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28 Thoughts to “How I Pick Stocks – Stock Market for Beginners In India”

  1. renu sing

    Thnq sir….

  2. tuhin mondal

    Examples are very easy to understand. Valuable video Sir, thank you.

  3. Binod Yadav

    I really like ur videos cos it seems u know how to capture viewers attention.

  4. Shwetank Sinha

    Very helpful video. Looking forward of new video on the explanation of the valuation 😊. Keep training us sir😊❤

    1. pranjal kamra

      Thanks a lot

    2. ranjeet gour

      Thanks sir ji

  5. Punjab Endless

    Hello sir.. I m new here hope this business giving me good profit.. thanks for ur advice

  6. sumit kumar dash

    sir, i have watched all videos, please add more. all are giving me a bright future a head. thank you…

  7. Jatin

    1st 5 minutes how to buy mango in market…


  8. Joseph p a

    It is very simple and good.
    May God bless you

  9. Neelam Sharma

    Hello sir aapki video zabarzzsht hai our samjane ka tarika bilkul aasan hai. thanks 🙏👌👍

    1. pranjal kamra

      thank you sir

    2. DEEPAK1986RAWAT

      Good sir

    3. Arjun Gawade

      Sir shre main stock kar ke rakh sakata hu~

  10. Sumeet Kumar

    Thank You Sir
    This is Sumeet

  11. Vidhu Mangal

    You are the first person I found on youtube who actually teaches how to analyse stocks rather than just preach about investing in stock market…..thanks

  12. Thengem Khiamniungan

    Sir I want to become a great investor.. N I want to learn more about the share market, I think ur video is going to help me.. Thank you Sir

    1. Karthick Durai

      so how is ur investment going on

  13. Karthick Kalidoss

    Elegant and Simply explained bro…..

  14. Berry

    How can we investe in foreign stock?

  15. Manjeet Singh

    You r great sir
    Having a lot of practical knowledge &
    Experience of market

    1. pranjal kamra


  16. Be Happy !!

    21 June 2019


    Sir i want to say one thing to you that you are so honest god bless you keep it up sir help us we all are retailor

  18. fasil a

    Sir, your videos are very infornative.
    Could you suggest me an online course on financial market to be a professional advisor

  19. akshit soni

    Pranjal, your videos are really good.
    I do get the concepts you teach. The problem I have is, there are so many stocks and I am confused from where should I start to apply these concepts. Can suggest how to pick stocks for analysis ?

    1. Technoacadmia sir please go through with it and please subscribe our channel for future updates

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