Share Market Explained by Dhruv Rathee (Hindi) | Learn Everything on Investing Money


This video clip tells you all you need to know about Share Market, in a very easy method Hindi.

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Also if you have zero concept regarding what Sensex and Stock Market are, you will certainly be able to find out about every one of them in 15 minutes You will likewise discover the just how you can purchase shares and also invest in the share market in India and the different sorts of Stock market that exist. Specifically, it is the Bombay Stock Exchange with Sensex and also the National Stock Market with NIFTY Index. I will certainly likewise tell you if you ought to invest in Share Market or not.

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Here are the timestamps of various subjects reviewed in the video clip –

0:29 What is Share Market?
1:32 History & Function of Shares
3:25 What is Stock market?
4:22 How many Shares are feasible?
5:55 Indian Stock Market
6:31 What is Sensex?
7:36 Just how to Sell your Company's Shares?
9:39 Just How to Buy Shares?
11:33 Investing vs Trading
12:06 Is Share Market Gambling?

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39 Thoughts to “Share Market Explained by Dhruv Rathee (Hindi) | Learn Everything on Investing Money”

  1. Dhruv Rathee

    0:29 What is Share Market?
    1:32 History & Purpose of Shares
    3:25 What is Stock Exchange?
    4:22 How many Shares are possible?
    5:55 Indian Stock Exchange
    6:31 What is Sensex?
    7:36 How to Sell your Company’s Shares?
    9:39 How to Buy Shares?
    11:33 Investing vs Trading
    12:06 Is Share Market Gambling?

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      First time i knew clearly about Share market ,trading etc

    2. Shivam Chaudhary

      How can we trade outside India?….please make video

    3. Javed Saifi

      Nowadays most of the people are dependent on private jobs, but when the company is closed they become unemployed, so is it right to be so dependent, how long should we work in these companies.
      So please keep a little perspective on this subject too

  2. S.Robinson Meitei

    Dhruv Rathee is a phenomenon. This is a revolution in educating common people about various topics which even teachers of the highest order may find tough. Respect

  3. Kashaf Khan

    Why there is no exam for politicians like for IAS/PCS?

    1. Pollyanna Macintosh

      Because leaders need not have an education or marks to be a good leader.
      Also a degree does not guarantee education. There are millions in India with engineering degrees, but mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve jobs never completed their degrees.

    2. Anand kumar

      Timited time bhai.. 2din k kam nh.. IAS PCS

    3. Priya Chhabra

      there should be , u are right

    4. Simranjeet singh matharoo

      Because most of them are uneducated.



    1. Carlos Hernandez

      Very easy to use. Blockchain mining was worth a fortune to my company. Blockchain mining is the best investment I ever made.

    2. Kabir Shan

      @Best Trader Thank you so much for putting this up. i contacted him yesterday and begin with 3btc. also i received 21% on my blockchain mining wallet after 20hrs

    3. Ahmed Bakkal

      Not able to tell you how happy I am with blockchain. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from blockchain. I’d be lost without blockchain. I love the system so much

    4. Saddam Ansary

      Right topic

    5. Virtual Maza

      India has a good education system. But poor children are’nt getting proper education . That’s main problem.

  5. rohit singh

    I have been seen lots of videos in share market but this was really unique..just like गागर में सागर।।। Thnku bhai this video definitely motivate me for gaining more knowledge in share market


      rohit singh Follow us on instagram for more updates in stocks @trading.dock

  6. Haris Wilson

    Give us a Video on Startups, Incubations, Grants and other Central Schemes

    1. Haris Wilson

      I too want to know about this…

    2. Ankit Kumar

      “Central schemes “word bekar use kr Diya ab nhi btayega ye

    3. Turbo Charge

      Haris Wilson owo you are the commentator and you are the responder , 😂😂🤣🤣Looks like not trained enough from BJP IT Cell 🤣🤣🤣

    4. Turbo Charge

      Ankit Kumar Kiun Bhai BJP ke godi media Kiya kam pad gaye hain jo is bechare ki jarurat pad gai …

  7. True Indian

    God job.. Preparing freshers to crack interviews 😃😃

  8. Abhishek Sharma

    Education Models pr video chahiye Dhruv ji. Comparison of Delhi’s,Kerala’s, India’s and other education models.
    Indian Education System me kya major changes zaroori hn


  9. Megha Shrivastav

    Please make video on budget 2019-20. Also the difference between interim and union budget

  10. Anamika Bhartiya

    I must say, I’m so impressed. Words are not enough.
    Please make a video on corruption in the state services exams specially of bihar and UP how seats are already sold and how meritorious students, no matter how hard they work… All in vain.

  11. Dhandhan Sakti Dham

    Hello sir
    Reply jarur krna
    Agar is app me pese lgaye or isne scm kr diya to
    Kese trust kre

  12. sanike saicharan

    i came to know about this channel from haters of this channel ,but i got struck after watching dhruv rathee video and every video he make has a high signifance.

  13. Rahul Kumar sinha

    Comparison of dollar and rupees international and how the value of it increases or decreases

    1. Pooja Jangra

      Same q and isme ek chiz or add ho ki kisi bhi product ka value kaise decide hota h?

    2. Yahya

      I also demand the same sir’ please make a video on this topic

  14. abhishek tyagi

    Next video should be : how colg students can make use of this financial education for gaining money

  15. Saleb jBeebeejaun

    Thank you. Druve ji. Very interesting. From Mauritius.

  16. Saurabh Kumar

    Now I came to know about sensex and nifty after 6-7 years of prolonged confusion….. Thanks Dhruv Rathee for explaining well

  17. Ashutosh Srivastava

    Albert Einstein Quotes
    If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.!

    you did it! Thanks!

  18. Obi Wan

    Plz make a video on how the value of dollar is decided Higher than ruppee or other currency.

  19. Diptoneel De

    Who noticed the STONKS meme template at 5:54?👀

  20. learners learners

    types of share
    type of terms related to each shares
    explain about shares holding types

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