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11 Thoughts to “Trading The Gap on Stock Index Futures”

  1. johnjecon

    Does anyone else do this?

  2. Antoine Hill

    Yea it works well on the spy index trade the spy

  3. Vladimir Anatolevich

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  4. Joshua Allison

    this guy is a beast lol, i love that BBC revelation he did, that had me laughing so hard

  5. Lorraine Pierce

    What broker do you recommend for US residents to trade Gaps on Stock Index Futures? 

    1. Meryem Yilmaz

      The Future trading is a medium moving average for 50 MA, with a 20-minute closing price earning profitably …. The higher range is calculated by adding 2 standard deviation in the middle with a good strategy … For me, I apply *Blended Model Strategy* by Dmitry Vladislav to win at this stage … the higher the number, the more the sample, the higher the rate of volatility achieved by the currency pair on time. you can learn how to use it if you wish is really profitable.

  6. Ho Lihao

    How did you know that market was going to gap down? Overnight fundamental news?

  7. Stretch E. BoyLaLa

    How did you know the gap would close?

    1. Shadman Sudipto

      Stretch E. BoyLaLa these gaps have closed more than 90% of the time since long before we were born

  8. Lianne Harpster

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  9. Chris Yorkston

    Hey Alessio, does this technique still work? Many people saying it is overused now so no longer effective?

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