5 ways to (Avoid) losing money in Stock market


There are many methods to shed cash in the stock market yet below are the leading 5 means to do it. This video is for instructional objectives only and mirrors the views of the audio speaker. The objective of the video is to inform people regarding the 5 leading methods of shedding cash so you can prevent them.

FLAP (Economic Literacy Awareness Program) is a training course offered by EIFS which intends to spread out Financial Proficiency to the masses. The audio speaker- Mr. Varun Malhotra has a substantial experience of Purchasing the Supply Markets of 18 years.

We offer FREE Financial Proficiency Understanding Program – FLAP both online and offline (Delhi) and also Paid Financial Proficiency Intensive programs- FLIP, which is an intensive program on Wide range Administration & Spending successfully in the Securities market. To SIGN UP, Pleas SEE us at:

FLAP Program material:

( Financial Proficiency Awareness Program).

1. Basics of Spending.
2. What/ When to Purchase.
3. What is Index Spending.
4. Concepts of Index Investing.
5. Power of Compound Rate Of Interest.
6. Market turning Philosophy.
7. 5 Cardinal sins of Spending.

PLEASE NOTE: These videos/comments as well as all various other types of communication are for academic objectives only and need to NOT be taken as investment suggestions. The company/institute shall NOT be held accountable for any loss endured in any type of type by the student/member of public. Any info given through classes/meetings/books/ social media or any kind of other kind NECESSITY NOT be thought about Investment guidance.

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31 Thoughts to “5 ways to (Avoid) losing money in Stock market”

  1. Mahesh K Rathi

    thank you for your comments…you have helped a lot of our countrymen in reducing losses and ruining themselves and their families…thanks for the above five minute video…

    1. Varun Malhotra

      Thank you Sir. We appreciate your Kind words.

  2. Amit Gupta

    मार्केट में जितने भी लोग पैसे को लूज करते हैं वह केवल इंट्राडे ट्रेडिंग के जरिए ही संभव है अगर पैसे को सेफ रखना है तो पोजीशन ट्रेडिंग पर ही अप्लाई करो पर मेरी लॉजिक में यह बात आती है कि आप इन्वेस्टमेंट ही करो शेयर मार्केट में क्योंकि वेल्थ उसी से ही जनरेट होती है

  3. Pravin Kurade

    all negative comment watch video carefully , he says don’t do training with margin amount ….and it’s really fact….try to understand….if you buy by your own money then no need to sell at 3.30 even it go below target price you may hold it long …

    1. musclemorph beast

      Absolutely correct

    2. Indrajit Khan

      He is absolutely right

    3. Terminator singh

      That means you hold your shares for at least 3-5 years to gain profit!!!!????

  4. Sumit Mate

    No Matter how good a person’s intentions are to educate more people on such an important topic. Folks will always have something negative to say about it. No matter how many times he repeats anything or not in the seminar, it is only going to help those who doesn’t know this at all at first, to those who are just the beginner in financial markets. Kudos to you Mr Malhotra!

    1. One Indian

      Jab tak mitti kachhi hai…lol
      Until the clay is wet…haha

    2. Sarika Kunder

      Agreed… Sumit I completely echo and support your views

  5. The WillPower Star

    Fan ho gaya sir mai apka..

  6. Karan Soam

    You are doing an amazing thing!

    People may abuse you for this but this is the truth.
    One just cannot go wrong on Warren Buffett’s philosophy!

  7. Dheeraj Patidar

    Intraday…..The earlier you lose…the better it is
    – A Intraday Victim


      The more u loose the better it is

    2. Harder harder

      why didn’t you try on trial money

  8. kaushik padhy

    Those who plays with margin daily always suffers loss

  9. Ashish Kale

    When taking course in Pune

  10. Sanath Naik

    You are the best man… yesterday I met my stock broker he told me ..the same


    Your voice low sir

  12. RainbowDhaval

    Thank you so much for the guidance 😊😊👌👌👌

    1. Varun Malhotra

      Thank you Sir

  13. Sourav Basak

    Sir u r great, giving us to information a huge, thanks, keep it up, straight cut n simple language me baat karte ho,👌👌

  14. pritesh vaghela

    I promise I will not trade now only invest in market…

  15. hash asin

    Great speech Mr Malhotra, love your energy and technical knowledge..your pearls of wisdom is very helpful for me

  16. amitava mondal

    Barun ji Excellent. In interday 2%win 98% loss. But in long term investment 100% will win.

  17. Rupinderjit Singh

    look at the energy & passion to spread literacy about investments in the market.

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