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3 Stocks for July 2019!


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Stock # 1 – 1:38.
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Stock # 3 – 13:26.

Welcome to my globe of Stocks!!!
My name is Ale, as well as today, we are discussing 3 stocks to acquire in July 2019? These are fantastic stocks to contribute to your watchlist in July 2019 and also research study better if you assume you may wish to buy them.

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38 Thoughts to “3 Stocks for July 2019!”

  1. 杨在兴

    I don’t know, I’m Chinese, but I would be very careful to touch anything Chinese.

    1. people93

      Same here lol

    2. TheAlgorath

      @alex stewart China’s already begun devaluing the Yuan, trade war ain’t stopping – and the ASEAN states are heating up.

    3. defmos

      @alex stewart because of the chinese government. they can throw a regulation curveball anytime and your stock will drop like a stone

  2. RicoSuave Investing

    I averaged down on Baba around $150. Couldn’t pass it up at these prices. I love the company.

  3. Investing Education

    Alibaba looks a great stock. It’s one of the top 6 positions in our youtube portfolio.

  4. Investing Engineered

    Personally, Chinese stocks are a bit out of my comfort zone – but thanks for the video Ale! I do agree that Alibaba will most likely be the next Amazon.

  5. Hong Shi

    Ale- a pleasure as always to see your insights on stocks. Just to give you some options- HMI Huami Corp – they make wearables for Xiomi and Huawei phones, fantastic moneymaker. Watch out for Alibaba, sources here indicate unhappiness with the leadership.

    1. Scott S

      Hong Shi – HMI is a new one for me and looks interesting on the surface. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve added it to my China Equity watch list.

      In regards to Alibaba… Interested to hear more about the “unhappiness with the leadership” of Alibaba. Is the government unhappy or is it investors, customers, or other? Thanks! Always appreciate your thoughts.

  6. Ale's World of Stocks

    Hey everyone, just want to clarify that this monthly series is only to show you different stocks so that you know what’s out there and have a wide variety of stocks to research further if you find any of them interesting.

    It is NOT a recommendation to buy or sell anything. This month happened to be a “special” episode where we focused primarily on China because of the trade war, but that’s just a special 1 time event (Non-GAAP) lol. Bad joke. Anyway, thanks for watching, no hard feelings if you hit the dislike (I know a few people were disappointed with the video), but I’ll try to do better in the future 👍🙂 have a great weekend everyone 🙂

    Check out past episodes here:

    Intro – 0:00
    Stock #1 – 1:38
    Stock #2 – 7:00
    Stock #3 – 13:26

    1. Jordan Rae

      hi from new zealand ale love your content keep up the good work

    2. Ale's World of Stocks

      Thanks Jordan 👍🙂

    3. toesinair

      You did a great job Ale. Honestly disclaimers are a waste of time cause most people on the internet will ignore them anyway but I thought it was a fun idea to do a chinese special for the month and i think you should keep doing fun twists on your videos like this. Keep doing you!

    4. Ale's World of Stocks

      Thank you! 👍🙂

    5. joshua poland

      BUY ALIBABA. Buy it NOW, and buy it quick. lol

  7. Forlorn One

    I think it is good to have at least one international stock, and for me that is BABA quite simply because the management is great, strong fundamentals, and tremendous growth potential in the future.

  8. Economic Lifestyle Investing

    All Chinese stocks. I’m a huge fan of Alibaba, I can see that one hitting all time highs once the trade war is 100% Settled

  9. Scott S

    Great video Ale… Excellent job explaining why you picked the 3 stocks. Assuming the trade war comes to an end at some point in the near future, now could be a great time to average in to select Chinese stocks. While Chinese equities have risks not seen elsewhere, but China’s importance to the world’s economy warrants dedicating a portion of one’s portfolio in Chinese companies. Here’s my quick take on each of your picks.

    HUYA – I like the idea of live game streaming, so the pick could make good sense. I honestly don’t know the industry well enough yet, so this is another example of why I continue to get the majority of my Chinese equity exposure thru KWEB and SCHE.

    BIDU – I own a small position in Baidu (about 20% of desired position), but cost basis is up near $160 so terrible timing on my part. I still plan to fill out my position, likely in the coming months, with another 4 tranches. I think the comparison to Google is apt and I expect Baidu’s heavy R&D spend to pay off in a massive way in the coming years. Very wide moat IMO and one of only two individual Chinese equities I’m currently holding. The other being CHL, which I think is crazy cheap.

    BABA – An obvious leader in China online sales, cloud, e-payments and other areas. Hard to argue with Alibaba long term. Before I continue, let me say I’m a bit biased against Alibaba for how the Alipay spinoff was handled, essentially stealing it from Yahoo which was a large owner of pre-IPO BABA at the time. If they treated a private equity owner that bad, I expect they’d do the same to an individual investor like me. Who knows what they’ll do in their next spin off. BABA is a top holding in my KWEB and SCHE ETFs however, so I have some exposure. Again, hard to argue against this pick. It’s essentially a one stop shop for China exposure.

    Very interesting going all China this month. Thanks as always for the great content Ale!

    1. Ale's World of Stocks

      Thank you Scott! All great points my friend 👍🙂

  10. Adam Shelp

    great suggestions, thanks so much!

  11. Peter Krajewski

    You do great job man!

    1. Ale's World of Stocks

      Thanks a lot Peter! 👍👍

  12. D Heirloom

    Thank you for this awesome video!❤

    1. Ale's World of Stocks

      Thanks a lot 👍🙂

  13. Telmo Azevedo

    Thanks for the video! Can you do a video for gaming stocks and where you find information/news. Its really hard for me to navigate through the world of finance, I get the feeling that most of the news are somehow bias. Keep up the good work!

  14. Telmo Azevedo

    Thanks for the video! Can you do a video for gaming stocks and where you find information/news. Its really hard for me to navigate through the world of finance, I get the feeling that most of the news are somehow bias. Keep up the good work!

    1. Ale's World of Stocks

      Definitely 👍🙂

  15. 王大明

    I live in hong kong and i do watch chinese streaming on daily basis. I can tell Huya is definitely not that popular and Douyu, which is going to have an IPO (DouYu International (DOYU)) in the US in near future, is a more popular (mainly game but not limited to) streaming website than Huya. I think it is more like the chinese version of twitch, than huya does.

    You may refer QIY as the chinese version of netflix. I only want to note that its has a giant competitor, QQ 視頻, which is owned by tencent.

    For Alibaba, I simply agree with your analysis.

    1. syngle playerrr

      You seem very knowledgeable on the Chinese market. I have a question: What do you think about NIO? Is it a popular brand in China and so you think it will grow in the future?

    2. 王大明

      @syngle playerrr I am a tech guy who know little about cars. Really don’t know NIO.

  16. joshua poland

    Love all your vids. As a noob investor, I trust people who tell you to do your own research. I love all your vids. What do you think about Bonds, Bond funds. Are bond ETFs basically stocks?

  17. Alan B

    Hi Ale. What’s your opinion of topgolf competitor Drive Shack?

  18. The Value Investor

    Great video ale! Thanks for the great video.

  19. Calabaza

    I think the interest in the recent IPO’s is because of the lack of decent growth stocks right now, I would rather find a stock at $20 a share with revenue

  20. Pat W

    Thanks for your thoughts I’m getting ready to deposit 200 dollars into my Robin Hood account

    1. Diving Duo

      Pat W beast

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