Penny Stocks 

Penny Stocks : How to Purchase Penny Stocks


When buying cent supplies, the first step is to contact the business that's been recognized or the investor, as well as inform them of these purposes. Discover exactly how to search for penny supplies in information evaluating procedures with aid from a portfolio supervisor in this cost-free video clip on penny supplies as well as investments.

Professional: Roger Groh
Biography: Roger Groh is the owner of Groh Property Management.
Filmmaker: Bing Hu

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18 Thoughts to “Penny Stocks : How to Purchase Penny Stocks”

  1. Peter G

    Need help with your companys VOL? get to me….P

  2. Shawn Thomas

    If its less than a dollar: Its a penny Stock????

    Incorrect: … By Definition: A Penny Stock is a stock that is trading under $5

  3. SLycan09

    @ sharif760 ….when you’re at a dollar its no longer a “penny”-stock. Then its a “dollar” stock =D Simple common sense? Screw the definition!

  4. Benny Tao

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  5. Scarface Coolie

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  6. Ramsthename

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  7. 13faka

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  8. Dawood Khalid

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  10. MrUndergrounddweller

    That’s the logic ive seen, it seems little guys cant really make any money because the market is monopolized by big money corps that have a system designed to take any cash that is invested and jib them out. Then there are all these people in between making promises on hitting it big that they cant back up.

  11. johnmfbell14

    I have a stock I want to purchase. Who do I contact?

  12. Dave Mitchell

    What’s wrong with this guy? Is he wasted or high??

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  14. Ashley Butler

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  15. Boxeo y Debate

    hi,I got a question for you,my wife worked for a company in 1979,,the company still around,,the thing is that she was into an employee stock ownership plan,we have the participation statement with every thing broken down,it looks like a diploma,how do we know or  find out if she has any money coming to her,and if so, how  can we collect the money,,thanks.

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