CALL and PUT Options Trading for Beginners in Stock Market (Hindi)


CALL as well as PUT Options Trading is popular. In layman terms, for the call as well as put alternative purchasers or holders, the loss is capped for the premium of the option but earnings or gain is endless. CALL and also PUT Options Trading is additionally used to figure out the short-term pattern or sentiments of the supply or index.

The option is a derivative that provides right but not an option to buy/sell a supply or index at an established cost on or prior to a collection date. On the other hand, futures offer both appropriate as well as obligation to the customer or seller of the futures contract. Nonetheless, technically speaking for option authors or sellers i.e. call writers and also put creates, there is an obligation to recognize the contract.

In layperson term, CALL is essentially a deposit for the future objective. If the strike rate is hit after that the telephone call holders will certainly obtain and call writers will shed. On the other hand, put is generally an insurance coverage utilized for hedging. If the strike rate is hit the placed owners or buyers will certainly obtain and place authors will certainly shed.

To summarize, Call holders as well as put writers are bullish on market whereas call authors and also placed customers are bearish on the marketplace.

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    Heartily Thanks for making this awesome video and explanation in very simple and easy language.
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  4. Biju Khanjoor

    Nitin Sir,
    A very good video and finally I have understood the basic of options.

    sir if you could provide a video on fundamental analysis on what important things in the company statements to look for. Also which ratio should be looked upon

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    Do the same for commodity market also. If possible.

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    I again started to view them from the very first video you posted. As many stated – i also missed to like many of your videos. But started doing it now.

    Nitin Ji and all (Any) – Request you to please clear my doubt on Option Trading. Though i dont trade in option but wanted to know few things.

    1) If i place a trade in Call (Buy or Sell) or Put (Sell or Buy). Will only the premium amount be deducted?
    2) Till the expiry – let say my trade did not go as expected and on my broker portal it displays negative balance. What should i do. Shall i just leave it.
    Will only the premium amount be deducted or Premium + negative amount be deducted.
    3) What happens if i am in positive balance. I know that premium will be deducted on the same day. But on the expiry day should i close the trade and book profit or will the broker (for example Zerodha) will close the trade at the EOD and transfer the positive amount in my profile.

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