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The Best Penny Stock Dip Buy Pattern Strikes Again


The same and also pattern struck again, I waited and also waited and then mistimed it for a small loss, but I'm glad that SEVERAL students nailed it and took excellent quantities of the supreme 55% bounce off the lows at $2ish and it obtained all the way approximately 3.20 ish a few hours later … good to examine this variant on the patterns because the over night news was so poor

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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27 Thoughts to “The Best Penny Stock Dip Buy Pattern Strikes Again”

  1. Dat Boy Ben

    this just showed up while I’m in the middle of watching “how to make millions.” lol

  2. Eugene

    Gotta respect your hustle Tim! Posting yt videos, trading, updating social media, improving webinar etc.. Damn, thanks!!

    1. Neel Patel

      You da real MVP Tim.

    2. sergio ramirez

      Young Investor I LIKE LIVE VIDEOS.

  3. Peter Kariotis

    great video, I was in the chat room during those alerts, was waiting for this video to see what you were doing lol people saying your a scam are stupid.. no one will teach like you and miss opportunities to teach.. they will send you a ticker and say buy, you explain everything you do, love it!!

    1. Peter Kariotis

      and for those who think this man is a scam, who else will take time from their rich lives to make a ton of 9+ hour videos to teach you penny stocks.. NO ONE

  4. Hayden Bitz

    Can’t wait for the summer when my school gets out and I have time to study and make more money. Thanks for all the info and great videos. Keep up the great work!

  5. Alby Gonzalez

    I like these videos, they are my favorite ( Will Ferrel voice).

  6. jay hawkins

    Been following this stock for over a week now, so predictable, thanks Tim 💰

  7. jay hawkins

    I like live videos, Please do more of these

  8. Jorge A

    Tim these are great! thanks so much for the valuable coaching much appreciated

    I like live videos!

  9. Donald Oliva

    Live videos are very helpful. Keep em coming. Any thoughts on the 60%+ Short interest on FNCX? Wondering if there will be a huge squeeze coming, or a further tumble down.

  10. mitchell kett

    Great Video! Would have loved to see the trade at 9:45 even though you lost. I really want to learn more about when to cut losses.

  11. a bcdef


  12. Fidel V.

    I like live videos! Great to know that it’s best to dip-buy morning panics on no news. Also, I missed MTBC too. I had it on my watchlist that earnings were coming out today, but I haven’t become too confident in when to buy earnings winners yet.

  13. TiltedPancake

    Thanks so much for pumping out these videos! My Wi-Fi has been down for a few days, but it just got fixed and I can go back to trading… hallelujah!

  14. stormy _snday

    I like live videos , Thank you for posting this!! I wanted to start learning pennie stocks and these videos are a great way to start ^~^.

  15. 76ers

    MTBC made my morning!
    In: $2.35, Out: $3.51
    $1,160 profit

    1. Jesse Baker

      76ers Beat me. In @ 2.99 out @ 3.59. $722. Still an awesome way to start the morning though. Great job man

    2. joe garcia

      now rinse and repeat

    3. It's Me J.C.

      76ers how many shares did you buy to make that much?

    4. 76ers

      It’s Me J.C. – I bought 1,000 shares. Cost $2,350. Then 15mins later, I sold for $3,510.

      Then I went to my day job doing $15/hr. On the way there I kept asking myself, “WTF what am I doing?”

  16. Eric Zemaitis

    these live trades are amazing

  17. Ben Pawlowski

    i like yo videos i was in on mtbc yesterday morning covered well

  18. Ning Liu

    Tim, should make a video on the ”REQUIREMENT” for dip buying, real talks.

  19. David K

    Timothy $ykes – keep them video$ coming! great content!
    In process of studying the techniques and patterns!!
    Cheers from Dubai

  20. Sammy Gasana

    i like live videos!
    this is definitely very helpful to learn from your approach without the adrenaline of the actual trades you should definitely do more videos like that @tim

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