the movie, the line is like “if I don’t feel that I’m moving forward, I want to explode” or something like that

    5. Idyllsend

      @Robert Ri 2 million in a day, 4 million in 2, 8 million in 3.

  4. Nein Gagging

    Yea and aside from the obvious math problems in this it doesn’t take a genius on drugs to figure out that if some no-one suddenly starts making this kind of money theyre going to have the SSC and every other government agency knocking on the door investigating for insider trading.

    1. Sandro Bindelli

      Nein Gagging
      LOL so you seriously think that nowadays there is no insider trading…with whatsapp, dozens of other crypted chat systems, Onion and TOR, the deep web? :-D. My personal opinion as a trader is that today it is all insider trading, only difference is the level in whch it’s done. That’s why in the past 15 years wealth distribution worldwide has suddenly shifted from 87% in the hands of the richest 1% to actual 98.9%…oviously smucks and ignorant people are out of the game and bound to be enslaved again after 3 centuries.

    2. David Santiago

      A measly 100K a few days doesn’t call for an SEC investigation. A million profit on a sub 1 billion stock doesn’t even call for an SEC track. Only when an entity starts making 9 figures on a single trade do the SEC start investigating someone.

    3. Davi Mourão

      Well, in this case he would be perfeclty able to explain it tho – minus from where he got the $ 100 thousand loan.

    4. harold smith

      Yea they where better off just having him be a legitimate entrepreneur it would of took longer but I think they just wanted to put some violence into the movie as well

    5. Christopher Marlowe

      David Santiago yeah people get lucky often and they don’t get investigated

  5. MrShroomed

    I mean, if he just waited 3 days he would’ve had the 100k he got from the mafia.

    1. Julian Janetzk

      Because Eddie mentioned that if he wasn’t moving forward, he felt like he was going to explode. Him taking money from a mob is a good example. Sure he could have made millions with or without the mob’s money, but he was impatient because NZT makes you want to speed things up.

    2. tom_ ad

      @yesplease The plot device could’ve worked just as well if Eddie would have re-paid the $100K plus interest to the mafia within a day or two of accruing enough capital. He had a line of credit and $2 million after a week – so if Eddie just repaid him in say, 48 hours, the mafia figure could’ve have been so surprised that he demanded to get in on the “fix.” Eddie would say no, only to be repaid a visit by the thug later…discovers pills and story continues…

    3. yesplease

      @tom_ ad Yeah I like that option. Maybe the studios will hire us as script consultants on their next endeavor. $2,500 apiece to help make their story engaging yet logically sound. Everyone wins.

    4. Chris Stephens

      Or just go to Vegas with his photographic memory. But either way, you’re right. There were so many other options before going to the Russian mob. Someone that smart wouldn’t be that stupid.

  6. Ritvik Awasthi

    Genius. However he lacks patience

  7. DzaMiQ

    This is exaxtly how AI is going to behave like. But much more efficiently

    1. takimakikaki

      @Amit Kasana only if you are a stockbroker 🙂

    2. AJ

      Real AI is never going to happen. That’s pretty much guaranteed.

    3. DzaMiQ

      First we need to figure out how to enhance our brain power, to accelerate our thinking process and to how to store memory more effectively. Thats the key. There are few possible options like bio-engineering or BCIs for example.

    4. NanoTree

      Data Scientist here. AI already does this.

    5. aks flash

      I think they can use the news as a training set for that kind of Ai

  8. lubeck abraham huaman ponce

    i need that pill coz yesterday i lost 3k :’v

  9. Dan 1

    Why take NZT when you can just do no nut November?

    1. Abner Bieniek

      yeah right

    2. GWEN GOLD

      That only attract girls

    3. Russel - YT

      Nofap is basically nzt

  10. John Doe

    “I cut you at waist, peel your skin up over your head and tie a knot. You don’t die from this, you suffocate.”

    Man, Ramsay Bolton could learn something from this guy.

    1. John Doe

      @M Man No bro he definitely said suffocate.

    2. Max Booth

      Doesn’t even make sense. If you were suffocating you could bite your way out of your own skin.

    3. Kemikazi __

      He means you will die slow

  11. Some Random Fellow

    And then he just forgot to pay him back xD

  12. commissionergordan

    If he’s such a genius why go to a loan shark?

    1. MTCoblivsicas12345

      Because his credit was bad he was a poor writer who did not have a steady income.

  13. spidy one

    i wish every day to have super brain for saving my life

  14. dhinesh aujayeb

    He should have repaid immediately after he made that $2m.

    1. KOBA

      Masala is also required

  15. Samuelson baker

    Thats nothing Eddie , I bought btc in 2011 .

    1. dhinesh aujayeb


  16. Kemikazi __

    “It would take money to get there”

    What wouldn’t these days

    1. Xxxx Fontain

      Kemikazi __ u need money to breathe now adays

  17. shaul sharabi


  18. Rangers Fan

    Ironically Eddie, who has a 4 digit IQ, forgets to pay the loan back 😂


      A big weakness of the film storyline is he forgets.

    2. 공기

      I think it’s different between forgetting and delaying. forexample, I always delayed my homework and did nothing even I remember that clearly. there’s no clue that eddie forgot his loan in this movie.

    3. Rangers Fan

      공기 Why would Eddie deliberately delay paying back the loan to his own disadvantage? Face it, he forgot to. Considering his intelligence it’s a bit problem with this movie.

    4. 공기

      @Rangers Fan yup. actually I agree with you but I tried to make it sense because I really love this movie :/

    5. Raymond bridgeforth

      공기 you ain’t lying tho great writing,great scenes it just a little plot hole that all

  19. Kevin Green

    Limitless should do a sequel where it pits a select group of nzt users against AI

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