Stock Market for Beginners! | How to Invest in Stocks!


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Stock exchange for newbies is an useful video clip. Just how to purchase supplies should be understood by everyone. On the financial education and learning network we understand how to invest in supplies. We also understand stock exchange for beginners.

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52 Thoughts to “Stock Market for Beginners! | How to Invest in Stocks!”

  1. TheMpamMpam

    Nice, but how about a series of videos that you show the whole thing… From the way you find a stock, the research and all the steps till buying and monitoring… Thanks

    1. rlee1185

      Watching videos on “how to” is part of the learning process, guys.

    2. Kristof Nieschwitz

      Check out this video for beginners and step by step. Also online stuff too
      I know its sorta long but you can skip through the sections

    3. Sandra Williams

      I am so new that I don’t know how to find the 10 k and 10 Q pages. Help anyone?

  2. Francisco Santillana

    Thanks for this video! As a person who is interested in the stock market and does not know how to start, I would like to say that you were probably the best person on YouTube in explaining the basics. I bought the Intelligent Investor and when I was like 30 pages in however, I started realizing that I wasn’t truly understanding some of the concepts. I guessed that maybe is because of my lack of experience. But thanks for this video I learned a ton from just these 12 minutes.

    1. Financial Education

      +Francisco Santillana That makes me happy to hear! Glad these videos are helpful :))

    2. Brandon DeLoach

      Definitely helpful I will share and like

    3. okoli chinaa

      Francisco Santillana u just said my mind.

    4. Jack Hand

      @Chidindu Ogbonna Join Robinhood and we’ll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure you use my link.

  3. No sef

    Thanks man. I was hyper focused and was gunna dump my savings(2k) into and er type stock on Monday(amrs) but I’m just gunna put 500 in nvda and do more research. I’m 17 and just got a custodian account so I got time to learn

    1. Boitsdat

      How do I open a custodian account I am 17 as well!


      @Boitsdat I have a custodian account for my daughters and the child support money goes in there that is going to be my gift when they turn 21. Your mom or dad will have to open that account for you.

    3. Boitsdat

      Ibett Cerezo yea thanks I figured it out a while ago I’ve actually been day trading

  4. spellign

    common sense mixed with a lil bit of finesse

    1. Financial Education

      +spellign 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 :))

  5. Product Prodigy

    shave the stache man lol

    1. Random Royce

      I love his videos, but I swear to God I was thinking the same damn thing. It would be more acceptable if paired with beard hair. Just seems unprofessional and is so distracting. I usually just listen and don’t look. LOL With all due respect, please take this as constructive criticism, Jeremy.

    2. Ericka Howard

      Product Prodigy He did!

    3. Dark Prince

      I think it looks good… Or maybe he just looks good. 😉

    4. Brian Miller

      Do you imagine bad 70’s music also? Lol


    Just starting out. Been doing a lot of research. Definitely helped me. Thank you

    1. Financial Education

      +NizzFit my pleasure! Happy to hear!

  7. Alex Simmons

    he looked over his shoulders for that book he knew wasn’t there lol

  8. RealLife Money - Weekly Financial Videos

    Thanks for the video! I’ve been investing for a few years now but I feel like it is always important to be in touch with the basics and always keep learning.

  9. RustyBoi21

    If I had held on to my stock I could have 6k after starting with $850 but im about to actually pursue it seriously

  10. I Control My Fate

    Thanks for the vid. This was helpful. I had no idea where to start if I wanted to. Now I know I need to go to a brokerage firm. Now I need to make sure I choose one that doesn’t charge any/alot of money to do this.

    1. Financial Education

      +I Control My Fate glad the video was helpful and welcome to the world of investing!

  11. Love JD

    this guy knows what he’s talkin about

    1. Financial Education

      +vip. Riley :)) 🤙🏽🤙🏽

    2. Kyle Chambers

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  12. Ahmed Zaki

    hey Jeremy
    great video and thanks for sharing!
    question though:
    where do you suggest I start a brokerage account? there are quite a few options out there….any ideas?

  13. TheIllest TheReallest

    Amazing channel. One of the few channels that makes me want to watch the full video to the end.

    1. Financial Education

      +TheIllest TheReallest glad you enjoy :))

  14. Mr. Crazy Joe

    This guy is low key lit. Lol thanks dude

    1. Kyle Chambers

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  15. Syzl Akk

    Your moustache make you look hella shady. I already dont trust you my dude.

    1. Random Royce

      Syzl Akk Jeremy, please shave or find an alternative. I like your videos but I can’t take it bro. Please! LOL

    2. Michael C

      Hahahaa. He gave u a heart on that comment

    3. Michael Johanson

      I trust Freddy Mercury.

  16. lolfeg

    I’ve never sold stock before.
    Silly question: when is the best time to sell stock? Is it ever worth selling stock that’s making you money?

  17. Financial Education

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    1. Mandana Rostam

      Will use it is great☺️👍❤️

  18. D RO

    All my weed money going to stock

  19. GA. Luigi

    I’m in love with your intro!

  20. Benedict Dindle

    As a beginner, I faced a whole lot of difficulties selecting right stocks and cutting losses. Now all is done with ease by my broker Mr. Norman Watson. And I’d also say his commission is fair enough, just 15% of acquired profit.

    1. Benedict Dindle

      @Freida Stathis Keeping quite an interesting track with Mr. Norman. Nice!

    2. Laurel Dingham

      @Camila Azevedo guess it would be nice to reach that sort of closure with Norman. I also enjoy his professionalism, it’s through the roof!!

    3. Ines Claudio

      I love that you guys are here and giving positive reviews to sir. Norman Watson. I think it will keep me more devoted to the financial market thn I already am ..😅lol

    4. Ak arctic

      Anyone have a link to Mr Norman Watson ? Thanks In advance

    5. Laurel Dingham

      @Ak arctic no worries. i can assist you with his mail address: // mail. com//. There!

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