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Penny Stocks to Watch for January 2018 – Robinhood App


Here are 4 penny supplies I'm expecting January of 2018. In this video I look at 4 dime stocks that are offered on the Robinhood application. Some of these penny stocks are buys in December for various factors. Let me know in the remark section listed below what you consider these stocks and also any kind of other great penny stocks for January!

Simply to note cent supplies are extremely risky and are usually really difficult to trade. I personally trade extremely few cent supplies, however it still is possible to make massive quantities of money with penny supplies if traded appropriately.

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Please note: I am not a market expert, and buying the stock exchange is inherently risky and also ought to constantly be done with caution. This video is just for educational as well as enjoyment functions and you are spending at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose. All opinions are my own.
Connect links remain in the summary which suggests I receive a little compensation which helps maintain this channel running and also enables me to upload more videos.

Concerning This Video: In this video clip I review some dime supplies I'll be watching and also perhaps buying for January 2018. Penny stocks are quite risky and also I don't normally trade them extremely frequently, however these 4 supply I'll most definitely be having a look at this month.

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41 Thoughts to “Penny Stocks to Watch for January 2018 – Robinhood App”

  1. Jake Jones

    What do you guys think about these penny stocks and what are some other penny stocks you guys are looking at?

    1. Earl Shipley

      what u think of igc

    2. Jake Jones

      Earl Shipley definitely a high risk high reward stock, it’s a cheap cannabis penny stock that’s done very well, but is still only around $1 with a very low market cap so it’s probably pretty risky

    3. Jake Jones

      silkyinkstudios thanks glad you enjoyed!

    4. Charles Smith

      I got on Groupon last week and it did well. Bought some Gluu Mobile a couple weeks ago. I’m waiting for their new game that’s suppose to release next month to determine if it’s worth holding or not. I like your picks… I’ve already looked at most of them before watching the video and even bought some you talked about. I’m a bit new to the stock market, so it’s good to see my mind is in the correct place.

    5. Vesna Mladenovic

      Great Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Rozardner Broker Teaching Reality (search on google)? It is a great one off product for turning one thousand into two thousand five hundred dollars in a day minus the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  2. Ruthless Bone

    When do you think robin hood will start doing drip programs?

    1. Jake Jones

      Probably later in 2018 since they’re coming out with the web version and options in early 2018, I believe they will add drip and other features in 2018 at some point seeing that they’re always trying to add more features

  3. edwardteach2

    Was there a cutoff or more to say at the end?

    1. Jake Jones

      edwardteach2 It cut off just my little ending for some reason but nothing relevant to the stocks

  4. Financial Investor

    December is over :-), start of vid you said Stocks you are planning to buy in December.

  5. Intelligent Money Investing

    I’m really not a fan of penny stocks. Funny to see this now because I recorded a video earlier that I’m posting tomorrow about why I avoid penny stocks

    1. Jake Jones

      Young and Intelligent Money Investing I invest very little into penny stocks, but i still do think that there are some penny stocks out there that are decent

    2. Charles Smith

      I don’t know if it’s just plain luck, but I’ve been slowly making money trading penny stocks. My strategy is to make enough to where I can buy high quality stocks on the regular. It is very risky I will admit. But with the right amount of research, you can come out on top.

    3. Armando Rivas

      Yea penny stocks are very risky just like everything else … you gotta search for the best ones tho that’s why I’m here … when you get this kind of stock put money that won’t hurt if something goes wrong

  6. Brandon Bombard

    I like penny stocks and I have a few. Just not something your going to make good gains on. You should make a video on a good profit money gains base portfolio. A video that shows people stocks that actually make you money. Because isn’t it what this whole stock thing is about? That would be cool.

    1. Jake Jones

      Brandon Bombard true I’ve made videos somewhat similar to that general topic but I’ll definitely make more in the this future

  7. Michael Paul

    Thank you Sir, this is great how you explain Co.s and navigate Robinhood, especially for someone getting into investing and Robinhood! Very valuable–Subscribed!

  8. Emre

    If anyone want make this year nice win with a penny stock write me. Amazing company with nice business idea.

    1. Fictionary Studios

      Emre ok great

  9. OG Mike

    Check out ABHI! It’s a penny stock that’s gonna go up to $1+ a share! Get it tmrw while it’s still under a penny

    1. donblaze33

      Magic Mike how do you know?

    2. Jake Jones

      I’ll check it out

    3. Lamar Dorsey

      It just might but how do you know. I’ll also look into it.

    4. Charles Smith

      I can’t find ABHI anywhere on Robinhood. Is that OTC stock???

  10. oscar aguilar

    What app is this?

    1. Jake Jones

      oscar aguilar Robinhood app, use my link in the description to get a free stock when signing up!

  11. jian12345 jun

    dont do penny stock , i lost a lot before , they either never move , or move very fast in 5 seconds ! , this mean you will never know when it will up or you know but when you jump in , you always miss this up chance , both will dig to 0.00000000001

    1. Alayna King5

      See how quickly $1000 turns to 1 Million trading penny stocks!
      Go Here ==>

  12. jian12345 jun

    if you have extra money ! invest 1000$ , and watch it years by years , maybe you can make sum money , but this penny must a huge potential grown , but any body know it ,

  13. Doctor Welchy

    $ANDI smartphones coming huge BREAKOUT coming

    1. Jake Jones

      I’ll have to check it out

  14. MrLarbio NYC

    thanks Jake for sharing. best of luck.

    1. Jake Jones

      Thanks! And to you too

  15. vinaykanth surapaneni

    Can anyone te me, how I will get this app

    1. Jake Jones

      It’s the Robinhood app

    2. vinaykanth surapaneni

      Where I could get this, is this working anywhere in the world. Kindly let me know

    3. Jake Jones

      I believe it’s only United States

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