Top 5 Mistakes beginners in the Stock Market make!


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Top 5 errors newbies in the stock market make is the topic of this video clip. Novices securities market mistakes are made and these 5 are the top ones. Stock market mistakes can be made by anybody however beginners make these 5 errors more often than sophisticated investors. After this video clip beginners in the securities market should understand how to stay clear of these mistakes. Stock exchange for novices is good for this video clip.

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62 Thoughts to “Top 5 Mistakes beginners in the Stock Market make!”

  1. TB

    Investing in the Stock Market, requires patience. Anyone who invests to make “quick money” usually get burned. Go long term! Moreover, I got burned listening to Squawk Box analysts. They were wrong, wrong, wrong many times. At times I did the opposite of what they recommended and made huge gains. Many times I think that these analysts are paid by some companies to push their stocks.

    1. Aaron Landry

      TB Very similar things happened to me in the crypto currency market. Every news outlet and even Warren Buffet himself said it was stupid, it was in a bubble, it was gonna fail, but I knew they were wrong. They were dead wrong, and I tripled my initial investment, so now I’m laughing at all of the doubters.

    2. nick tardif

      lol not true, i make ‘quick’ money every single day ;- )

    3. nick tardif

      your right about squawk box though.. the people on that show work for the banks

  2. Theman Withtheplan

    If I could invest in this channel’s stock I guarantee you I’d make a killing

    1. Financial Education

      +Theman Withtheplan :))

  3. jack boba


    1. edstar83

      You’re just jealous.

    2. Marc Hetherington

      Can you at least lose the paintings? Will be a much cleaner.

    3. YellowTissueBox

      i thought it was bird.


    Has anyone noticed that some of these tips could be used for relationships 🤔😂

    1. Mystery

      that’s how much you should care about your stocks

    2. Sebastian Meyer

      “Don’t fall in love with the stock…” Best relationship advice

    3. luis torres

      I was thinking the same thing lol

    4. sheen stanley

      TOTALLY!!! 😂😀🤣😁

  5. ashley fernandez

    My teachers complain about my interest with investing and being successful at this age they say “I’m too young.” Should I be worrying about investing at 14 or should I continue with learning about investing?

    1. Abhay Ishan

      Maybe their concern is your distraction from studies. Try to find a balance between studies & investing but like our friend said “follow your heart” 🙂

    2. John Conlin

      ashley fernandez continue to learn about investing and…..EVERYTHING.

    3. Felistas Mayombo

      Continue learning. Buffett was 11 when he started , look where he is now.

    4. rout9291

      Go for it! Your teacher is only in your life for a small amount of time…. Follow your heart and be happy with your choose.

    5. Jack Hand

      Ashley, stay out of debt as much as possible and you will be able to invest so much more. When I pay $500 a month in debt payments (student loans, credit card), I could be investing that. If I were to instead invest that every month, I’d be a millionaire in less than 30 years. Good luck, you’re smart, you’ve got this.

  6. Anthony Sloan Perez

    your name is Jeremy?? Nice try freddy murcury. We know it’s you

  7. Emil Nygård

    Skip to 1:44 for the actual tips

    1. sheen stanley

      Emil Nygård….blah blah blah…omfg.

    2. Ankit Jaiswal

      thanks man

    3. The Eagle

      I HATE it when people drag out a video before FINALLY getting into what was promised in the title.

    4. CubingWithCarl

      Emil Nygård no

    5. CubingWithCarl

      Emil Nygård hej

  8. my wallet

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?

  9. Gersain Castelan

    Freddys mercury finacial help channel lol

    1. Tan Tran

      Gersain Castelan ayyy lmao

  10. R N

    I’m 6 and I want to invest when I’m older, maybe 6.5 years…

    1. fortnine fan

      invest now

    2. Venk Ramkumar

      Please don’t. Just enjoy your life rn you’ve only been in this world from when fb became an IPO lol

    3. JJonees

      I dont think a 6 year old can fathom 6.5 yet. maybe 6 and a half but not 6.5 and since that what you typed I believe you’re trolling

    4. Rocksmith Pdl

      JJonees yep this is not a 6 year old lol

    5. tristian groves

      Just do it!

  11. Tre Cortez

    here are 5 questions you mustache before investing

  12. Jason White

    Mistake #1: listening to someone who has never traded before

  13. Ryan Aloe

    “Any idiot can run it” we’re really putting that to the test now

  14. Fustard ButtBurger

    is mistake #1 that mustache?

    1. Financial Education


    2. Keisha Pelote


    3. Lynda Mitchell


    4. Billonator117

      Ouch 😂

  15. Financial Education

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    1. Beardo


    2. Beardo

      each and every thing u said relates. i am new to the market and some of ur points really helped me.thnx man. if by any chance u get some spare time, please make a video on how to benefit from emerging markets to the maximum. thnx man. be blessed

    3. Financial Joy TV

      Great video I learn a lot as always on your channel! I made these mistakes too as a beginner as well. But I guess emotional stability comes from learning from these experiences/mistakes 😀

  16. Cosmic Tuxedo

    This guys favorite book on investing is the one he wrote himself…

  17. Max Duvall

    “number two, listening too much to others”. Me: * Closes youtube tab immediately and just aimlessly buys stock because “this one feels right” *

  18. Belajar Saham

    1. think it is easy
    2. listening to others
    3. caught in short term fluctuation
    4. emotionally attached to stock
    5. focus on macro economy

  19. Rajah Yang

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    1. Zachery Zansom

      Never did think I’ll get the chance to buy and sell stocks again but I have to thank Mr Benjamin Bilal for his assistance and skillful efforts to pulling good profits off our recent trades.

    2. Stason Herman

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    3. Ajay Sridevi

      What’s the limit amount for long term trading?

    4. Howard reston

      2k-3k is minimum for activating an account in the stock market, but i yot rich when I found he’s mail @ <>

  20. chaser 81

    I made my first million from in Trading stock as a beginner, the expert who assisted me is Mrs Nina Jeanne Rose, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I’ve had no course to regret ever since

    1. gemixnew gmail com

      all the way from Australia she trades for me …

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