The BORING Life Of A Stock Market Millionaire


I truly appreciate what i do but some people might assume it could be some wolf of wall street sort of things. A minimum of in Arizona for me its not, often it gets very dull taking a look at charts all day as well as needing to awaken so early but so honored to be where i am so i wished to make a video sharing it in an amusing way, wish you appreciate!


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74 Thoughts to “The BORING Life Of A Stock Market Millionaire”

  1. Ricky Gutierrez

    The only way to do great work, is to love what you do! Happy Saturday Everyone!

    1. Abdul Lutfi

      Which broker did you use?


      Can you teach me sir

    3. Michael Abate

      Ricky Gutierrez Hey Ricky, what trading playform do you use. I currently do virtual trading on TOS but the lag is insane.

    4. NICOlai Ranker

      Hi Ricky can you help learn the basic pleaseeeee

    5. Sebastian R.

      Haz videos en español también 🥺

  2. Gatta

    If I see another Tim Sykes ad on Ricky’s videos I’m going to reee

    1. Hobo Photos

      Fucking right?

    2. توم ريتشاردز

      Don’t forget warrior trading and trading bull 🤦‍♂️

  3. christfrrr

    move to the east coast market opens at 9:30
    woah i just realized when you go to 9:30 in this video you say 9:30 😮

    1. 89 Alpha

      Blip in the matrix. He’s actually a Agent


      christfrrr damnnnnnnnnnnnn sonnnnnn


      christfrrr Illuminati shiet

    4. Abbudi Tashkandi

      my god

    5. Chris Consalvo

      @Demetrious ‘5’3 MIDGET’ Johnson nah I need change of seasons, it gets super depressing without it.

  4. AzureSteel

    Tell us about that stripper pole though… 9:38

    1. daniel s

      @Jailan Rayvon – The only thing that supports is strippers.

    2. Sam Moore

      Ricky Gutierrez please do😂

    3. M2OO

      Ricky Gutierrez YO! we go to the same church, WHAT U MEAN BOUT PARTY!

    4. ItzVince:P

      M2OO “Church” Party🙌💯🥴

    5. ーススペードのエ

      He brings girls over and pays them to dance on his pole

  5. William Barlow

    The discipline you demonstrate everyday is amazing. You have my respect.

  6. GingeEU

    i wish i knew what he is talking about

    1. ItzVince:P

      Z Bond Go play your video games while your parents pay the bills Loser🤢🤮

    2. CubingWithCarl

      Z Bond
      But it’s just facts idiot

    3. Onzah

      It becomes easy once you learn. Took me 3 months to get a solid understanding and that’s with minimum of 10 hours per day studying. I’m a student in high school I got lots of free time lol

    4. Entrex _

      you can learn so you shouldnt say I wish

    5. Mufafo Adofo Amaru

      @Onzah are you now sucessful with it?

  7. Lucas Sidlar

    A millionaire eating a poptart as breakfast

    1. Chris Ashby

      Jamar Grant nice man. Yeah it all kinda depends on your current and desired lifestyle I guess. 17k a month is pretty solid though and allows you to make some good investments if you don’t spend your money frivolously. I think my dad was making about that for a while before he started all his other ventures and started acquiring various residential and commercial properties. Anyway, wish you all the best on your financial journey man! Just remember, chasing money shouldn’t be everything.

    2. ScRaPz_246

      MetalxCore Reviews I would

    3. krispy kreme

      What you expected him to eat caviar for breakfast?

    4. krispy kreme

      @Chace Bonanno I see you’re new here.

  8. Nevil93

    I can tell you’ve mastered separating emotions from stocks and left it to reality, the hardest thing to do. I thought you were emotionless until this video lol

    1. Black Star

      when you make 6 mil in courses a few thousand here and there is chump change

  9. Brace Sproul

    Huh it’s 8:30 and I’m done for the day. Made a few thousand no biggie I’ll just go eat another pop tart

    1. Times Of Pagalpanti

      0:35 which background music

  10. john b

    who else has no idea what hes talking about

    1. Martial Art Maniacs

      @Enkhbold Mike Bayar He is a millionaore doing what he does..what r u?

    2. HD SINGH

      Yes i dont get it about say the same thing

    3. HD SINGH

      Slow down or explain what word ure saying plz

    4. Chris

      DGAZ, UGAZ are stocks he is trading.

    5. HD SINGH

      @Chris we know that much

  11. brute505

    dude really uses light version discord…..

    1. TMM

      @Kapetsu Maybe he is using it for minimalism, not to spend more than the necessary time on it and actually do other stuff. But who knows.

    2. VenoX

      @TMM it only takes 2 clicks

    3. Recon Expert

      TMM it’s auto set to dark soo…

    4. MetalxCore Reviews

      jc_f17 lol

    5. Eduardo Rodriguez

      brute505 what does that mean?

  12. GG12

    So freaking boring bro, you should give me your car to make it less boring

    1. PanMan

      It’s rented btw he mentioned in in buzzfeed I think

    2. Times Of Pagalpanti

      0:35 which background music

    3. GG12

      Times Of Pagalpanti no idea

    4. The Goose

      @CubaN KinG No. i agree that would make it more interesting

    5. Abhijeet Rajgor

      @Times Of Pagalpanti two feet – go fu*k yourself

  13. Hamza hussein

    Wierd flex but ok

    1. Times Of Pagalpanti

      0:35 which background music

  14. Peff

    my brains hurt trying to understand wtf he’s talking about

  15. True Aaryan

    The way he talks and present it appears he bleeds money every day..

  16. AVEBOY -234

    Let’s trade lives you’ll have fun worrying about how you’re going to pay rent 😂😂😂

    1. Key Brown

      facts 😂😂😂

    2. Sannidhya Deshbhratar

      It’s fax

    3. FreeLeGiOn

      AVEBOY -234 nah cause he will know how to make money and you’ll lose money cause you can’t handle your shares properly

  17. Péter Répássy

    He was done for the day before everyone else woke up. This is the spirit❤️

  18. johnb382s

    Just started investing I’d kill to have that “boring” life Im literally obsessed with the markets and learning as much as I can quickly on options trading, dividend stocks, ETF’s etc and of course patterns.

    1. FreeLeGiOn

      johnb382s same g

    2. FreeLeGiOn

      johnb382s I’ve been doin cfd (mainly crypto) and I’ve been sneaking my phone into school (if I get caught 2 times I’m expelled) just so I can see how the markets goin, it’s been 3 weeks and All my predictions have been 100% accurate even when companies like electronic arts, coin desk etc have gotten it completely wrong. I’m going really well so far but not letting my arrogance get to me cause I know the second I stop learning and observing I’ll be fucked

  19. Gustavo Meza

    Actually i wouldn’t be mad if i had to wake up early just for earning in one day what others earn in one month, Idk what y’all think but i think that way

  20. Royal.Gaming. Fever

    Hey bro I am not able to understand what you are doing ….
    Can you help me out….
    To make money….

    1. Mohammed Kamal

      Zoe Smulders it’s a bit…don’t send them any money for a course everything is free on YouTube. Learn forex and deposit money with a broker and go live. I did it and I’m making more than my old job at 17

    2. Saki Chowdhury

      @Ra’s Abdul What is the name of the website? I am interested.

    3. Ra’s Abdul

      Saki Chowdhury helensimsduerr dot me, urls don’t work on YouTube so I noticed

    4. Saki Chowdhury

      @Ra’s Abdul That looks to me a spam, this lady is not the actual Helen Sims Duerr, actual one is in Merrill Lynch website.

    5. Ra’s Abdul

      I noticed this but she said it is a case of impersonation, she has resigned from her position in Merill Lynch but still has her license using it to handle her private trading. The picture you see on Merill Lynch of Helen is an impersonator used to increase the number of advisors they have. I am in dubai to see my dad, profits still raking in

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