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My tale on why I took all my money out of penny supplies and also refuse to sell them anymore!

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

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43 Thoughts to “Why I QUIT Trading PENNY STOCKS!”

  1. GoodMoney

    Lmao, maybe everyone is different,
    I’ve been studying stocks heavily for the past month and honestly I’ve only doubled my money. you have to not get greedy and also be predictive.

    1. TheRealBoredomProductions

      How’s it going now if you don’t mind me asking?

    2. Alexandra Jackson

      Let me show you a sneaky way to load up shares of super cheap sub-penny stocks before they make “shooting star” breakouts of up to +1,000% or more! Go here ==>

    3. Jdeckles

      How’s it going?

  2. A Li

    The reason why people quit pennystocks is because they fail to learn. Swingtrading does not work in pennystocks. Day trading works in penny stocks. You need to have a initial plan, buy in and buy out quickly. Pennystock is not the problem. You are the problem. You need to understand that penny stocks and regular stocks are totally different game. Pennystock is the most difficult stocks to learn.

    1. Frank Lujan

      Enid Grimes any recommendations on how I can get started instead of just diving in head first?

    2. Ario T.W

      I really agree with you, A Lin. I’m also a penny stock daytrader in Indonesian Stock Exchange, it’s not easy to trade in penny stocks, it takes a lot of practice and learning to be really profitable.

    3. Eric Mojet

      @matthoward23 Hey Matt you seem to know alot about penny stocks is there any way you can give some lessons on trading how to find news and pattern recognition. or if you have contact info I’d love to talk.

    4. matthoward23

      penny stock DTEA i traded today , $440 gain. held it over 2 hours.

      Filled Sell 1500 DTEA Market 4.0372 — — 12:18:54 10/02/18

      Filled Buy 1000 DTEA Market 3.729 — — 09:58:02 10/02/18

      Filled Buy 500 DTEA Market 3.7266 — — 09:58:02 10/02/18

      I didn’t have great timing because i could have bought it as low at 3.10, but gain none-the-less. And as i type this its still going up.

      I bought it for a daytrade because it has a tie in with the canadian marijuana hype and the volume was great.

    5. mac Stanford

      yeah u wrong as hell I been swing trading penny stocks and never took a loss

  3. J C

    One of the most simplest most honest videos there are on the internet.

  4. Joshua Sullivan

    This guy just doesn’t no how to trade… The four keys to penny stocks are low float, low cap, buy low, sale high, follow those steps you should be good.

    1. Soursdey Met

      Low float and low cap go hand in hand when it comes to penny stock. Or else you can’t afford it! Low Float, Transparent Management Team, Insiders holding more than 50 percent, and good products.

    2. Angelo Russo

      Volume doesn’t matter?

    3. Charles Traxler

      Joshua Sullivan Question so always sale mid day when the stock is high ?

    4. kreteman777

      Yep. It’s just that easy. Lolol.

  5. redhunt077

    Some people are so pathetic or have issues… Why hate on this guy? He gave his very honest opinion of why HE quit trading penny stocks. Didn’t say anything other than that.

  6. William Grey

    If you can’t put at least $3000 or more into an account, don’t waste your time. If you’re going to trade on Robinhood, don’t waste your time. If you can’t pay for charting, news, and scanning software, don’t waste your time. If you can’t afford to blow your account up 2-3 times, don’t waste your time. If you’re not going to put a lot of time in studying, learning and watching the markets everyday for at least a year, don’t waste your time.

    1. Renee Tate

      @TheBigdee0209-Currently I use Finviz. It’s better than Yahoo’s stock scanner. because it allows you to sort and see exactly what you want to see.Yahoo just give you the top  Over all performers regardless of price and volume. But stock market tools are just like gym equipment. Not everybody knows how to use them to get the best results. I’ve watch the youtube videos of most of these young guys about trading stocks. They all don’t know what they are doing and sure enough they all put out  a video about how they quit or got burned trading stocks.Newbies should never try and day trade before mastering their skills with swing trading. Master day traders may use only a price chart to but they have learned to read all the indicators in a price chart. Newbies have not. Newbies need indicator charts in addition to price charts. I still prefer to use indicator charts and price charts.

    2. TheBigdee0209

      Renee Tate you know it’s funny that you mentioned newbies shouldn’t day trade until they master swing trading because that’s exactly what I did. I was swing trading Penny stocks and day trading them all at once smh. I’ve already told myself you gotta lose in other to win and I’ve lost $300 already. And I do not plan on running away like a scary cat and going to keep trying until I figure this thing out. I just need to do more research to better myself at swing trading.

    3. Renee Tate

      @TheBigDee0209-First! Stop telling yourself that bullshit! Second! Stop trading stocks for real money! Seriously! You need to go back to paper trading until you have made a 100 paper trades and 80 (80%) are profitable. Newbies get COCKY and get in a big hurry  to get rich quick. I spent a  whole year learning how to trade by reading every book I could get my hands on. Tip:Never just listen to one person on how to trade. Everything I could find on the internet about trading and paper trading. I did not trade for real money till I had done 100 paper trades and 80 (80%) were profitable. I never trade against the  major trend. I only buy stocks that are worth keeping, the rest I short.

    4. Tsar

      To buy and sell is so easy, but to study and have a strategy that works is priceless … i would say test ur skills with PAPER-TRADING throwing your money in on it

    5. Haley Dees

      Your so negative.

  7. Anthony R

    I stopped watching after he said he highly recommends using robinhood to trade…


    I know why your losing money , because your spending soo much of your time investing in pump n dump stocks.

    I personally love the low float nasdaq stock between $2 – $10 stocks.

    1. kreteman777

      Oh yeah? What’s your p&l look like?

    2. mac Stanford

      wrong. penny stocks are good for swing trading I been doing it and never took a loss

  9. Random Royce

    Don’t invest in penny stocks, only trade them. There is a difference.

  10. Al P.

    Maybe you failed because you tried to do this all on your own without proper training. I talked to a guy that got in warrior trading and he legit left his job at Wal Mart

  11. Juan Velez

    Swing trading penny stocks was your first mistake…. penny stocks are meant to be day traded

    1. mac Stanford

      not really

    2. GG - Kiddo

      mac Stanford penny stocks can be day traded since a few cents fluctuation can increase a stock by a pretty high percentage this makes them profitable in a way for both long and short term. I recommend half and half for long and short term

    3. mac Stanford

      @GG – Kiddo I know that. i do that as well. only 3 times a week. I only swing up to a week or too. not long at all

  12. Penny Stock Wolf

    If it was easy we’d all be millionaires!

  13. Jeremiah Reeves

    The way u went about it was all wrong!!! Do your research on everything!

  14. TREX LEX

    We are all in a limited budget also known as the working poor.

  15. N Navarro

    Kudos on being honest about your failures. Hopefully others will hear this and use your experience to their benefit.

  16. Basil McKenzie

    Great honesty, but it’s normal to loose when you first start out. I could tell you made many mistakes. You need more money and you need to minimize risk.
    Mistake 1, your trading stocks below 1 dollar, very risky

    Mistake 2, never swing trade penny stocks

    Mistake 3, you need more than hundreds, you need a few thousand

    Mistake 4, you gave up too early

  17. Nikki Rosa

    Nice video, great exit advice. But, I don’t think you realize that the stock market is gambling. The fundamentals are that of a ponzi scheme, that is if you look at the definition and define trading.

    I love it because it is like bingo but at home. I don’t trade the “supposed fundamentals of a stock” I trade sentiment and momentum because I am a news junky. Although, I hold a clinical graduate degree and have a hard grasp of statistics, I don’t enjoy chart and graph work and I personally think with regard to stocks and the stock markets, it is bs.

    In 2018 I am playing every metal penny and sub penny stock on the books ( or still trading someplace other than OTC). The current sentiment is that the world’s economies are tanking and with Russia, Iran, and China buying and holding gold…… ???? When the rest of the world catches up, I am hoping for a win.
    I buy base ( dig in the ground) stocks, new medical innovations, and new energy, traditional energy, and the evilest financials (db, citi, rbs). These are companies that move with news events and have the greatest possibilities of being brought by other companies.
    I invested $300.00 using Robinhood ( 2/3 months ago) and currently I am down in the market to $245.00 a loss of $58 dollars because they gave me a $3.18 stock (Chesapeake Energy) when I joined. I am having a great time. I am retired and so this just what I need to help keep my mind active and learning something new.

    Finally, I typically play anywhere from 25- 50 stocks ( mixed most of them “pennies” but some not; like Deutsche Bank and RBS and GE ). Typically I am way up when the market is down and down when the market is up.
    I am still learning about government controlled stocks, like the energy stocks and have to fine tune my dance movements to their particular momentum.

  18. Bzilla Whoop

    Swing trading penny stocks lmao

  19. matthoward23

    this guy totally missed a massive wave in Canadian penny pot stocks over the past year.

  20. mac Stanford

    what happen how did u lose you only lose when u sell. I never loss. or when a company go out of business

    1. Jdeckles

      mac Stanford wut

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