The Stock Market Crash of 1987 | Cancel Crash


The delicate state of today's globe financial markets is not a new phenomenon. It wasn't long ago that the world supported itself for an additional Great Anxiety.

It was the defining moment of the 1980's. The New York Stock Exchange, the epicenter of the world economic markets as well as foundation of American capitalism, was under siege. On October 19th, 1987, the Dow Jones Industrial Standard plunged 508 factors, the biggest single day drop in the history of the stock exchange. Yet it got on Tuesday, October 20th that the globe's financial markets came within 5 mins of total fragmentation.

How was it prevented? Was it a wonder? Manipulation? Or a fortunate profession?

Terminate Accident depicts the dramatic occasions that saved the globe from economic anarchy and also presents for the very first time what in fact happened on Horrible Tuesday. Framed between the opening bell on Friday, October 16h to the closing bell of Dreadful Tuesday, the tale unfolds as the risky clock ticks, disclosing those who prevented a global Clinical depression and saved our economic markets.

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68 Thoughts to “The Stock Market Crash of 1987 | Cancel Crash”

  1. Jérôme Carrier

    ”In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield of future”- Warren Buffet.

    1. Useless Cause

      You did well. The future may be different. An issue occurs when a crash happens and people are older. They may not be able to live long enough to recoup what they planned on for retirement. Location, Location, Location for real estate. Timing, Timing, and Timing for recovery of stocks. When America’s baby boomer generation hits retirement en masse we face an additional issues. I don’t know of a precedent for this combo.

    2. Joseph Li

      hindsight is 20/20?

    3. Habke Nubai

      That’s pretty much the case for anything.

  2. OakhillSailor

    the back ground music is really unnecessary does anyone feel the same way?

    1. JasonDean

      it fits the vibe of the era quite well actually, certainly not how todays version would sound for sure but it does match the time in my opinion. numbers were not so big back then!! like, people had not lost their minds yet! haha

    2. sbkpilot11

      like the music, it fits

    3. Richard Rama

      This made me want to short all my positions now… lol

    4. MAKE IT

      Well it was the 80’s

  3. William Wilson

    Turn off the goddamn music…

  4. Turbo Kid

    As the DOW today hits 23,000 tomorrow beckons the 30th Anniversary of the 1987 collapse. The longer it takes for the next collapse to come – the worse it will be – and that’s the bottom line! And… it will likely be the worst in history. Time will tell I guess!

    1. Anita Ares

      @David McManus Like labor pains… 🙁

    2. LilStoops

      Haven’t you heard of inflation? Of course the market goes up over time as your money buys less. The biggest risk is take no risk and stay out of the market.

    3. Adrian Gaines

      @LilStoops inflation is the increase supply of the dollar.

    4. Tom D

      Reading this comment a year later. Dow is almost 27000 but something doesn’t feel right. World is nuts.

    5. squarecracker

      @Tom D Look at the DOW or SPX priced in gold in the long term. When you plot it against a real store of value, you get a clear picture of what’s going on. This current era of growth is nothing but debasement of the dollar, but the inflation is confined to equities. Those on the outside (wage earners with few assets) are being completely left out in the cold as the rich get richer.

  5. mraso30

    We’re getting close to another.

    1. g man

      Please let it drop 600 again!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    2. NinoMaartenGuitar

      People have been saying that for years. Loads have been standing on the sidelines waiting for a crash to get in. In the mean time they are missing gains in 2016,17,18 and 19. Well done

    3. GTB

      800 Point drop today

    4. Brendan Wright

      @Kruppt808 says the guy posting a comment on YouTube

  6. unknown

    plunged 508 points.. WE DO THAT IN A DAY NOW

    1. ChevyHeavy11

      @Robert Prechter Smack City!

    2. Matthew Ludivico

      10x multiple difference between 2019m and 1987, Dow Jones Industrial Average. A 5000 point drop tomorrow would BITE.

    3. Lewis Burmeister

      imagine a 6,000 point drop in a day, that’s what 25% drop would look like today

    4. Redskies453

      Shows what little it means over a long term portfolio. If you didn’t sell out you’d still be up well over 1000% If you bought in during the crash you’re looking more like 1700%. Not accounting for 30 years of dividends.

    5. Tom D

      Not the same. Focus on the percentage.

  7. Dave B

    People also forget that selling off like this this also known as taking profit.

    1. ej20tnz

      Dave B 100% you can bet most of the buyers had bought lower than they were selling

  8. SIE44TAR

    6:56 “This was an era when we still thought news was relevant” So true!

    1. Scottie Lambert

      Only irrelevant to people who have their nose buried in screens.

    2. Correction Guy

      @Scottie Lambert ok boomer

  9. Christopher Bussell

    The next big crash will be £ Trillions not billions. Some people will walk away with Trillions. Billionaires will become Trillionaires. Have cash ready to buy.

    1. BWM

      You’re assuming we can recover from one the magnitude that’s coming. There were assets back then…
      This crash is an order of magnitude higher.

    2. A L

      last time (2008)we didnt have a new asset class called cryptos. bakkt opens up fo physical btc trading sep 23. already talking about adding other cryptos as well, big players will eventually move from stocks to cryptos after the bubble pops. they have held the crypto market down since 2017 for a reason. be smart people!

    3. Marcus Price

      @A L Bakkt has been priced in now. The ability for institutions to trade with physical BTC doesn’t just mean that the floodgates will open. The most likely scenario is a decline in the BTC price after Bakkt launch. Unquestionably the best buy signal for BTC is a large issuance of new USDT.

    4. TheWolf OfMainStreet


    5. Bruno Silvino

      @TN Crowder how 10k is all you need? Can you elaborate pls

  10. Bunne Rabb

    The stock market is now just a computer program running a bunch of non-existrent money through hoops.

    1. ungratefulmetalpansy

      it was the same in 1987

    2. begley09

      80% of the market is on auto pilot.

    3. Correction Guy

      @begley09 what would that even mean

    4. Mark Menning

      Our money was based on gold now nothing

  11. Tomas Av.

    600 points :DDDDDD nowadays its dropping 600 points on daily basis. people should start talking percents not points.

    1. BlueBear

      Very true I think last month was a 600 point drop.

    2. wormwood69

      Yes Tomas.. it seems they feeding us bs again!

    3. 7ightmetapxl Tseers

      wormwood69 it’s the affects of manipulating the money supply

    4. Nick

      THANK YOU it’s insane 🙄

    5. Tom D

      Yeah exactly. If Dow went down 20% now that’s around 5000 points.

  12. Michael Black

    I made so much god damn money during the “crash” of 1987. It all depends on which side you’re on.

  13. Voltaire

    “Hold my beer” -2019

    1. Ask Fai

      Sure. But it maybe a little warm when I give it back to you. Cheers.

    2. Jeff Maggard

      Probably won’t ever happen.

    3. Suyapa Opina

      Voltaire it’s happened just like you said. Dow Jones went down more than 800 points today.

    4. Evan F

      Voltaire and they said a 500 point drop was historic? We’ve been having 800 point drops on the regular lately! Hah 🤦🏻‍♂️

    5. Colin James

      @Evan F – i hope you’re being facetious otherwise to discredit percentages you’re completely missing the point. 500 off of 2200 is a tad worse than 800 from 27,000

  14. Bum Face Gammon

    2019, global depression is happening right now.

  15. yahwehsonren

    2019 no human only AI

  16. TheKievKen

    “The Stock Market Crash of 1987 – an American perspective” This was a global crisis.

  17. sosodef

    “Hold my white claw” -2020

  18. Thomas Sowell

    The “crock market.” The same old BS since 1929.

  19. PitManNCB

    These guys would have a hart attack if they traded bitcoin. 20 to 40% In a day and that is normal.

    1. Kev

      Stocks that trade around 2 or 3 cents move 25% at a time because they move in 1 cent, so they’ve seen it all really.

  20. Ray Lopez

    I am firmly convinced eventually the stock market will go back to the price it was when BusinessWeek ran the now famous cover story, “The Death of Equities”. Dow to 867!

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