China’s Stock Market Collapse Explained


This summertime, China's frankenstein-like, hybrid economic situation turned on its maker, compeling the federal government to take unprecedented action to stop its collapse.
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56 Thoughts to “China’s Stock Market Collapse Explained”

  1. AndNowWhatADO

    Great video. Keep up the good work TDC!

  2. Braylin Guerrero

    There is no economic collapse, the economy is just growing at a slower pace.. just because the stock market some people lost money in the stock market doesnt mean their is an economic collapse. Nobodys loosing the homes and jobs like what happend in 2008 i the US

    1. RON CH

      +kane kure You don’t know China, the real fact is Chinese factories still lack of huge amount of labors, because young Chinese prefer to work in service industry, unemployeement rate in China is very low. The real cause of slowing China economy is the result of anti-corruption campain and lower urbanization pace. Anti-corruption scared the most generous spenders, the corrupted goverment officials, overall demand drops sharply, it need some time for goverment to cut tax with less tax payers money been wasted. Slower urbanization is because local goverment total debts has reached high level and they have to delay some infrustructure investment. Stock market is a very unimportant thing in China, only 5% of Chinese have investment in stock, and yes, it is like a casino, rise or fall merely has no effect to Chinese economy.

    2. RON CH

      +kane kure 300k cut in military service men is a positive news to Chinese economy, China simply need more labors! The overall labors have reached to its peak in 2015 and start to decline, this cut will give industry a relief of labor shortage. In southern China, thousands of Vietnam and Myanmar people are illegally hired to work in China.

    3. LRN_News

      +Braylin Padron Hahaha so true.

      Like record car sales would happen in a weakening collapsing economy… LOL

      People don’t buy when an economy’s collapsing, already 2.23 million sales this year.

    4. Minh Ng

      Communist china = vietnam = monsters = the end

    5. Lucario Boricua

      A country only gets richer if its economic growth outpaces its population growth. China’s population growth, while very slowed down compared to the days before the one child policy, still requires substantial economic growth to keep pace with the population and to provide well-being to populations outside of the wealthy areas of the Pacific coast and the main river valleys.

  3. yan_man23

    Eyh, at least the Chinese government can get plans and reforms into action, unlike one country I know where congressmen and the president pretty much sit around, argue, point fingers, and mouthbreath 😛

    1. Jase Wrangler

      @Caius Filimon
      Didn’t you know, China DOES pay its citizens to protect its honor on the internet, for fifty cents an hour LOL

      And actually, experts are now shaking their heads in disbelief at how poorly China handled this most recent crisis. The shock waves of their bad decisions are still being felt to this very moment.

    2. InfinitWorld

      lol 50 cents, good one

    3. DiscordChaos

      @Caius Filimon You try too hard, shill. Yawn.

      But China’s economy continues to sputter despite all the moronic walls of text you type here, so you’re just wasting your time and effort.

      It’s amusing to see an utter cretin who typed with a straight face that China “only had 30 years to develop” consider himself knowledgeable and well-educated. Illusory superiority in action, people.

      China had the same amount of time to develop as everyone else on the planet. They fell behind the West and Japan because they were incompetent and not nearly as smart as they think they are.

      You also missed my point about income inequality entirely. Read some actual statistics for once in your life, cretin. Income inequality in China is rising rapidly.

    4. Hea Jung kim

      haha, 主席建了一个大台子

    5. Anonymous HY

      Caius Filimon You are actually pretty ignorant, they still doing well now? Today? How’s trade war going for them? I honestly think you have been brainwashed by the CCP

  4. 毕道明

    If a 7% growth of the 2nd largest economics in the world is called collaps, then a 2% growth of US or 0% of Japan even minus growth of EU is living hell…

    1. Litt1eTed

      @Vincent Deschenes So smaller words then? Seriously??

    2. LRN_News

      China isn’t s third world country anymore, it is a second world country.
      So it would make sense that China’s slowdown is completely natural since the country is fairly developed, that was the original argument.
      As for the ”chasm” yes middle income covers a wide range, from what I’ve learned, there is low income, middle income, upper middle income, high income.

      “Median and means”?

      What exactly do you mean? Median is basically an average, upper middle income countries generally have similar standards of living, similar salaries and income inequality, China’s really uneven, a huge difference between rural and urban, the urban population are approaching high income, the rural population live on a miserably 5 usd per day.

    3. Haroon

      actually, although im a huge fan of the Chinese this is not true, the us owes most of that debt to itslef(government agencies) while china owes it to other nation like the us and the us is a developed nation with a 55k dollars gdp per capita while china has 5 to 7k

    4. Xingkun Yin

      SONGS N STUFF! Stop read fake news and start read some more objective news and data, my friend.

  5. domitry jobby

    This is the same thing that happwnd in 1929. A lot of people then invested in the stock market, generally workers with litle to no experience. For a while stock prices did go up because of the money that floded the market. The the crash happend and a lot of people lost their money. Also banks and companied invested in stocks heavely beliving that they can create money from money. After that the reality came and beat them hard. Here is a good example why economic history should be mandatory in scools because we see the same mistakes made over and over

    1. Sarah McMillan

      Dumy Jobby I

    2. BYC

      I waited for two years and where the hell is the collapse?

    3. domitry jobby

      @Just a Cat it happened, fortunately it didn’t spread out

    4. Rifqi Aji

      Instead of teaching about how to use money they teach Algebra 😁

  6. christie bowden

    Start of the end 💥💴💶💵💷

  7. American Patriot

    Collapse what collapse. There you go again with your lying.

  8. Memento Mori

    “the average chinese trader doesn’t even has a high school diploma” – The Daily Conversation.

    1. DawnCrystal tony

      That’s actually somewhat true! that’s why we have lots of thing to improve.

    2. Fudall

      No he is joking about how he used improper grammar which yes is quite funny and ironic in such a statement, but it’s an honest mistake.

    3. TelephoneToughGuy

      It reminds me of G.W. Bush’s famous quote: “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”

  9. Dalisu Ngobese

    Don’t you just wish its a collapse, typical American.

    1. DiscordChaos

      +Dalisu Ngobese Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt eh?

    2. Leon Grelck

      because that would be good for america…

    3. Zheng Huang

      That wouldn’t be worse for America… China and America are both the biggest trade partner to each other

  10. Zhen Liu

    The truth is that the Shanghai index doubled itself in less than 6months. I don’t think it is any surprise to fall 50% in 2 months..


      +Zhen Liu = The above comment is the result of this fact: 70% of the Chinese stock investors have less than a high school education.

  11. Marshall Hui

    This is so misleading. The video talks about stock market collapse in PRC and the communist party, while many photos used are photos in Hong Kong. The analysis doesn’t fit the Hong Kong situation.

  12. GoWadka

    “Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria.”
    – Sir John Templeton

    1. strattuner


  13. lorenz

    China should look up  the southsea bubble ^^

    1. PhoenixIsAHecker


    2. Beacon

      wait, what is that, I will call Xi this afternoon

    3. Nathaniel Hellman


  14. monkigun

    Thank you for a concise and articulate reading of the facts. It seems the dragon is made of paper, worthless paper at that.

  15. 煮药

    2016.10.9 nothing happened

    1. C C


    2. Romulus Numa

      It take time to tell

    3. lol70721

      The economy still bad though

    4. jose arguijo

      煮药 China can’t collapse as their economic system is perfect.

    5. Peter Smith

      Romulus Numa It take DREAM to tell

  16. Brandon Roveta

    hence why chinese love investing in foreign markets

  17. Nick Fan

    It has been nearly 2 years after this video was published, and the china economy is still growing at 6.5%

  18. BYC

    I waited for two years and where the hell is the collapse?

    1. Instamine

      BYC starting right now with the trade war. As soon as the Chinese flood their market with money you can tell there is a issue

  19. xtimz

    Daily Conversation 也成了战略忽悠局的同志啦。:D

  20. Destroyer Starlord

    2017,where so called collapse

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