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5 Best Penny Stocks in India for 2015


Penny Supplies India

Penny stocks in India are taking off! Dime supplies are an excellent selection for those that either desire aggressive development or do not want to invest large sums of cash in the securities market. With India as an emerging market as well as the rupee being fairly economical in terms of US bucks, buying cent stocks in India is a good option for traders.

In this video clip, I will explain 5 of the best penny stocks on the Indian stock market for 2015. Most of these supplies remain in the industrial market, as this industry is growing quick in India Generally, the affordable of rupees versus a lot of money and the low cost of dime supplies integrate for substantial gains.

Cent Supplies India.

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9 Thoughts to “5 Best Penny Stocks in India for 2015”

  1. TheIseethings

    Your picks are nothing great mate, There are many quality companies out there with not so much high debt. 

    1) Suzlon ~  Again A high debt companies, sell its best revenue model subsidy in Germany to clear debt at a much lower cost then acquired 3 years ago.  The reason for the spike was India second richest or Richest at the moment – Dillip Sanghvi picked up stake in the company. 

    2) Hcc – This company wont give you more then 20% returns in 5 years. – Mark by words.  They so buried under debt  that just bank interest rates will kill the company.  

    3) Idfc Bank  – A good defensive bet. 

    4) Irvcl – It has some good  potential. 

    5) Bombay Dyening – i dont track. 


    More then consturction, fouces on the housing finance. Also focus on IT, Pharma and logistics sector  which will give your multi fold returns for the next few years. 

    Look at companies like wanbury, kellton tech, gruh finance, HDIL,  Kitex Garments etc. You can visit my blog to find more. -” Value Fundamental Investor Blogspot . in ”

    My investment theory is different. I pick up small caps, once they double I book 50% and make it investment free.  It sits on my portolio for years and kind of becomes like an Asses that pays dividends and bonuses through out  the year.

    1. Verial Trading

      @TheIseethings Thanks for your input.

    2. TheIseethings

      @Verial Trading  I want to investing more in American markets The only share ive bought is go pro at $39 few months back. and now its seem have come back to similar levels. Whats your view?

    3. Damon Verial

      @TheIseethings Looks pretty stable to me. I’d sell while you’re ahead (assuming you have enough shares to profit considering commissions) and reinvest in something better.

    4. Varun Sareen

      @TheIseethings – How can i get in touch with you?

  2. Utkarsh Vartak

    U were are spot on with Suzlon,Sun Pharma cheif has bought stake in this company!!
    Idfc -Is a very good long term bet
    Bombay Dyeing  can be a multibagger
    IVRCl promoters have cheated all shareholder.
    HCC i dont track!

  3. Tejas Savla

    Instead of only going for risky penny stocks, it is better to go for unidentified multibagger midcaps and smallcaps with great technicals or fundamentals. I have got hold of many at lower levels like Intellect Design, Gujarat Borosil, Borosil Glass, Ugar Sugar, Vidhi Dyestuffs, Manali Petro, KPR Mills, etc. by being an avid reader of the amazing stock market blog:

    and by being a part of the Facebook stock discussion and learning group for multibagger midcaps and smallcaps:

  4. Keila Whatley

    Should i invest in weed stocks ?

  5. choudhurysupriyo

    You prediction is good for bombay Dyeing , its 291 in NSR . Thumbs up. PLease provide some more stocks

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