Stock Market Crash – Flash Crash May 6, 2010


Sound from the S&P 500 futures pit at the CME throughout the "flash crash" of 2010. The Might 6, 2010 Flash Collision likewise known as The Crash of 2:45, the 2010 Flash Accident or just simply, the Flash Crash, was a United States securities market collision on Might 6, 2010 in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged concerning 900 points– or concerning 9 percent– only to recuperate those losses within minutes. It was the second largest factor swing, 1,010.14 points, and also the greatest one-day point decline, 998.5 factors, on an intraday basis in Dow Jones Industrial Average history. On May 6, United States stock exchange opened up down as well as trended down a lot of the day on fret about the financial obligation situation in Greece. At 2:42 pm, with the Dow Jones down more than 300 points for the day, the equity market began to drop rapidly, dropping more than 600 points in 5 mins for a virtually 1000 point loss on the day by 2:47 pm. Twenty mins later, by 3:07 pm, the market had reclaimed a lot of the 600 point drop.

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55 Thoughts to “Stock Market Crash – Flash Crash May 6, 2010”

  1. imashaaark

    Regular day on mt.gox

    1. Prismic Kyubey

      Your average day at Bittrex

    2. Onochie Live

      Matheus M if the were in 4 years ago they probably made a healthy return

  2. Stuttgart

    Buy Bitcoin now at 850$
    Remeber my posting!

    1. Tweek Wellensteyn

      You are a time traveler

    2. johannes niskanen

      Good point dude

    3. Mr Midas

      sir i’m buying at $8.6k

    4. Rafael 777

      How did you know that?

  3. Rodrigo L. Malacarne

    One of the best financial audios/videos ever !!!

    1. zoel alvarenga da fonseca

      Obrigado Professor! Por mais esta ótima contribuição. Grande abraço, zoel

  4. the b biddim

    This audio never get’s old. Made a lot of money this day. I love it :). 

    1. rico dyson

      yeah same
      cant wait for the next one 😉

    2. L. Boer

      lost 50 bucks or so. very strange day. feeling heavy from the start. 2 big paper sellers (was it deutsche and jp? cannot remember). shorting here, shorting there. bounces got me wiggled out and then the big big tank came. without a doubt an amazing day. 

    3. Looney Libtard

      @the b biddim You should come out with a get rich quick book. jk

    4. Veslanjejezivot

      shorted it?

    5. JONALVZ

      the b biddim hey watching this is crazy , being a trader i have never experienced this but theres one coming up and since u been through it how should o prepare to jump in the trade when this happens ??? Just short it where ever or how do you trade in these type of situations??? Does it really matter where i get in the trade while its dropping ? Is there always a bounce back at some point ? Thanks

  5. Jay S

    The TD Ameritrade feed does this audio no justice at all…the unfiltered feed was OFF the HOOK. Awesome and terrifying to watch.

  6. Lily Heartly

    That must have been a scary day on the trading floor. I wonder if there were fat cats laid out on the floor having a heart attack from watching that go down.

  7. eugene d'alessio

    Sounds like a horse race

    1. maciej guzek

      That’s exactly what it is.

    2. rututus

      @maciej guzek huja tam wiesz.

  8. Luke Oberrieder

    I’ve never been so intrigued listening to something I don’t understand.

    1. quest 77051

      Luke Oberrieder me too

    2. Mizou Drs

      I love this fucking voice !

  9. Oliver Miller

    Oh man this video is priceless. I can’t stop laughing!

    1. CollinDUBS

      @Oliver Miller I laughed, and then realized the reality of how terrifying this should be.

  10. Looney Libtard

    Do I hear a dollar?!


    Do I hear 50 cents?!


    Do I hear a nickle?!


    One nickle ladies and gentlemen.  One nickle going once… going twice… SOLD!
    Congratulations sir, you are the new owner of an economy circling the toilet!

    1. Anon YMouse

      Looney Libtard haah

  11. wjatube

    I had to walkaway out of fear and I was short.  Amazing moment.  Glad I wasn’t listening to this squawk box I would have thought we were being invaded by aliens or something.

    1. M40101

      If i were trading at this moment, i would have tought that a second 09/11 had happened.

  12. CzechRiot

    That’s like a mix of a finals game of soccer with public slaughtering of children being narrated at once by a guy inside a burning zeppelin.

    1. Anton

      +CzechRiot hahahaha LMFAO

    2. Nicklaus Tan

      CzechRiot lol

    3. Mystery Fan


    4. DingoYabuki


  13. misterfunnybones

    2:58 My ring tone!

    1. Mitchell

      +misterfunnybones Yup. That’s the sound of pure panic.

  14. Esteban Restrepo

    lots of traders made a lot of money that day. puts were flying that day

    1. Da Almighty

      Esteban Restrepo YES SIR AND ITS COMING LOL

    2. JONALVZ

      Da Almighty being a trader and waiting for this to happen again should i go in while its going down or how should i enter when this happens … another thing is there a bounce back always at the end ?

    3. JONALVZ

      Da Almighty let me know if you lnow

  15. Ricky Cortopassi

    79s are trading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oliver Miller

      Everytime I hear that part I just have to laugh. Ben did a great job!

    2. Dub Mizzle

      72 events just traded

  16. Evergreene

    This guy is my spirit animal

  17. Anarchon

    This guy probably caused the flash crash himself by being so hyped, people started shorting everything out of excitement.

    1. Quentinouche

      You made me laugh so hard 😂

  18. Not Politically Correct

    This truly was an intense moment in history.

  19. Devon McGarr

    This guy sounds almost like Alex jones.

  20. Kaidon Spare

    Lost 1.2 million due to having stock in AIG

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