What is Share and Stock Market | Stock markets Theory. Basics for beginners in Telugu. TeluguBadi


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The Share Market is a resource for companies to elevate funds and also for financiers to purchase part-ownership in expanding organisations as well as grow their wealth.

Learn more about the stock exchange.

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    మీ వివరణ చాలా బాగున్న ది.

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    Superb sir simple explanation.its very useful.
    SEBI gurinchi oka video cheyandi like role and objectives &functions

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    Give me step by step procedure

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    bro how to invest in a company through online or where we can invest

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    why America is the topest country in the world?
    why not other?
    why all countries follow America’s instructions?

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    Jio fibar grid గురించి పూర్తిగా ఒక వీడియో చెయ్యండి

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